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Generic Lotemax : Who should buy and why?

Generic Lotemax is a steroid medication that is utilized for curing the inflammation in the eyes triggered by shingles (herpes zoster), allergies, iritis, harsh acne, or some other disorders. The eye drops of the Generic Lotemax are mainly used for curing the aching as well as the inflammation after the surgery of the eyes.

Lotemax is a corticosteroid eye drop prepared by the famous Company Bausch & Lomb and generic Lotemax is manufactured by many companies such as CIPLA, Fraklin and Vee Remedies.  It is utilized for curing the inflammatory disorders of the cornea, conjunctiva, as well as front area of the eye.  The ointment of the Generic Lotemax is also accessible and is designated for curing the pain and inflammation after the ophthalmic surgical procedure.  The ointment of Generic Lotemax is the 1st additive-free ophthalmic steroid ointment. It is quite useful for curing the maximum number of fungal and viral ailments of the conjunctiva and cornea.

Generic Lotemax comprises of a well-recognized security outline in comparison to the further ophthalmic corticosteroids and also possess a lower frequency of resulting in intraocular pressure upsurges afterward the lengthy usage.  Generic Lotemax is quite a harmless anti-inflammatory and tremendously effective medicine.  Moreover, it is also one of the finest picks for curing the ocular area of the soreness/dehydrated eye ailment along with numerous ocular inflammatory disorders.


  • Active Ingredient: Loteprednol Etabonate
  • Manufacturer: CIPLA
  • Availability: In_Stock
  • Rate Per Bottle $ 3.24

Who can use?

  • People With Eye Inflamation
  • For Eye Allergies, Treating Ocular Pressure and Viral Ailments
  • Strength: 0.05 w/v% 5 ml
Generic Lotemax and Pricing


  • Expiry Date: 1/11/2023
  • Average Delivery Time: 15 Business/Working days
  • Safe To Purchase: Yes

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How Does AllMedsCare Product Works?

What is the best way to use Lotemax ophthalmic?

  • You should always follow all the instructions written on the prescription label of your medicine. Use it as instructed.
  • You should never use it while wearing soft contact lenses. The preservative in the medicine might enduringly blemish the contact lenses. You should have the eye drops at least 15 minutes earlier implanting the contact lenses.
  • Washing hands is mandatory before using eye medicine.
  • Before every single usage, you should shake the eye drops well. But if you are using the gel form then, upturn the bottle and shake it one time to bung up the tip of the dropper with ointment.
  • To use the medicine correctly, you have to tilt the head backward marginally and tweak downwards the lower eyelid for making a tiny pocket. Grasp the eye-dropper on the eye and put a droplet in the pocket. Close off the eyes for around 1 minute or 2 minutes.
  • You should put the number of drops as prescribed by your doctor.
  • You should not touch the dropper’s tip or put it straight in the eye. The unclean dropper might create an infection in your eye that might result in severe vision difficulties.
  • Using this medicine for more than a period of 10 days also require regular vision examinations to assess the pressure in the eyes.
  • It is a short term usage medicine. You should talk to your doctor if your symptoms do not get improve within the 2 days of the usage.
  • You are allowed to stop the usage of the medicine unexpectedly. You should hear your physician’s guidelines regarding the dosage tapering.
  • The medicine should be stored at room temperature in a straight position without freezing.

Generic Lotemax is also utilized in the dry eye condition for reducing and eradicating the ocular surface soreness triggered by the tear's hyperosmolarity. The soreness should get controlled before the optimum impact of any other cures. Generic Lotemax might usually be recommended for 2 weeks to 3 months primarily and later on, might have to be utilized once more over a 1 week to 2-week schedule occasionally if the soreness happens once more. The medicine should be shaken correctly before putting the drops inside the eyes. It is obtainable merely by prescription.

How does the Lotemax function?

Generic Lotemax eye gel belongs to the category of medicines known as corticosteroids. It is utilized for curing the eye soreness afterward the cataract surgical procedure and functions by decreasing eye inflammation.

Your physician might have recommended this medicine for disorders excluding those itemized in the article. You should not use this medicine without consulting your doctor. Moreover, don't share this medicine with anybody who is having similar symptoms. It might be very harmful to the people who use it without doctor recommendation.

What are the precautions that you have to follow while using the lotemax?

