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Cyclosporine Eye Drops: Who should buy and why?

Cyclosporine eye drops is a drug that is used in the patients suffering from the issue of the dry eye condition. It is an effective medication that is quite famous globally.

Cyclosporine belongs to the class of drugs called Immunomodulators. Numerous people around the world are facing the problem of swelling in the eyes. During the diagnosis, the doctor comes to know that it is an issue of dry eye.

Now, the dry or dehydrated eye is an ailment in which the film of tear gets damaged which results in discontinuation of the tears flow.  When the production of tears gets stopped it leads to the swelling in the eyes.

The pressure in the eyes starts increasing with the passing time and if the person neglects it for a longer period then, his or her eyes can get impaired forever. The issue of dry eye is very serious and Cyclosporine helps in curing the problem successfully.

It helps in the production of tears which decreases the swelling in eyes and also benefits in getting rid of the dry eye disorder.

Cyclosporine medication comes in the form of liquid. It is a prescribed medication that should be consumed only after the doctor’s approval.


  • Active Ingredient: Cyclosporine
  • Manufacturer: Allergan
  • Availability: In_Stock
  • Rate Per Bottle: $16.00

Who can use?

  • People with Dry Eye Problems
  • For Treating Eye Pressure and Swelling
  • Strength: 0.05% / 5 ml
cyclosporine eye drops information and pricing


  • Expiry Date: 1/11/2023
  • Average Delivery Time: 15 Business/Working days
  • Safe To Purchase: Yes

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How Does AllMedsCare Product Works?

How the Cyclosporine does function?

Cyclosporine helps a person in getting rid of dry eye issues. It functions on the immune cells of the eyes. The immune cells are responsible for the swelling and issue of dryness in the eyes. Cyclosporine helps in reversing such conditions and increasing the production of tears in the eyes. You will not see the effect of the medication immediately after beginning the treatment as it takes some time for displaying the effects. 

How to use Cyclosporine correctly for effective results?

We have told you earlier also that Cyclosporine comes in the form of a liquid solution. So, you have to put the drops of the medication in your affected eyes as recommended by the doctor. Your doctor might ask you to have the medication 2 times in 24 hours for the rapid recovery. You have to maintain a gap of 12 hours if the drug needs to be taken two times a day.

You have to wash your hands thoroughly before using the drug to evade the problem of contamination. The tip of the eye drops bottles should not be touched. Before beginning the usage of the drug, you have to turn the bottle of the medication upside downwards. After tilting your head in the upward direction create a pouch in the eyes. Now, put the drops as suggested by your doctor in the eyes.

After putting the drops, do not open the eyes for at least 2 minutes. Moreover, rubbing and blinking of eyes is also not allowed. Some of you might be using the contact lenses so before putting the eye drops, do not forget to take out the lenses and use the eye drops only after the gap of 15 minutes between removing the lenses and putting the eye drops. It is advisable to use the drug at a similar time regularly.

What safety measures we should follow while using the Cyclosporine?

The following are a few safety measures we should follow while using the Cyclosporine:

  • You should take the medication only after the approval of your doctor
  • Any person who feels allergic to the eye drops should discontinue the usage of the drug as soon as possible.
  • If you are suffering from some other eye ailment or problem and undergoing their treatment then, you should inform your doctor about it.
  • You are not allowed to share your medication with any other person
  • Females who are thinking to conceive or breastfeeding their infants must make use of this drug only after the doctor’s approval
  • The medication must not be used if you are wearing the contact lenses in eyes. You need to take out them and then put in the drops. There must be a gap of 15 minutes between taking out the lenses and using the drug.
  • Some people might feel bur vision or dizziness after using the medication. Thus, it is advisable not to do any physical work during that specific time.

What is the best way to store the eye drops of Cyclosporine?

Storing the eye drops of Cyclosporine at room temperature is the best thing to do. The temperature of the room must not be less than 15 degrees C and should not be more than 30 degrees C. You should strictly follow this condition. The effectiveness of the drug gets hamper if you keep it in extremely cool or extremely high conditions. 

