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Generic Ocuflox: Who should buy and why?

Generic Ocuflox is a fluoroquinolone antibiotic that battles with the bacteria inside our body. It is used for curing the bacterial infections of the eyes and also the ulcer inside the eye’s cornea.

But, Ocuflux is not used for curing the fungal or viral infection of the eye.

While using the Generic Ocuflox you should follow all the guidelines mention over the package and label of your medicine. You should always inform your doctor about all the allergies, medical conditions and all the drugs that you consume.

Before using the Generic Ocuflox, you should make sure that you are not sensitive to the ofloxacin or any other fluoroquinolones (gemifloxacin, ciprofloxacin, moxifloxacin, levofloxacin, norfloxacin, and more). The eye drops should not be used for curing the fungal or viral eye infection.

It is only used for curing the eye’s bacterial infection. We are not sure that it will harm the unborn baby or not. But don’t forget to tell your doctor if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant. But the Generic Ocuflox eye drops are not permitted for the use by a kid who is less than the age of 1 year.


  • Active Ingredient: Fluoroquinolone
  • Manufacturer: Cipla
  • Availability: In_Stock
  • Rate Per Bottle $ 13.19

Who can use?

  • People with Eye/Ear Infection
  • For Bacterial Infection of Eyes/Ears
  • Strength: 0.033% of 5 ml
Generic Ocuflox Information and Pricing


  • Expiry Date: 1/11/2023
  • Average Delivery Time: 15 Business/Working days
  • Safe To Purchase: Yes

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How should we use Generic Ocuflox?

You should always follow all the directions that are written on the prescription label of your medicine. You should not use the medicine in smaller or larger amounts for a longer time without consulting your doctor.

Generic Ocuflox should not be used if you are wearing the contact lenses as it might comprise of the preservatives which can stain the soft contact lenses. You should wait for around 15 minutes afterward the medicine usage before placing the contact lenses in the eyes. Before using the eye drops, it is always advisable to wash your hands properly.  

The following is the best way to apply the Ocuflux eye drops:

  • Incline your head on the backward position marginally and tweak downwards the lower eyelid for making a tiny pocket. Grasp the dropper over the eyes with the help of the tip facing the downwards. After that, look upwards and far from the dispenser and squeeze out the droplet.
  • You have to shut down your eyes for around 3 minutes without squinting or blinking but with the head tilted downwards. Smoothly press the finger towards the inside eye’s corner for around 1 minute to stop the liquid from ditching inside the tear channel.
  • You should put the number of drops as prescribed by your doctor. There should be a gap of 5 minutes between the 2 drops of the medicine.
  • If you have to use any other eye drops that your doctor recommended then, wait for around 10 minutes to maintain the gap.
  • While undergoing the treatment of corneal ulcers, you might have to get up from the sleep every 4 hours to 6 hours for using the medicine. Don't forget to follow all the instructions given by your doctor carefully. You might see a white color accumulation over the ulcer. It is an indication that the medicine is functioning in the right direction. This accumulation must get vanish in a few weeks or days of cure.
  • You are not allowed to touch the eye dropper’s tip or don’t put it straight over your eye. A dirty dropper might create an infection in your eye that might result in some severe vision issues.
  • The eye drops must not be used if the color of its liquid has few particles or there is in the change in color. You should replace the medicine with the new one.
  • The medicine should be stored at the room temperature away from heat and moisture. You should not freeze it. And don't forget to close it tightly when you are not using it.

Dosage of Generic Ocuflox

You should have the Generic Ocuflox as your doctor recommended. You should carefully follow all the instructions written on the label of prescription. The dosage your physician suggests might be established on the below things:

  • other medical disorders you are having
  • the ailment being cured
  • your age
  • other medicines you are consuming

The suggested dosage of Generic Ocuflox for the cure of bacterial conjunctivitis is:

  • Days 1 and 2: Put 1 to 2 drops each 2 to 4 hours inside the eye(s) to be cured
  • Days 3 to day 7: Put 1 to 2 drops 4 times every day

The suggested dosage of Generic Ocuflox for the cure of infective corneal ulcers is:

  • Days 1 and 2: Put 1 to 2 droplets inside the eye to be cured every 30 minutes, but you should be wakeful. Wake up at around 4 and 6 hours afterward self-effacing and put 1 to 2 droplets
  • Days 3 to day 9: Put 1 to 2 drops every hour, while wakeful
  • Days 9 to the cure accomplishment: Put 1 to 2 drops, 4 times every day

Are there any other safety measures or word of warning while using Generic Ocuflox?