The following are the precautions that you should follow while using the Generic Lotemax:

  • Before beginning the usage of Generic Lotemax, you should inform your physician or druggist if you are hypersensitive to it; or if are having any other sensitivity. Generic Lotemax might comprise inactive elements that might result in allergic responses or other issues. Ask your doctor about more specifics.
  • Before beginning the usage of this medicine, inform your physician regarding your medical past, particularly of: cataracts, eye infections, harsh near-sightedness (myopia), glaucoma, diabetes.
  • After using this medication, your visualization might turn out to be momentarily blurry. So, don't use any machinery, do the driving or perform any activity which needs clear visualization until the time you can safely participate in such activities.
  • Before undergoing the surgical procedure, inform your physician or dentist regarding the entire products that you use (comprising non-prescription medications, prescription medications, and herbal products).
  • In case of development of fresh eye infection or any wound or the need of eye surgical procedure, ask your physician about continuing the Generic Lotemax or beginning the new packing of the Generic Lotemax
  • During the period of pregnancy, Generic Lotemax must be utilized only when it is desirable evidently. You should talk to your doctor about its benefits and risks.
  • It is unidentified if the medicine pass in the milk of the lactating mother. So, you should talk to your physician if you are breast-feeding.
  • The usage of Generic Lotemax eye ointment might postpone the healing of the wound. Your physician shall do the checking of your eye(s) to certify correct healing afterward the surgical procedure.

Additional Information on Generic Lotemax

  • Generic Lotemax may upsurge the probabilities of fetching an eye infection and must not be utilized if you are suffering from an eye infection. In case of the development of fresh or deteriorating signs of an eye infection, meet your physician immediately.
  • It might upsurge pressure in the eye or If you are suffering from glaucoma or upsurge pressure in the eye, talk with your physician that in what way this medicine might harm your ill-health, in what way your medical situation might harm the dose up and efficacy of this drug, and whether any exceptional observing is required.
  • Generic Lotemax is utilized for the temporary cure, generally for no more than a period of 2 weeks. Lengthy usage of this medicine might result in glaucoma or cataracts. If this medicine is utilized for 10 days or more than this period, your physician shall observe the pressure in the eye regularly.
  • Generic Lotemax medication must not be utilized at the time of the prenatal period unless the advantages overshadow the hazards. If you get pregnant during the usage of Generic Lotemax medicine then, talk to your physician instantly.
  • The well-being and efficacy of utilizing Generic Lotemax have not been recognized for kids.


The following are the common side effects of using the Generic Lotemax:

  • Eye aching or the blurred vision
  • Slight burning while utilizing the eye drops
  • Sensation of something inside the eye
  • Watery or dehydrated eyes
  • Headache
  • Your eyes might become extra sensitive towards the light
  • Sore throat
  • Runny nose


You should inform your doctor instantly if any of the below side effects happen while using the Generic Lotemax:

  • Reduced vision
  • puffiness of the membrane covering the white eye area
  • eye aching, irritation, or aching
  • discharge through the eye
  • small collisions over the eyelid’s inner lining
  • soreness of the eyelid or internal eyelid lining
  • steady blurring or vision loss
  • Loss of sight
  • motion sickness
  • scratching
  • slow wound healing
  • vomiting

Side effects of the Lotemax ophthalmic

You should get the emergency medical aid if you are having the signs of the allergic reaction like difficulty breathing; hives; swelling of the lips, face, throat or the tongue. But you should talk to your doctor once if you are facing the below things:

    • getting worse soreness or itching
    • aching while having the eye drops
    • discomfort in the eyes, unexpected vision alterations
    • eye aching or inflammation, difficult in eye closing
    • symptoms of an eye infection: severe uneasiness, soreness, drainage or crusting
    • tunnel visualization, watching the coronas close to the lights

List of most Common Customer Questions before they buy Generic Lotemax Online

It is a common medication for eyes that cure the injury and inflammation issue in eyes. It belongs to the corticosteroids class of drugs.

The Lotemax comes in the form of below types:

  • Ointment
  • Drops
  • Liquid
  • Jelly or Gel

The common doses of Lotemax bottle are:

  • 5ML of 0.5%
  • 10ML of 0.5%
  • 15ML of 0.5%

You should take the missing dose as soon as you remember. But do not take the double dose of the drug. There should be a proper gap between the 2 doses of the eye drops.

You should ask your doctor or the pharmacist to tell you about the ways of disposing of the drug after finishing it. Expired medication should also be discard-off carefully. Moreover, keep it away from the kid’s reach.

Do not use the medication if you are allergic to the loteprednol ingredient. Moreover, in case of any other eye problem like a mycobacterial eye infection or herpes simplex, do not use it at all. After putting these eye drops in your eyes, you might feel the blurriness in your vision. Thus, it is advisable not to work on any type of machinery, drive any vehicle, or do any activity that required your clear vision. You can carry out your activities as soon as the blurry vision disappears.

Generic Lotemax Reviews By Our Customers

Read, how our customers feel when they buy Lotemax online and use it!

My doctor recommended Lotemax to me for burning, pain, and swelling issues in my eyes. I got any instant relief with the medication. I used it only for 7 days. It is a wonderful medicine for seasonal allergies in the eyes.

I was facing the issue of Postoperative Ocular Inflammation in my eyes from the past several days. My doctor suggests me take Lotemax. Soon, my problem gets vanish with this drug and I started suggesting this medication to all those who are also the victim of Postoperative Ocular Inflammation in their eyes.