Most relations don’t end up well not because one belongs to a monster family. But the problem is they actually never thought of testing their relationship.

Was that only an attraction, desire or a dream becomes a big question post break up, says most patients seeking psychiatric help. Hence no matter how strong bonding your relationship holds today there are some tests that your relationship should pass to last longer.

Let’s look down on Why test your relationship before making any future commitments.

Money Test
Life is unpredictable! so does humans. Remember the old hearing, When you have the money you can have all the honey. Hence no matter how strong your financial conditions are it is always important to test your relationship on the following scales.

Putting a relation to money test, however, does not mean you create a movie scene. You can actually know that easily, all you need is to just advance your observation skills.

Now how do you test your relationship on the basis of money?
As simple as that you know your partner much better than anyone else. Which makes you more aware of dreams and desires that they hold to become one final day. I guess you have your answer clear.

Coming down to savings, if the commitment is to live together it has to be seen when spending money as well. However, this does not mean killing your empty stomach.

But yes there has to be some target in common to achieve as savings. The contribution may vary depending on the income. But both need to share a qual contribution of their income. If this is not happening start making things happen. You will get a clear picture of your future.

The best advice is to generally talk about money matters in relationships. Remember castles are built together however can be destroyed by one. You know what I mean to say if you are the only one holding the burden to build a castle better back out now.

Friends and Family
One needs a little adjustment when it comes to friends and family. Both parties should equally have an interest in one another family and friends. This helps build strong relations says most of the relationship advisors.

Unless you do not have a friend and family circle with all gangster habits rest needs to be excepted. Things might be uncomfortable for the first time but needs to be adopted soon and not cut down.

You are so smart that I do not need a long explanation of what I want to say. If you think that one person is responsible for cutting on many good relations, better cut that one rather than regret it later.

Yes, I found my Keeper
When your heart starts feeling this, it’s time for you to get married. However busy life makes it difficult to manage time for one another. That does not mean you leave someone alone to stay strong and weather the storm.

The best test is to know how your partner deals with overall difficult situations. It may be health challenges, family problems or any big or small issues. If your partner is ready to fight together, no other person in this world can love you to this extend.

Make sure you are strong enough to face the same when it comes to payback time.

Attraction to one another
If attraction in your relationship is only because of good posture and looks. My dear friend, then you are flying on the wrong plane.
Good looks, however, can be a matter of attraction in a relationship but that should not be the only reason why you both are together.

If you wish to live together forever you need to have some attraction in common such as hobbies, likes, dislikes or maybe any good thing that holds you together.

Most of the Expert Advisors on relationship says Successful relationship is one that keeps things in common that attracts towards one another. Your young skin may fade one day but your hobbies and other things will keep your relationship attracted to one another.

The key is not to marry someone because they look outstanding, it is more important to love the habits and behavior of one another. Hence marry someone who makes you feel special subject to how you look.

When someone is physically challenged it is ok to be dependent but if everything is normal try being independent.
Dependency in a relationship is one big subject that leads to early divorce in many cases. When you are in a relationship helping your partner is a good thing to do. However, this does not mean you make someone completely dependent on you.

This will create future problems hence makes sure to maintain independence in everything you do.

The topic can get stretched when talking about dependency, hence to sum up in short. Make sure your partner is independent enough and capable enough to manage his daily work on his own unless he is physically challenged.

One better way to know the hidden behavior of a person is the way they communicate to their family, friends, subordinates and junior level workers. It is also important to notice how your partner behaves over an argument in a fight.

This does not mean you cheat on someone and expect them to behave ice cold. But in regular life, you can always notice how they talk to their friends, family and others.

Do they have a habit of greeting people, appreciating the effort of a hard worker and a boundary line not to cross when talking to parents or in an argument?

Sex Life
Some may need it wild while some may enjoy being casual. Every person has a different story when it comes to sex life. However, if your partner is not sexually active then it completely does not justify that he or she is enjoying with someone else.

Sexual problems such as Men Erectile Dysfunction and Women’s Low Libido can also be some reasons for low sexual drive in a relationship. Neither do you nor does she is a porn star so stop those wild expectations. Though sexual satisfaction plays an important role in life however it does not mean you to expect your partner to hulk all the time.

If things are not getting fulfilled it is better to speak and exchange your sexual demands.

Loyalty Test
Do you know why this topic is left last because it was certain that for you all to think when testing a relationship? The loyalty of a person cannot be challenged to either they will be loyal or disloyal the whole life. Things may change in no time.

So if a person is loyal to you, make enough time to put that smile on your face and helps relax your daily burden do to not try to test your partner’s loyalty.

Life is full of maters, hence most disloyal people hide under the hoods of the loyal faces. Despite all, if your heart still thinks that your partner is cheating on you. Better sit, talk and sort out. Do not use your Sherlock brain in advance unless you get some early clues that you are been cheated.

You know yourself better than anyone else. So if you have any second thoughts that things might get worse post-marriage better sit and sort it out first.

Having a long relationship does not mean you are made for each other. Sometimes a person tends to live under obligation, changes with coming years, or may fall under the trap of blind love. So makes things clear that are disturbing your mind. Make your partner clear about the problems you and they will be facing in the coming future.

Practical life and the movie world have one thing in common, you need to have a perfect character playing the role to make it a blockbuster.


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