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Snovitra 20mg: Who should buy and why?

Snovitra is a drug that benefits in relaxing the blood vessels’ muscles as well as in increasing the flow of blood towards specific parts of a man’s body. Mainly it is used for treating the problem of erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence in men.

You should always take the Verdenafil only when required. It is not taken daily. So, you must not consume it more than one time in 24 hours. There should be a gap of 24 hours between the two pills if required. 

You should always follow all the directions that are written on your prescription form. Moreover, you should read the instruction sheets and the medication guides before beginning the usage of the drug. Snovitra can be consumed without or with food.

Take out the oral tablet from the packet when you want to consume it. Simply put it inside your mouth and let it get melt without chewing. You need to swallow it numerous times for dissolving correctly. You are not allowed to take with the liquid.


  • Active Ingredient: Vardenafil
  • Manufacturer: Sunrise Remedies Pvt. Ltd.
  • Availability: In_Stock
  • Rate Per Pill $ 0.63

Who can use?

  • Men With Impotence
  • For Erectile Dysfunction Treatment
  • Strength: 20mg
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How to get the best results from the Snovitra treatment?

There are a few things that you should keep in mind to get the best results from the Snovitra treatment:
  • You and your spouse should engage in some kind of foreplay like earlier when you were not taking the medicine. The Snovitra will result in erection only if the man is sexually stimulated.
  • The consumption of huge quantities of alcohol before taking the pill is not allowed. Alcohol can decrease your erection ability and also impact the working of the pill effectively.
  • The intake of grapefruit juice should be avoided as the chemical in the juice can upsurge the Snovitra quantity in your blood which can result in severe side effects
  • You should meet your doctor regularly to check your progress. The doctor can only increase or decrease your dosage after seeing the effect of the drug in your body.
  • The usage of Snovitra is strictly prohibited along with any other medicine that is used for curing ED.
How Does AllMedsCare Product Works?

How Snovitra 20mg works?

Th action of this drug starts within 60 minutes of its consumption. This drug is a known PDE-5 inhibitor which means that soon after its consumption it starts regulating the production of PDE-5 enzymes. PDE-5 enzymes are attached to cell walls and regular blood flow in veins. By controlling the mechanism of PDE-5, just enough blood is allowed to flow through human veins. This results in adequate erections.

Snovitra should be consumed only when required, approximately 60 minutes before participating in the sexual act. The medication will help you in attaining an erection as soon as sexual arousal happens. You should keep in mind that the erection will not take place only by consuming a pill.

If your erection is aching or remains for more than a period of 4 hours then, see your doctor immediately for the medical assistance. The prolonged erection or priapism can harm your penis. The medicine should be stored at the room temperature away from heat and moisture.

The dosage info about Snovitra

The general dosage for curing the problem of ED in an adult is 10 mg one time in a day. It needs to consume 60 minutes before getting indulge in the sexual act. The dosage can be increased to 20 mg or reduce to 5 mg based on the tolerance and efficacy of the person. The maximum dosage per day is 20 mg in a period of 24 hours. But you should know that for the perfect response of the treatment the sexual arousal in the man is mandatory required.

In case of an overdose of the Verdenafil, you have to seek medical help as soon as possible.

What are the precautions of taking Snovitra 20mg?

The following things you should avoid while consuming the Snovitra:

  • Grapefruit might interact with this medication and can result in unwanted consequences. So, you should avoid grapefruit or its related products with this drug.
  • The intake of alcohol is also prohibited with the Snovitra as the combination of both can result in some serious side effects.
  • Without informing your doctor you should not use any other drug for curing the problem of impotence.


