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Generic Chantix is the most popular quit-smoking tablets. These tablets are used by majority of men around the world to leave smoking habit. The main active ingredient of Generix Chantix tablet is Varenicline (as the tartrate salt). To permanently leave smoking, the medication should be consumed according to a non-smoking program. These tablets are a low cost solution to smoking habit hence most men prefer to buy Generix Chantix online. At, this medication is available at a discounted price.

Information about Generic Chantix

It is time to say goodbye to smoking. Individuals who are addicted to smoking can now buy Generic Chantix quit smoking medication at Smoking is injurious to health and may cause a lot of health problems such as mouth and lung cancer. The brain and the body gets addicted to nicotine so easily and despite of several attempts men, women find it really difficult to quit smoking.

All these heavy or regular smokers can buy Generic Chantix (quit-smoking medication) and say goodbye to cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars, or what so ever.

Generic Chantix is a quit-smoking medication helps habitual smokers to kick their smoking habit by reducing its pleasurable effects. The working of this anti-smoking oral medication is totally different from nicotine replacement therapy. So people who think both of them are the same should not be confused. Both work differently when it comes to quitting smoking habit.

Nothing in this world will work for you unless you are determined. The same is the case with Generic Chantix, as it works best when the smoker himself/herself is determined to quit smoking.

Better results regarding smoking cessation are shown when this drug is used in combination with Counseling support and behaviour modification.

How does Generic Chantix quit smoking medication work

This medicine has the key ingredient known as Varenicline Tartrate. It helps to cut out any form of nicotine dependence by working on the neurological level and focusing on the nervous system. The reduction in the concentration of neurotransmitters in the brain leads a person to have an urge of smoking.

This active component preserves neurotransmitters from getting utilized by sticking themselves to the central nodes in the brain and putting an impact on them. Thus, you’ll not feel like smoking with the constant concentration of neurotransmitters in your brain. Generic Chantix helps you to handle withdrawal symptoms of quitting smoking such as irritation, anger, unconsciousness and trouble in concentration.

What is the appropriate dosage of Generic Chantix?

The standard dosage of this medication is 1mg. One should not start taking Generic Chantix by self. Speak to your doctor and discuss your case with him/her in detail. Do not decrease or increase the dosage without your doctor’s advice. Your physician may adjust your dosage after assessing your situation.

Choose a ‘quit date’ after a discussion with your doctor. Start consuming Generic Chantix one week before your quit date. Initially to begin with, you can take 0.5mg once a day for 3 days in the mostly advised by physicians. Later this can be increased for another 0.5 mg in the next 4 days to reduce chances of side-effects.  In these 4 days, 0.5 mg dose should be consumed twice a day. You should not smoke once the chosen quit date arrives. Do not stop consuming this drug even if you find it difficult to quit smoking during the treatment period. This medication is usually prescribed for 12 weeks. To avoid smoking back in your life, your doctor may prescribe it for another 12 weeks. Along with dosage, determination plays an important role. A person is able to leave smoking permanently with the help of this medication and desire to quit smoking.

Precautions to consider when taking Generic Chantix

1. Avoid taking this anti-smoking drug if you have a history of suicides or mental disorders.

2. This medication may induce dizziness or drowsiness. Tasks like operating heavy machinery or driving that require complete concentration should be done carefully or avoided at best.

3. Taking this drug with alcohol may increase the chances of seizures.

4. Old age individuals should seek the advice of their healthcare provider before they buy Generic Chantix. A physician or a health care provider will prescribe the appropriate dosage after assessing health of such individual.

5. It is a must to seek your physician’s opinion if you are suffering from any bleeding disorders.

6. Individuals who are suffering from seizures should avoid use of Generic Chantix 1mg as this medication may trigger seizures.

7. Do not give this drug to children and adolescents. This medication may harm the health of the fetus. Therefore, pregnant ladies should avoid consuming Generic Chantix.

8. People allergic to varenicline tartrate should not consume Generic Chantix.

​What are the Side Effects of Generic Chantix?

Side effects at the initial stage of treatment can be avoided if you take the medication under the constant guidance of your doctor. Still, if you notice side effects it is best to consult a doctor. Following are the side-effects of Generic Chantix:

1. Itching
2. Dry mouth
3. Joint pain
4. Nausea or vomiting
5. Irritation
6. Headache
7. Constipation
8. Changes in appetite
9. Dizziness

Note: The above-mentioned side effect is common for a new user.

What questions customers ask when they buy Generic Chantix Online at

What should I do if I feel like having nausea?

One of the most common side effects of taking generic Chantix is Nausea.  Seek your healthcare provider in case of any serious health issues.

Is it safe to use Generic Chantix?

Yes, it is. Just make sure you follow the dosage instructions of your healthcare provider or your doctor. A person should consume Generic Chantix only after consulting a health care provider. Exceeding the dosage limit may cause some serious health problems.

How to store Generic Chantix?

You can store generic Chantix in a closed container at room temperature. Keep it away from direct light and heat. Do not use or keep expired medicines. A person can discard expired medications by returning such medications under the pharmacy reverse program. It is a program under which expired medications are taken back by local pharmacies and discarded appropriately. Keep it away from the children.

Can one Take Generic Chantix With Other Medicines?

There are some medicines that should not be taken altogether.  For the best knowledge get in touch with your doctor. Consulting your healthcare provider and following the instructions is always the best way to consume any medication.

I have an Allergy problem, Can I consume Generic Chantix?

Consult with your doctor and tell him if you are allergic to any medicines. Also, tell your doctor if you are allergic to any food, or preservatives.  Your healthcare provider will advise you whether you can consume or stop using generic Chantix.

Can I take Generic Chantix with other Anti-Smoking medicines?

No. You should not take generic Chantix simultaneously with other stop-smoking pills. Taking it with other anti-smoking medicine may cause various health issues.

Generic Chantix Reviews By Our Customers

Travis Joe, AZ – USA

I’ve been using generic Chantix for the past few months and I can feel the difference from the 1st month. I have tried many other methods to stop smoking, but nothing came close to this medicine.  If you are very much addicted to smoking, then, this is one of the best treatments for you.

Oliver P Johnson, GA – USA

Since my college time, I have been a heavy smoker with the least interest in what it can do to my health and body. As time passed difficulty in breathing, continuous coughing and wheezing problems made me worried.

To come up with all those health problems I made up my mind to quit smoke. My doctor suggested that I should try this medicine to leave the habit of smoking. To my surprise, it is working very effectively and I can control myself from smoking. I know it will take some time to quit completely yet it’s never too late in life to do something good.


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