Erectile Dysfunction is increasing at an alarming rate in every country. Well, the reasons behind this are different in different cases. But one thing that remains common to all is lack of knowledge.

Most of the men hesitate to talk when undergoing ED and try consulting doctors when things go beyond their hands.

But do you know? erectile dysfunction or impotence is something that can lead to exposure to various other illnesses. In many cases, men undergoing ED have noticed strong connections to heart illness, diabetes, cancer, etc.

Hence today we are going to look at some of the best blogs on Erectile Dysfunction. All of the below blogs explain different circumstances a man can suffer when facing Erectile Dysfunction.

So let’s look down for some of the best blogs on Erectile Dysfunction and its links.

1. All about Erectile Dysfunction
This blog is one of the best blogs to understand erectile dysfunction in detail. This blog will help you understand every detail of information on Erectile Dysfunction.

A few of the topics that are covered under this blog are as follows.
What is Erectile Dysfunction?
What are some early signs of Erectile Dysfunction that shouldn’t be neglected?
When should one consult a Doctor for ED treatment?
The latest study on a different cause for Erectile Dysfunction
What are some physical causes that can higher the risk of ED?
Some Psychological cause that reflects ED
What are some best preventions from Erectile Dysfunction?
What is the latest technology to diagnose erectile dysfunction?
What is the best treatment available for ED?

In short, this blog will help you understand in detail everything about erectile dysfunction that can help many to find the best solution.

2. The connection between Heart Disease and Erectile Dysfunction

This blog explains the connection between heart disease and erectile dysfunction.
In fact, studies show that men who suffer from ED are more likely to cause heart disease in the coming five to six years.

Heart disease is something that causes serious damage to the functioning of the heart. There are various types of heart disease such as coronary artery disease, arrhythmia and congenital heart defects.

Studies show that about 31% of deaths all over the world are caused by heart illness and are said to be rising at alarming rates. It is also said that in many cases heart illness came into notice when men went for ED exams. ED and heart illness walk hands-on hand.

The initial start of the blogs covers some basics about ED?
What affects a strong erection?
How serious is erectile dysfunction?
What is the connection between aging and ED?
What are some illnesses that may cause ED?
What are some other factors that contribute to Erectile Dysfunction in men?

Moving further it deeps down on What is said to be heart disease?
How is ED and Heart problem linked?
What are some of the best ways to treat ED caused by heart diseases?

A simple yet really useful blog for men to know heart and ED relation in layman terms.

3. Diabetes and ED
Both of them are completely different illnesses yet linked to each other. Not all men with ED can face diabetes in the coming years like heart illness but diabetic men are certainly under a higher risk to undergo ED. Statistics show that about 425 million people are living with diabetes.

So, what exactly is diabetes? Our pancreas produces insulin that further generates glucose from the food we intake. This is passed on to our cells in the body in the form of energy.

When the pancreas fails to produce insulin or cells fail to respond to produce insulin. The glucose level rises in the blood and remains for longer than usual is said to be diabetes.

Diabetes can be of different types 1, type 2 and Gestational. In this blog, one can find helpful information on

What exactly does the medical term Diabetes mean?
Brief detail on the different types of Diabetes.
Who is more likely to develop Diabetes?
What are some common health problems that can arise with Diabetes?
Basics about Erectile Dysfunction?
What is some strong evidence of Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction?
How to overcome Erectile Dysfunction with Diabetes?

4. Viagra vs Generic Viagra
When it comes to Erectile Dysfunction one of the best outcomes can be oral medicines.

Viagra manufactured by Pfizer is one of the most recommended medicines to treat erectile dysfunction in men.

But coming to the cost of medicines not all can afford to buy one. Hence there has always been a controversy between original Viagra and generic forms of Viagra.

Bu in this blog all your doubts will be cleared. People think that generic Viagra can cause significant harm to men health. It can never provide such harm if one takes necessary precautions while buying a generic Viagra. This blog will clear all your doubts that you have regarding generic Viagra.

For many people, generic forms of medicines are low in quality and are not that effective as the original form. But that’s not true unless you buy the right quality generic medicines.

In this blog, there are several topics covered that will help you understand better between Original Viagra and generic Viagra such as

What is generic Viagra?
Do both contain the same power and ingredient?
Is it safe to use generic Viagra?
Why is it labelled as generic than the original Viagra?
Why is generic Viagra cheaper than Original Viagra
Facts about original Viagra?
Do Generic and Original Viagra work the same?
What are some side effects of generic Viagra?
What are some different forms of doses available in generic and Brand Viagra?
What is better Generic or Brand Viagra?
Where can I find the best quality Generic Viagra Online?

It is one of the best blogs to follow if you are planning to buy generic Viagra. It can help you with a dedicated and secured online pharmacy that deals in the online selling of generic Viagra all over the world at the best-discounted price with doorstep delivery.

Stay tuned for our next set of uploads on health and fitness. Till then stay safe and Healthy.



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