Health is wealth. But how many of you care about your health seriously? If the number would have been higher there would have been very few people in the bars, at a junk food station or at smoking zones.

Human mentality is to talk more than action. One can really experience this when a smoker talks about how bad is smoking, a drunker or drug abusive talking about why alcohol or drugs are bad for health but yet hardly thinks about quitting.

It is really high time for all those people who risk their health for unwanted reasons. Today we are going to talk about some of the most common reasons, why people from all around the world are facing some of the most dangerous life-threatening illnesses.

So, let’s look for some examples that can cause serious damage to your health.

One of the most common reasons for the death of many from all over the world. Smoking tobacco is really as bad as inhaling poisonous gas. It is said that every time when you light tobacco for smoking there are more than 3000 + harmful chemicals that you inhale that may higher the risk of cancer and heart disease. But yet people smoke tobacco.

For all those who think smoking in moderation will not affect their health. You are wrong, it may prolong the side effects but will definitely rise with the growing age. It harms almost every organ of your body that you may have never expected.
Statistics reveal that smoking tobacco causes 8 million deaths worldwide whereas 1.2 million were being exposed to smoking.

Some of the common serious health issues that are caused by smoking are as follows:
Lungs and Oral cancer. None of the smokers care what’s written on the cigarette pack?
Damages your blood vessels.
Most common are blood clots and heart strokes.
Visibility challenges.
Sexual Illness such as erectile dysfunction

Especially for women who smoke tobacco are at a higher risk of pregnancy issues than women who do not smoke. It not only affects the mother but causes various health issues in the newborn baby as well.

What makes it tough to quit smoking is the nicotine present in tobacco. It is really addictive and makes it hard to quit. Within just a few days of smoking tobacco, your brain and body get addicted to nicotine which increases the carving of smoking tobacco.

Smoking is not only injurious for your own but may also cause a lot of health issues to secondhand smokers. People who breathe tobacco smoke are more likely to face the same amount of health issues as smokers like cancer and heart disease.

Children who are exposed more to secondhand smoke are more likely to undergo some health issues such as ear infections, colds, pneumonia, bronchitis, and asthma. Even for pregnant women, it may cause serious pregnancy issues premature birth, miscarriage or low birth weight in newborns.

Why Quit Smoking?
Though it is hard to quit for smokers yet nothing is impossible in this world unless you give your best. Remember smoking is not only going to affect your own health but will have an indirect effect on the people besides you.

So better quit before one kicks the bucket. If it is hard for you to quit smoking. Consult a health expert, they will definitely help you with some of the best medicine to quit smoking such as Chantix.


It is really controversial to explain when there are a lot of studies that support drinking alcohol in moderation is good for health.
But yes, excessive of anything has bad effects on health. Even drinking water in excess will cause vomiting.
Did you know? Alcohol consumption contributes to 3 million deaths each year globally.

Studies show that people who start with moderate drinking of alcohol for health benefits had ended becoming heavy drinkers in the coming years. Unlike smoking tobacco drinking alcohol is also equally addictive and may increase health, financial and family issues.

Drinking alcohol in excess has short and long-term health risks. So first let’s look down for some short-term health risks.
The most common are injuries such as vehicle accidents and falls.
Violence and sexual assault
High risk of unprotected sex

Some long term excessive drinking of alcohol can higher the risk of chronic diseases and other serious health problems such as:
High blood pressure
Liver Diseases and digestive dysfunction
The major cause of cancer especially liver, throat and mouth
Weak immune system
Memory loss and learning issues
Mental health issues such as depression

Some other problems than health issues are as follows
Addiction to alcohol and getting dependent
Loss of productivity at work
Family issues
Financial problems
Job loss
Unhealthy social relations

So for all those who say drinking alcohol in moderation is good for health. Well, there are other options like regular exercise, a healthy lifestyle, control diet that can help maintain much better health than moderate drinking.


Illicit Drugs
One of the most dangerous and real quick addictive things in the world. WHO statistics show that almost 31 million people are under the influence of drug abuse out of which 1.3 million are living with HIV, 5.5 with hepatitis c and 1 million with both.

There are various types of drugs and hence each affects in different ways to the body. Effects of drugs differ in every person depending on the size of the body, health and quantity/strength of drug use. Illicit drug use is the most common in teenagers.

Each drug has a different effect on the body but in common they affect the way you think, feel and behave. Most of them cause depressants’ slow functioning of the nervous system that makes one feel relaxed, hallucinogens that distort your sense of reality and stimulants that speed up the nervous system and make you feel more alert.

Some serious health issues include
It makes your immune system weak, increases the risk of viral illness and infection
Abnormal heart rates may cause a heart attack
Can cause blood vessel infection if using injected drugs
Nausea and abdominal pain are common
Drastic weight and appetite loss
Liver damage or failure
Brain damage
Lung disease
Serious problems with memory, attention and decision-making
Increased body temperature
Sudden death if used in excess

Drug use is really addictive and may cause a serious problem in your personal life and health. So better say no than try it for once. Studies prove that many drugs such as cocaine, meth and heroin are so addictive that a single use may start you crave for more.

So, it’s time for you to choose better health or short time fun. Avoiding smoking, drinking heavy alcohol and illicit drug use will definitely help you stay away from serious health issues in life. Along with this if a person pledges to quit junk food then nothing like it.


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