Death never ask you how much do you smoke in a day? Tobacco is something that is very dangerous for your health. Does not matter how you smoke it? Let it be with rolling paper or smoking a cigar or maybe a cigarette? There are no safe means in which tobacco can be consumed without affecting your body parts.


There are a lot of harmful substances present in tobacco products such as acetone, tar, nicotine, carbon monoxide and almost more of such 3000 types. When you inhale these in the form of smoke it not only affects your lungs but the entire body functioning. Smoking leads to a lot of complications in your body at the same time long term effects of smoking on your body system are really worst.


Long term smoking can only lead your body to numerous problems. Some effects can be notices immediately while some arises with the growing age. According to the American Lung Association there are about 600 different types of ingredients present in a single cigarette, cigar and hookahs.


When we ignite this ingredient creates 7000 different types of chemicals. Out of which 69% of the created chemicals are dangerous and are the major causes that lead to developing cancer cells in the human body. So, for all those young generations who start smoking as a fashion. This is the right time to think twice before making your first light. Not just this but smoking is something that is started just for fun and a show-off which later becomes a regular habit and really difficult to quit.


Remember God has created you to do a lot of beautiful and creative things in this world. So just do not waste it by getting addicted to something that will later make you regret in your life.


Before we start with the dangerous and life taking illness caused due to smoking.

Let’s take a little deep down on some of the really harmful chemicals present in smoking tobacco.


Some of the most highly damaging component of tobacco smoking are

Tar– It is a sticky and brown color sustenance that is suspended by tobacco smoke. The small particles contained in tar includes a lot of cancer-causing substance. It also sticks around your lung tissues and teeth. Sticking to teeth causes your mouth to stain a lot.


Carbon Monoxide– One of the most poisonous gas in this world. It is colorless and a large dose of consumption can cause sudden death. It replaces the position of oxygen in the blood making it harder for oxygen to get into organs and muscles.


Oxidizing Chemical– This chemical is highly reactive and damages the heart muscles and blood vessels of smokers. This Oxidizing chemical react with the cholesterol, building fatty materials on artery walls. Which further leads to heart diseases, stroke and blood vessel diseases.


Nicotine: This chemical present in tobacco smoke is the main cause why people find it difficult to quit smoking. This plays with your brain cells and your body quickly gets addictive to it making a smoker find difficult time to quit smoking


Radioactive Components: Tobacco smoke contains a lot of various radioactive components that aids to develop cancer cells in our body


Let us start with some of the illnesses and diseases that may arise due to smoking.


Central Nervous System 

However, you smoke tobacco, nicotine is something that goes inside your body along with the smoke.  Within just a few seconds this nicotine present in the smoke gets absorbed by the blood and starts affecting the brain. It acts as both a stimulant and a depressant to the central nervous system.


Hence smokers find more energized after smoking. But as soon as the level of nicotine starts dropping you start feeling tired. This special ingredient nicotine makes you carve for smoking one after another as your brain and body start getting addicted to it very soon. This is the major reason why smoking becomes really difficult to quit.


Damages Respiratory System

People who smoke tobacco have a much higher risk of lung damage. When smokers inhale tobacco smoke many harmful chemicals like tar are inhaled among the smoke that causes serious damage to the lungs. As the process of smoking keeps on repeating it can cause a variety of damages and increase the rate of infection within the body. Studies have proved that smokers face a high risk of no reversible lung problems such as:

Damage to air sacs in your lungs

Swelling and irritation in bronchial tubes affecting the lining of the breathing tubes of the lungs. This creates mucus that makes it difficult for the lungs to carry oxygen in and carbon dioxide out of the body.


Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Most importantly lung cancer


Damages Cardiovascular System

Smoking tobacco is one of the major causes of cardiovascular damage. The nicotine present in the smoke of the tobacco causes blood vessels to tighten. This restricts to maintain proper blood flow in the body. The continuous process of narrowing your blood vessels can cause heavy damage resulting in peripheral artery diseases.

Hence smoking tobacco causes several major illnesses in your body which are not known at an early stage such as raising blood pressure, weakening blood vessels and creating blood clots which raises the risk of heart stroke in many smokers.


For people who have a history of bypass surgery or heart stroke, smoking tobacco can be really dangerous and cause serious problems in the mere future. Smoker not only put their own life at risk but also cause major health problems for those around them. Studies show that passive smoking is really dangerous than direct smoking. In major cases of heart disease and heart stroke, passive smoking has been one of the major causes for it.


Effects on the immune system

  • Higher risk of pneumonia and influenza
  • Long-lasting severe illnesses
  • Lack of vitamin c level in the blood


Effects on Sexual Organs

There are worst effects of smoking on sexual male organs that include

  • Low level of Sperm Count
  • High level of deformed sperms
  • Damage to sperms thickness

Erectile Dysfunction, as smoking narrows down blood vessels it causes problem in blood flow to penile. This results in Erectile Dysfunction and people find a hard time keep a firm erection at the time of sexual intercourse.

Some effects of Smoking tobacco on Women sexual organs include

Decline fertility, imbalance menstrual cycle or in worst cases absence of menstruation.

For female consuming oral contraceptive pills at the same time are indulged in heavy smoking increases the risk of heart attack

Maternal smoking effects on unborn babies

  • Higher chances of miscarriage, premature birth
  • Baby may suffer weaker lungs
  • Low birth weight

Long term smoking effect on body

  • Ulcer in the digestive tract
  • More likely chances of pancreatic cancer
  • Irritation in the stomach and intestine
  • Wrinkles of the skin at an early age
  • Gum disease and mouth cancer
  • Reduces tongue taste and smelling senses

Give Away

It is hard to stop and quit smoking tobacco. The numerous chemical components like nicotine keeps on trigging your brain to carve for one last every time you think of quit smoking tobacco. But for all smokers like you remember life is more precious than anything else in this world.

By smoking tobacco, you are not only affecting your own health but someone else too. Every time you think of smoking tobacco start thinking of others and your own health. Think as if you are the one who is creating dangerous poisonous smoke for yourself and for others bad health.


Here are some of the points that can somehow help you overcome smoking tobacco.


  1. Every time you feel like smoking remember there are a lot of people who love you or somehow are dependent on you.
  2. Think of numerous bad effects of smoking.
  3. Listen to music or engage yourself in your fun-loving activity that will help you stop your carving to a certain extend.
  4. Use nicotine patches or try some trustworthy and safe to use quit smoking products. Visit a doctor and make him understand about you are planning to quit smoking tobacco. He may prescribe you some medicines that will help you overcome withdrawal symptoms of smoking such as stress, anxiety and depression. He may also suggest some useful medicines that can help you stop the urge for smoking.
  5. Make yourself busy in some physical activity such as Gym, cycling, swimming, jogging this will help you stay away from smoke and smokers.
  6. Avoid places that make you feel like smoking. For few days avoid people who smoke tobacco. Stop passing by and visiting places where you will find the tobacco smokes choked full such as pub, disco and bar.
  7. Avoid drinking alcohol. If still, you are not able to come out of tobacco smoking then there are very good rehabilitation centres. Maybe those can help.

Remember nothing is impossible in this world. It is you who needs to choose the right path and follow that for the rest of your life.

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