Before starting the usage of Generic Ocuflox, you should tell your doctor about any type of allergies or the medical issues that you are facing. Besides, you should also tell them about all the medicines that you are consuming and also tell him/her of you are breastfeeding or a pregnant woman. All these factors will impact the way of your medicine’s usage.

  • Kids: The effectiveness and safety of this medication usage have not been recognized for kids.
  • Fresh eye infections: The overdevelopment of bacteria which are not influenced by Generic Ocuflox might happen and result in a fresh eye infection. If you are facing the signs of a fresh eye infection (for example, discharge, eye soreness, itching or discomfort) then, call your doctor.
  • Contact lenses: The effectiveness and safety of Generic Ocuflox while applying the contact lenses in eyes has not been recognized. You should not wear contact lenses during the usage of the medication.
  • Breast-feeding: The Generic Ocuflox eye drop might pass in the woman’s breast milk. So, a woman who is a breast-feeding mom and is having the eye drops of Generic Ocuflox then, it might harm your infant. You should ask your physician about continuing or discontinuing breastfeeding.
  • Pregnancy: Generic Ocuflox eye drops must not be utilized at the time of pregnancy if the advantages prevail over the hazards. While applying this eye drops if you get pregnant then, interact with your physician instantly.


Minor Side effects of using the Generic Ocuflox

You should get the emergency medical aid in case of allergic reaction signs like problematic in breathing; rashes; inflammation of the lips, face, throat or tongue.

Below are the common side effects of using the Generic Ocuflox: eye aching, eye dehydration, sensitivity like something is inside the eye, blurry visualization, eye soreness, irritating, or wetting, slight stinging, burning or other uneasiness, your eyes getting extra sensitivity towards the light and inflamed or swollen eyelids.


Major Side-Effects of Ocuflox

If you are having the following problems then, talk to your physician once: eye aching ,harsh stinging, burning or irritation after the medicine’s usage, harsh skin reaction, painful throat, fever, inflammation in the tongue or face, scorching in the eyes, pain in the skin with purple or red skin rash which spreads (particularly on the upper part of the body or face) and results in peeling and blistering.  Apart from this redness, eye inflammation, crusting or drainage and severe uneasiness (might be the symptoms of infection) may be observed.


The above is not a complete list of Oculflox side effects. There might be some other effects that can occur. So, you should always talk to your doctor regarding the side effects of the medicine.

You should also keep in mind to keep this medicine away from the kid’s reach. Moreover, you should not share it with other people. It should only be used for the purpose recommended by the doctor.

List of most Common Customer Questions before they buy Generic Ocuflox Online

It belongs to the antibacterial class of drugs which is mainly suggested for curing the bacterial infections in our body and eyes like ulcers in the cornea of eyes. But it is not utilized for curing any type of viral infection and fungal infection in the eyes.

You should use this medication until the time you find an improvement in the condition of your eyes. Moreover, your doctor will diagnose your condition in a better manner and decide whether to continue or discontinue using the eye drops.

After diagnosing your problem, your doctor will guide you about the frequency of the eye drops that you need to put in your eyes. The condition and problem of a patient vary from body to body. So, only a doctor can guide better regarding the dosage quantity.

Well! You should take these eye drops only after having food. It is not to be taken an empty stomach.

You should store the eye drops in a dry and cool place safely. Do not touch the tip of the nozzle with your hands at all. After reaching the expiry date, you should discard it off carefully. Always keep it in the upright position.

You should take the dose as soon as you come to know about the missed dose. But don’t take the double dose of the eye drops to counterpart the missed dose.

Generic Ocuflox Reviews By Our Customers

Read, how our customers feel when they buy Generic Ocuflox and use it!

Oculflox eye drops were prescribed to my daughter for Conjunctivitis. It works incredibly. But don't forget to follow all the instructions for using it correctly for getting the effective results.

I was facing the pink eye issue from the past few days. Then, my doctor diagnoses corneal ulcer in it and prescribe me these eye drops. My problem got solved very soon.