The bottle of the eye drops must be kept away from the bright, hot, and moist areas like kitchen sinks or bathrooms. Moreover, you should store it away from pets and kids in an airtight container.

The expired medication must be dispose-off carefully according to your doctor’s suggestion.


What are the common side effects of using the eye drops of Cyclosporine?

There is no need to worry much about the common side effects of using the eye drops of Cyclosporine. The symptoms of common side effects of the drug will get vanish soon as they arrive. But if these signs stay for a longer time then, it's better to have a word with your doctor. The following are the common side effects of using the eye drops of Cyclosporine:
• Stinging
• Burning sensation
• Redness
• Blur vision
• Itching
• Headache and many more


What are the serious side effects of using the eye drops of Cyclosporine?

It is very rare that you come across the serious side effects of Cyclosporine. But do not use the drug as per your wish as this can result in serious consequences sometimes. The following are the serious side effects of the cyclosporine:
• clear or yellow fluid from the eye
• Blurred vision, eye pain or irritation
• difficulty with reading, halos around lights, feeling of having something in the eye
• itching skin, headache, sticky or matted eyelashes
• redness, swelling, or itching of the eyelid
• watery eye,  stinging, bloody or cloudy urine, Bladder pain, lower back or side pain
• difficult, burning, or painful urination

The above list is not completed one. So, if such side effects stay for a longer time then, immediately see your doctor for the cure. Emergency medical attention is required if such signs stay for a longer time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Cyclosporine

Cyclosporine is taken only and if prescribed by the doctor. You should use it as per the doctor's suggestion. The most suitable and standard dosage of the drug is 0.05% 3ml.

Ans: The drug comes in the tiny bottles and one bottle is equivalent to the solitary dosage. After opening the bottle you have to use it instantly. You should not let the bottle to stay open without any reason.

Any person whether male or female can make use of Cyclosporine. The only condition for using the drug is that he or she must be suffering from dry eye syndrome.

You should try to have the eye drops of Cyclosporine on the similar time daily. But if somehow you forget to use the medication accidentally or due to a busy schedule then, have the eye drops as soon as you come to know. But you should keep in mind that you cannot put two doses of the drug tighter at one time. There should be a proper gap between the two doses or otherwise, it's better to skip the dose.

The overdose of the Cyclosporine medication must be handled cautiously. On the other hand, if you have taken the overdose of the drug then, wash off your eyes well with the help of water. Moreover, you should get medical advice from your doctor if required.

You are allowed to take the food in a normal like you were doing earlier while using the Cyclosporine. But if your doctor asks you to have some specific diet then change your diet as per the doctor's suggestion. Besides that, you are free to have a normal routine diet regime.

Cyclosporine has the propensity of interaction with the other medications. At the time of your health check-up, your doctor will ask you several queries regarding the drug that you are taking along with the medical history. Moreover, you should not begin any new medicine if you are undergoing the treatment of cyclosporine without informing your doctor. Moreover, it is essential to notify your physician regarding all the non-prescription drugs, prescription drugs, vitamins, and herbal supplements which you were consuming before beginning the treatment of prescribed drug.

Cyclosporine Reviews By Our Customers

Read, how our customers feel when they buy Cyclosporine eye drops and use it!

 "I was facing an issue of irritation and itching in my eyes for a very long time. But I always ignore that thing. One day during my normal eye check-up I come to know that I am suffering from the problem of dry eyes syndrome. This makes me very scared. But my doctor suggests I take Cyclosporine eye drops as it is an effective solution in this problem. I am happy with the results of the medication as I have got completely rid of the dryness in my eyes.”

"My eyesight was always excellent and I never need spectacles in my life. One day suddenly my doctor told me that there is a development of high pressure in my eyes and if I didn't get it treated then this can damage my eyes forever. Soon he suggested me put Cyclosporine eye drops in my eyes daily. I am glad to tell you that my problem of high pressure got completely cured and in fact, my eyesight has also improved more".