Oil is always a smooth and thick liquid used for various purposes. Oil is most commonly stored at room temperature, it is flammable and surface active. Oil is classified based on their purpose. Most commonly oil are three types, they are:

  1. Fuel oil
  2. ‎Mineral oil
  3. ‎Cooking oil
  4. Essential oil

In this article, we will know more on essential oil, types of essential oil and know about the health benefits of orange oil. 

What is essential Oil

Essential oil is mainly made from the extraction of plants and the parts of the plants like leaves, seeds and fruits. For example, orange oil is extracted from the peel of orange fruit.

History of Orange oil

Orange oil was used by the people around a hundred years ago, but it was first used by the Chinese people in their traditional life, later it spread around the whole world, because of its smell and health benefits. 

Health benefits of Orange oil

There are so many benefits provided by orange oil to the human body. Lots of people don’t know the benefits of orange oil. 

Antimicrobial activity

Consuming beef will cause several side effects because of E. coli obtained from beef. These E. coli mainly cause food poisoning. Using orange oil inhibited the bacteria at refrigeration temperatures.

Health researchers found that when added to infected human cells in culture, low concentrations of orange oil killed the bacteria without harming the cultured cells.

Orange oil also prohibited the growth of fungi that can cause food to spoil. According to a NIH report, orange oil provided some protection against four species of fungi. Orange oil also fights against the eight fungi that affect vegetables.

Reduce Depression

Many people are suffering from depression due to several reasons. Lots of people are getting depressed due to their modern lifestyle and work pressure. But this issue is easily dealt with by using orange oil. Yes, inhaling orange oil will make the brain so active and brisk. It also helps to reduce depression. Regularly inhaling orange oil for more than 4 weeks will help to overcome depression.

Makes a good Mood

Good and joyful mood is very important for keeping the body healthy and also building a strong relationship without facing any trouble. Lots of couples lose their relationship bond, because of losing their good relationship performance. Before entering the bedroom to start a relationship performance, just spray orange oil in the bedroom. This will make a good pleasant mood and also boost stamina power.

Weight Loss

Orange oil is a wonderful option to keep the body weight fit and strong. Yes, orange oil has the power to reduce appetite in a person thus, helps to control your cravings. So many antioxidants and Vitamin C present in the orange oil, help to protect the body from accumulating extra fats in the body. Weight loss can also be achieved using various medications like Generic Xenical.

How to use the orange oil?

Many people don’t know how to use the orange oil in a healthy way. I want to suggest some methods to use the orange oil in a better way. 


One of the easiest methods to use orange oil is diffusion. Yes, while using diffusion it is very easy to make the room so pleasant and fragrance. A diffuser allows an orange oil to evaporate very easily, by using heat . Once the evaporation happens, the orange oil scent spreads throughout the room. People can use diffusers based on their choice and style. There are so many diffusers available in the market from cheap to high price. But people should use diffusers carefully and they should be following the set of instructions mentioned in the product catalog. 


People who don’t know how to use orange oil, then using it as a spray is the best option. Because it is very convenient to use without taking any heavy risk. You can make an orange oil spray by following these steps:

  • Add orange oil to water, using in a glass bottle is a good choice. The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) suggests adding 10 to 15 drops of orange oil per ounce of water.
  • Shake the bottle very well to mix the contents for a good smell.
  • Spray as desired.

Massage oil

One of the best ways to use orange oil is body massage. Yes, regularly doing body massage will help to keep the body fresh and active. It also helps to overcome body pain and muscle reflux.  People should always apply the orange oil with a mixture of carrier oil, like coconut oil or jojoba oil. The NAHA suggests using 20 drops of essential orange oil per ounce of carrier oil to make a massage oil with a three percent solution.

Bottom Line

Orange oil is a wonderful option to use in daily life to keep the body healthy and good. But use this oil in a careful way. 

Is orange oil safe to drink?

Many people doubt, can I drink orange oil as well as coconut oil?. The answer is No, because Orange oil is an essential oil,it contains some chemical compounds for fragrance and some other purpose, it will cause diarrhea, cramping, and even severe poisoning.So better to quit the idea of drinking orange oil. 

Is orange oil flammable?

Lots of people are thinking orange oil is an inflammable oil, but the fact is orange oil is flammable like alcohol, so people should never play with orange oil and fire. 

Can I apply orange oil directly to skin?

Orange oil makes a wonderful fragrance smell and makes the mood so well, but many of them want to apply orange oil directly to their skin. But people should never apply orange oil directly to the skin, because it may cause some skin issues. So please apply orange oil mix with any carrier oil. People can also mix the oil to a warm bath or add it to their body wash.