What do you think the Secret to a Long Life can be? Does that only mean eat healthily and exercise regularly? A big no, good eating habits and regular exercise give you numerous advantages to cure illness, maintain healthy body weight, acts as a stress reliever and so on.

But only two things on the list are not going to give you a long life what about emotions, feeling, desire, etc. Most of the people who are ambitious and goal-oriented live longer life. Do you know why? because they have a reason to get up the next day.

The same is the case with our life. Die to live, add some passion and color to your life along with sets of compromises.

As time is always precious and we have 100 hours reading long list let’s get started, Haha!

Heart to Heart Contact
Social Media is a good way to communicate in all. Video calls may actually cover the live ongoing image but yet your heart wants to be there. It is obvious for a human with a good heart to have those feelings.

Have you ever seen why people in India usually live a longer life? One secret is they believe in heart-to-heart contact over social media. In spite of Google, WhatsApp, Facebook and all other video calling options people in India usually dedicate time to meet family, friends and relatives.

This builds a strong bond, feeling and emotions for one another. Your rehabilitation centres, big-time financers and stress relieving sessions become your family, friends and relatives.

Instead what we choose is life in a dark room like a prisoner. Social Media can help you share your memories but won’t help enough to build one. It may help your life look beautiful but can’t make your life beautiful.

I don’t say live A Old Lady life, but promise yourself not to give excuses when it’s time for family functions and meetups. If nothing is coming up this month, schedule one according to your budget.

Donate and Help
Sharing is caring hence donate a small amount or help the needy in all possible ways. A human or any other creature, help the needy it gives you a different satisfaction level, makes your heart fill with joy and helps earn good blessings.

Do not select bad over good
You may not make time for fitness, so why make time for bad habits. Remember you are a person who is much busier than the president of the USA when it comes to exercise and fitness. So, how can you even think of wasting time on smoking cigarettes or being busy boozing with friends?

Your habits decide your surrounding. Remember a piece of waste paper finally reaches the dustbin. Do you want your life to be the same? Bad habits not only effects your health but your entire lifestyle, relationship and behavior.

So if you cannot pick good at least do not pick bad habits that will help shorten your life.

No matter what, I will Exercise
Make a promise to yourself every day you get up, No matter what I will exercise. Even if you could not add 3 digits to your age you will live somewhere close. Exercise has numerous advantages, you don’t believe Google it and you will find millions.

Exercise helps your body live a physically fit and earn a healthy life. Exercise helps relieve stress, look smart young in shape and keep numerous illnesses at bay. So without wasting any more of your time on exercise let’s get down to another important point and that is eating habits.

Eating Pattern
You reap what you sow, it is the same with your life and body. When you eat healthily you will live healthy, to die you have junk fatty and oily food.

One reason why people in the USA live a short life is Junk and unwanted food. As I said habits choose over the living. So if you still are having a double patty burger with extra cheese you are going to welcome numerous illnesses soon.

Another good thing to learn from the Indian’s is most of the time they prefer home-cooked food. So, get yourself a habit of home-cooked food over junk food. Eat food low in fat, sugar and oil content.

In simple eat healthy food rich in vitamins, proteins, minerals and drink an ample amount of water every day. Try to add more of a vegetarian meal over a nonveg, eat fruits and green vegetables frequently.

The secret is eating nutrition-rich food that too on time no matter how busy life you live.

Negligence may Kill You
When working in the corporate world do you wait for issues to escalated or act fast? So why delay treating daily sickness.
A single match stick is enough to burn down a forest. For health, small ignorance towards daily health problems can lead to life treating diseases.

No other person than you can know your body better. So don’t wait for sickness to turn into a big disease be proactive and seek treatment immediately at a very early stage.

If you have a family history related to Cancer, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure or Heart Problems. Better have a routine check-up of your health and try keeping things that have close chances of you getting infected at bay.

Start Saving
Now how come saving and long life has a connection. But to live long don’t you feel you will need enough financial backup. Now that you have found out so many ways to live long you will also need money by your side. Not every country provides pensions to senior citizens for better living.

From now dedicate a certain amount to your savings fund or invest wisely that will benefit your entire life. Studies show that the most common reason for stress, unhealthy life and early death is the financial crisis.

Last and Most Important is Early to Bed Early to Rise
Busy working hours and constantly making money do not come with long sleeping hours. But no matter what sleep for at least 7 hours if not 8 hours.

Beyond a limit, even machines heat up and stop working. So just as machines need to rest our body, brain and organs also need rest for better working. Unlike exercise and fitness, better on-time eating and sleeping patterns will surely help you live longer.

These are some of the very simple hacks and the secrets to a long life. A rich or poor each has the right to live a long life. Hope you enjoyed reading and if you have something on your mind to add to this list we always have a comment section waiting to welcome your ideas.


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