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Tadaga 40mg (Tadalafil) is a potent drug for males who are suffering from erectile dysfunction, both severe and mild. It sometimes also treats pulmonary hypertension. Tadaga is also known as “Generic Cialis” as it contains the same active ingredient “Tadalafil”. Tadalafil is a therapeutic drug that is approved by the FDA for treating male impotency for a certain time duration.

Introduction to Tadaga 40mg

Tadaga 40mg is one of the finest medications for impotence that temporarily increases blood flow in the penile region of man. This enables a man to get a proper erection during intercourse. For this medication to work effectively, A person should have the desire to perform sexual activity.

Tadaga is available in the form of a pill and needs to be consumed orally with water. Cialis and Tadaga treat erectile dysfunction in a similar manner. The only difference between the two is the price. Tadaga is available at a much lower price than Cialis.

You can buy Tadaga online from at an affordable price.  To sum up, Tadaga enhances the male ability to perform better during sexual act. This enables a man to relish his sexual life in a better way.

How Tadaga works?

A pill of Tadaga is the most effective and result-oriented medication for handling the problem of impotence. It functions quickly due to the presence of tadalafil which is the PDE5 (phosphodiesterase type 5) inhibitor. Adequate levels of PDE5 enzyme are important for regulating the production of cGMP. Abnormal levels of PDE5 result in improper regulation of cGMP. This cGMP enzyme is important for appropriate blood flow into the penile region. A pill of Tadaga contains just the right amount of Tadalafil that optimizes PDE5 levels. As a result, enough levels of cGMP enzyme are left in the human body. This ultimately results in enough blood flood flow into the penis Corpus Cavernosum region of the male reproductive organ. Enough/Optimized blood flow to the penile region results in appropriate erections and as a result, performance is enhanced. It finally helps men to perform better during sexual acts.

Tadaga tablet is recommended to men who desire to have erections during sexual activity but find it difficult to do so. Tadaga 40mg is an FDA-approved medication and it is well known for its effectiveness. This medication is a safe drug to treat impotence and other related problems.

Tadaga 40 mg remains present inside the male body for 36 hours. Therefore, the benefits of this medication can be observed in these 36 hours. Once a person is sexually aroused, he can perform exceptionally well and enjoy his sexual life to the fullest.

Who should not use Tadaga 40 mg?

  • Kids and teenagers.
  • In the case of females, a physician may prescribe lower strength of Tadaga to treat pulmonary hypertension.
  • Men with chronic medical problems such as anemia, leukemia, severe brain or heart dysfunction, and deformity in the penile region.
  • Men who are already consuming drugs like antidepressants, nitrates, or alpha-blockers.

What is the suggested dosage of the Tadaga tablet?

Tadaga is available in 10mg, 20mg, and 40mg strength. A physician suggests the dosage of the Tadaga tablet based on the tolerance level of the patient’s body, medical history, age, and sensitivity toward the drug. Normally, the most suggested dose of Tadaga is 20 mg, however, it may be decreased or increased based on the existing situation of the patient. Initially, to begin with, your physician may start with a 10mg dose and then can gradually increase the dose after assessing the intensity of impotence.

You should consume Tadaga with a glass of water for better results. Taking this medicine with grapefruit juice or alcohol is not allowed as it can lower blood pressure to dangerous levels. Consumption of healthy and light meals before taking this tablet is advised as heavy food can affect the functioning of this medication.

What are the precautions for using the Tadaga tablet?

Before using Tadaga tablets, it is extremely important to know certain details. Some of these are:

  • A man having a history of ailments related to the brain, heart, kidney, liver, blood, etc should avoid using this medication. In case, if it becomes extremely necessary to use this medication; it should be done under medical supervision.
  • People allergic to Tadalafil should not consume this medication.
  • You should consume medication rich in alpha-blockers or nitrates as it can seriously lower blood pressure.
  • A person should avoid overdosing on this medication as it can prove fatal for the health of an individual.
  • Tadaga may cause dizziness therefore activities like operating heavy machinery, driving, running, and activities involving strength should be completely avoided.
  • Tadalafil-rich medications including Tadaga should not be consumed with grape juice in case this medication is prescribed for pulmonary hypertension.

Side Effects of Tadaga

Like all allopathic medications, Tadaga may cause side effects. The side effects may be mild, severe, or may not appear in some individuals at all. The intensity of side effects depends on the health and immunity of an individual consuming this medication. The following are mild side effects of the Tadaga tablets: Stomach upset, Headache, Nausea, Nasal congestion, Vomiting, Dizziness, Diarrhea, Dizziness, and Flushing. Serious side effects like prolonged and painful erection, skin rashes, Irregular heartbeats, uncontrolled blood pressure, etc. may appear in certain patients.

The side effects of this medication may subside as soon as the concentration of this medication starts dropping in the human body. In a situation where these side effects remain for a longer duration, you should seek urgent medical help. Always consume Tadaga only per your doctor’s recommendation as it is safe to consume this medication as per medical advice. For better results, you should buy Tadaga online from an authentic pharmacy such as It is advised to buy only the prescribed quantity and dose of this medication.

General Questions Our Customers ask when they buy Tadaga 40 mg Online

Does the Tadaga help in spontaneous erection?

No, it does not result in a spontaneous erection. The drug needs some time to get fully absorbed in the blood streams. You should take 20 minutes to 30 minutes before participating in the sexual act. Erections will only take place once you are sexually aroused.

What happens in the case of an overdose of the Tadaga?

The overdose of the Tadaga may cause harmful effects on the body. In the case of an overdose, you should meet your physician and seek urgent medical attention. The signs of the overdose may include being faint, vision loss, muscle aches, vomiting, or upset belly. Therefore, it is advised to use this ED drug exactly as prescribed by the physician.

How fast does the Tadaga works?

The effects of the Tadaga can be felt within 30 minutes after taking the dose. Some men may feel the effects within 15 to 20 minutes. For this medication work, Sexual arousal is mandatory.

How much longer does the effect of the Tadaga last?

The effect of the drug lasts for around 36 hours. It is because of this fact that people call it a weekend pill. The effects of the drug subside as soon as the concentration of this medication starts declining in the human body.  The response time of Tadaga also varies in different people. A person should not consume more than 1 pill of Tadaga 40 mg in a period of 36 hours.

Is intake of Tadaga safe for men suffering from Impotence?

Consumption of Tadaga is completely safe for all those men who are suffering from impotence. Men having no prior medical history can consume this medication on a physician’s advice. People who are already consuming medications rich in alpha-blockers or nitrates should not take this medication as the combination of both can reduce blood pressure to dangerous levels.

How often can we consume the Tadaga tablet?

You should always consume Tadaga as per your doctor’s recommendation. Low strengths of Tadaga can be taken daily however 40 mg dose should not be taken more than once in 36 hours.

Can we use Tadaga on a recreation basis?

No, you should not use Tadaga on a recreational basis. It is only suggested to men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction. If you consume this medication without any valid reason, you may lose your natural ability to attain an erection in the long run.

Difference between on-demand and daily use of  Tadaga 40mg tablet?

Generally, this medication can be used on demand in case of erectile dysfunction. If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction you should consume this medication only when needed i.e. prior to sexual activity. On the other hand, daily use of this medication is advised in case this medication is prescribed for the treatment of pulmonary hypertension.

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Jim Thomas, USA

I bought Tadaga on a friend’s recommendation from It really helped me overcome my sexual blues. Now my confidence is back and my married life is back to normal.

Mark Stewart, USA

Tadaga is a good choice if suffering from erectile problems. It gives results in less time and also it is safe to use. It is available online at a low price too. I am glad to purchase it from


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