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Refund Policy

The company’s persistent undertaking is to provide full client satisfaction in which we offer our clients high-quality goods at genuine rates.

Money Secure

Your money is completely secure. The money reflects in your account quickly once the refund is approved.

Customer Friendly brings you customer friendly policy. You can ask for refunds easily.

Low Refunds

Lowest refunds till date. Our product quality and high quality service of highest grades won't let you initiate a refund request.

Keeping all the things in mind our company provides the cashback and the refund policies too.We offer 100% repayment for:

  • Supply of damaged goods
  • Late delivery of goods

As we consider the health of our client quite utterly we resend the products cost-free in the following circumstances:

  • Delivery of incorrect products owing to a mistake from the company’s side. Publish a check inside the company’s’ database and it will soon resend the right goods.
  • Disappointment with the goods or services of the company
  • Ship at an incorrect address because of a mistakes in the system
  • Supply of broken goods



There is no need to return the products if there is a delivery of incorrect or broken goods. Our company will resend the goods cost-free once you place the request in our system.


You (as a client) may do the cancellation of the order in a period of 24 hours if our company has not dispatched your goods.

What is the best way to get a reshipment or refund?

It is very simple to opt for reship or refund. You only have to follow the underneath stated footsteps:

  1. You have to contact the customer care support team through the electronic mail or by calling on the toll-free number for stating your case
  2. Then let the team know your order serial number along with the reason for reshipment or cancellation during the placement of the request.
  3. Later on, our customer care team will enquire about your provided details and track about your order.
  4. Resend/reship- If your request encounters the above-stated conditions then, the goods shall be resent.
  5. Refund- If your product order has not been shipped yet or shipped at a mistaken address, reimbursement shall be commenced.

REFUND POLICY always prioritizes customer satisfaction above anything and in an endeavor towards the same, we provide our customers with superior quality products at honest prices. Our refund policy is formulated keeping the same in mind. We provide 100% money back in the following cases:

  • Untimely delivery of products
  • Delivery of damaged products
  • Dissatisfaction with our products or services
  • Delivery of wrong goods due to an error from our side. Post a check in our database; we will reship the correct products.
  • Delivery of damaged products
  • Dispatch at a wrong address due to an inaccuracy in our system.


In case of delivery of wrong or damaged products, customer need not return the goods. On placing a request, we will reship the products free of cost


A customer can cancel the order within 24 hours provided it’s not been dispatched from our side.


Opting for refund/reship is simple. Just follow the below mentioned steps-

  • Contact customer support via email or the toll-free number and state your case
  • Kindly mention the order number and reason for cancellation or reshipment while placing the request.
  • Customer support will check the details and trace the order.
  • Refund-If the order has not yet been dispatched or dispatched at a wrong address, refund will be initiated
  • Reship- If the request meets the above-mentioned criteria, the product will be reshipped.
  • Refund or Reshipment process time is 7 working days.