Getting a Cancer diagnosis is devastating but certainly not an end game. The world may seem to end, Fear of death may be one natural feeling after being diagnosed with Cancer. But did you know? people who have learned to live a happy life with cancer diagnosis showed remarkable recovery than stress, sad and fearful person.

Every battle can be won, all you need is the courage to fight. The same is the case with any illness your body needs resistance to fight which not only comes from medical treatment but other factors of life too.

So stop cursing yourself what has happened can’t be changed. Do not be blank rather take it as a mission and start to find a solution for the same.

What kind of Cancer does your report Show?
There are various types of cancer and each may vary in treatment and consultation. So better talk to your healthcare provider to get insides on your type and stage of cancer. Be open and ask them how serious is it and what are your chances of recovery.

Now that your lab test report is positive, the first thing to do is get help from your family doctor.

Consult your Family Doctor
No other than your family doctor knows your medical history better, So visit them. He may or may not be the right person for your treatment but will surely help you find the best expert.

If your pocket does not stops you from spending huge, search for some top doctors or health facilities in your nearby area on Google for specific cancer treatment.

First Visit
You are not a child to forget your reports when at the healthcare center. So carry all your reports to the one you are going to approach. Before you start with all your Cancer talk, explain in detail your other health issues, lifestyle and habits first.

Once things are a little clear about your health history now come to the main topic. Make sure you are clear on the following questions before you leave. Doctors are human and not gods. so even they may miss on few things while explaining in detail. Hence it is our responsibility to ask rather than waiting for everything to come from the doctor’s end.

1. Once done with how serious is your cancer stage, what your treatment includes do not forget to ask what are some changes that you may see in your body.

2. What are some food items and lifestyle changes that must show good signs?

3. What are some things to track on daily basis?

4. Other than Cancer medical treatment what are some regular exercises that are good.

5. What are some natural remedy or if you find one from Google help make sure to share with your expert before experimenting.

6. What are some other health issues that may arise in mere future.

7. How long your treatment will last for better accounting.

Remember if you need proper treatment and guidance you need to be a little proactive.

Now that your doctor has helped you with all the possible ways it is time to seek knowledge from the outside world. Remember you are not the only one on this plant with uh kind of illness. So be social to create a support system.

Be Social
People from all over the world use different techniques and ways for treatment and social media is one better option to know from the world. Try joining groups, participate in forums, read useful articles for support. Although your family will be your backbone throughout, yet it is necessary to get insides from one who has already experienced such a major illness.

They are the one who is or has experienced exactly what you are or might experience. Hence the words of an experienced person matter a lot. It will help release your emotional dependency.

Share your sad news to every important friend, family, and relatives
Every person needs support in his or her life, no matter whether it comes from a friend, family or a relative. But do not keep on talking about your cancer each day.

In fact, if possible create a small message explaining things are not by your side and it is sad to inform you that I have been diagnosed with Cancer. That I need support to fight it back and you are the one important person that I count on. Ture relations are tested during the most difficult journey of life.

Feeling and Emotions
You might have never cried before no matter what the situation was. But when it comes to Cancer your feeling and emotion change drastically. Even the coldest of head turnout to be a hot gas balloon. Dedicating time with nature, meditation and exercises are some
ways to treat anger, stress and emotions.

Keep Financial Backing Ready
Treating cancer may cost you huge on therapy, doctor visit and medications. Hence make sure to keep the financial backup ready in case of emergency. Talk to your health insurance company or learn about some of the laws about healthcare insurance, such as medical leave, COBRA, and disability from Google. If your bill is exceeding the medical term plan get additional help from NGO’s.

Cancer treatment may have a significant impact on patients which may reflect on their family members as well. Hence to not hesitate to talk with your healthcare provider about how people manage life with cancer. Life is not all about just treating illness with medication, treating life-threatening illness needs planning and confidence within to win.



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