Mild Side effects of the Snovitra

The following are a few common side effects of taking the Snovitra that might go off after some time as soon as your body gets to adjust to it: blindness,Arm, back, or jaw pain,chest pain or discomfort,blurred vision,chills,chest tightness or heaviness,confusion,cold sweats,difficult or labored breathing,decreased vision,dizziness,difficulty with swallowing,eye pain,dizziness, faintness, or light-headedness while getting up speedily from a lying or sitting position,fast, irregular, pounding or racing heartbeat or pulse,fainting,hives, itching, or skin rash,headache,nervousness,nausea,pounding in the ears,pain or discomfort in the arms, jaw, back, or neck, slow or fast heartbeat,puffiness or inflammation of the eyelids or nearby the eyes, face, lips, or tongue,tearing,Sweating,strange tiredness or weakness,stiffness in the chest,vomiting,Hearing loss,sneezing,stuffy nose etc



Major Side-Effects of Snovitra 20mg

The following are a few less common side effects of the Snovitra in which you need the medical attention if they continue for a long time: Abdominal or stomach pain,Abnormal ejaculation,acid or sour stomach,abnormal vision,Belching,back pain,body aches or pain,bloody nose,burning, crawling, itching, numbness, prickling, "pins and needles", or tingling feelings,burning feeling in the chest or stomach,changes in vision,changes in color vision,cough,congestion,difficulty seeing at night,diarrhea,difficulty with swallowing,difficulty with moving,dry mouth,dim vision,excessive muscle tone,dryness or soreness of the throat,face swelling,eye pain,a feeling of constant movement of self or surroundings,fast heartbeat,a general feeling of discomfort or illness,fever,heartburn,increased redness of the eye,hoarseness,indigestion,increased sensitivity of the eyes to sunlight,lack or loss of strength,joint pain,muscle aches and pains,loss of appetite,muscle stiffness,muscle cramping,neck pain,muscle tension or tightness,runny nose,pain or burning in the throat,shivering,sensation of spinning,sore throat,sleepiness or unusual drowsiness,stomach discomfort, upset, or pain,sores, ulcers, or white spots on the lips or tongue or inside the mouth,tender, swollen glands in the neck,swollen joints,trouble with sleeping,tenderness in the stomach area,voice changes,trouble with swallowing,watery eyes

List of Medicines that affect the effectiveness of SNOVITRA 20mg

The medications comprising ingredients like sildenafil, avanafil or tadalafil should not be consumed with the Snovitra. Always inform your doctor about any kind of medication that you are taking with the medicine for curing ED. Some drugs can impact the working of Snovitra so you should inform your doctor about it soon, like:

  • Antifungal medicine like ketoconazole, itraconazole, etc
  • An antibiotic like erythromycin, clarithromycin, etc
  • Heart rhythm drug-like dronedarone, amiodarone, quinidine, procainamide, sotalol, etc
  • Drugs that are used for curing prostate disorder or high blood pressure such as doxazosin, alfuzosin, silodosin, prazosin, tamsulosin, terazosin, etc.
  • AIDS/HIV drugs such as indinavir, atazanavir, saquinavir, ritonavir, and others

The above list is not complete yet and numerous other medications might impact the working of the Snovitra. The medicines might consist of vitamins, prescribed, OTC drugs, and herbal medications.

How Snovitra should be stored and disposed of after the usage?

  • You should store the medication in the same container in which you buy it. It should be tightly closed and keep out of the reach of the kids. The medicines should be stored at the room temperature away from moisture, direct sunlight or heat.
  • Snovitra should be disposed of in the manner so that no other person, kid or even a pet can consume it. But you must not flush it down in your toilet. The best method to dispose of it is through the program of take-back by the pharmacist. 
  • You should also keep in mind that these medications must keep out of the reach of the kids as they can open the pills easily. So, to keep your kids safe from any kind of harm you should lock the container with the safety caps and store it in some safest location of your house.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Snovitra

You must evade the heavy drinking of alcohol along with the Snovitra.

According to a few studies and researches, it is possibly safe to use if your partner is pregnant. It does not harm the fetus but keeps in mind that the tablet should not be consumed by pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers. 

After taking the pill you might feel some kind of dizziness. So, you should not drive a car or work on any kind of machinery after taking the pill.

The adjustment of dose is required if you are suffering from mild liver disease. But in case of moderate or the severe level of liver problem you are not advisable to take the pill.

No, it does not directly impact the functioning of the kidney. But the patients who are facing some moderate or mild level of renal disease must get their dosage of the pill adjusted.

Yes, both these medications are completely different, yet they both are used to treat the same disorder ED in men. Their chemical composition, ingredient and their working everything is different.

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