Studies show that erectile dysfunction and heart disease are strongly linked to one another. Most of the cases where men went to undergo treatment for impotency found one of the underline heart problems.
But it is not always that cause Erectile Dysfunction is only because of heart problems.

There may be various other reasons such as penile injury, aging, Diabetes, certain medicine intake, drug abuse that can reflect ED in men. But most often people with erectile dysfunction have a higher risk of heart diseases.

So, before we get down to the connection between Heart Disease and Erectile Dysfunction let get a rough idea of Erectile Dysfunction?

What is erectile dysfunction?
Erectile Dysfunction illness in men is also called impotence, the inability to achieve a strong erection of the penis for intercourse. This condition in a man’s life can occur due to various reasons such as family history, heart illness, diabetes, penile injury, any major surgery, smoking, drug abuse, heavy drinking, medical use, overstress and many more.

What affects a Strong Erection?
When a man is sexually aroused, it causes an erection or enlargement of the penis. It happens because an ample amount of blood supply is flowing towards the penile area resulting in a strong erection.

In this process brain and blood vessels play a major role.

Any reasons that affect the brain system or give damage to blood vessels will cause Erectile Dysfunction. Because of inadequate blood supply to the penile area, the penis fails to have a strong erection.

Is erectile dysfunction a serious illness?
It is estimated by 2025 about 322 million men will be affected by erectile dysfunction. Out of every 10 adult men 1 has experienced erectile dysfunction in the long run. Many men face occasional erectile dysfunction due to smoking, excessive drinking, stress or drug use.

Irregular ED is normal and may go with the time but frequent erectile issues can be serious. They may also be linked to various critical illnesses.

Is erectile dysfunction common with aging?
Well, even old age may have a strong erection, though it may take some time. But yes, it is achievable. People say with growing age it is common to have ED because of various other Illness factors.

Other than this hormonal changes and low testosterone levels with aging can also lead to erectile dysfunction.

What are some diseases that cause Erectile Dysfunction?
Cardiovascular Diseases: A group of heart diseases such as heart stroke, high blood pressure and excess cholesterol level can lead to damage or block in blood vessels. This affects the smooth functioning of blood flow to the penile area causing Erectile Dysfunction.

Diabetes: It is caused because the pancreas is not able to make insulin or either the blood vessels are not able to react to the insulin. High levels of glucose present in the body for longer period damage your nerves and blood vessels. Hence almost 50% of diabetes patients face ED issues due to damage to blood vessels.

Cancer: Well cancer does not cause ED but various treatments and medicines used to treat cancer can cause the worst effect on the strong erection of the penis.

Kidney Issues: When a kidney does not function properly it creates chemical changes in the body resulting in hormonal changes, blood circulation issues, improper nerve functioning and even low energy level. This causes libido issues, meaning lack of sexual desire. This may further result in Erectile Dysfunction.

Brain Diseases: Proper functioning of the brain is really necessary for the proper functioning of the body. The improper connection between the brain and other parts of the organs may lead to interruption and affect the smooth functioning of the body parts. So any brain illness that interrupts the nerve impulse between the brain and penis may higher the risk of ED.

Some other factors that contribute to Erectile Dysfunction?
High stress and depression may cause low libido resulting in Erectile Dysfunction
Penile injuries affect the blood flow to the penile area
Alcohol, smoking and drug abuse damage blood vessels, restricting blood flow to the penile area
Certain medicines may also result in ED
Chronic illness
Improper lifestyle and diet
Excess weight
Relationship conflicts may cause a lack of sexual drive resulting in ED
High cholesterol and blood pressure level

What is heart disease?
Various conditions that affect the heart and its functioning are said to be heart disease. It can be further classified as coronary artery disease, arrhythmia and a congenital heart defect. Out of all cardiovascular disease is common.

Cardio means heart and Vascular meaning blood vessels. Cardiovascular disease means a substance called plaque builds up in the walls of the arteries. This build-up narrows the arteries, further interrupts the blood flow.

Excess blood clot forms can block the blood flow where a person may experience heart stroke or heart attack. In many cases high cholesterol level plays a key role in blood vessels blockage or narrowing making discomfort for blood to carry throughout the body.

Why is Erectile Dysfunction and Heart Problem linked?
The build-up of blockage and damage to blood vessels is one of the major reasons for erectile dysfunction. Inadequate blood supply to the penile area makes it difficult for the penis to have a strong erection.

Some of the common causes of erection issues in men can link to smoking, drinking alcohol, drug abuse, health issues, medicines use, stress, etc. Hence it is not necessary that a man suffering from erectile dysfunction is caused only because of heart disease.

But if your normal health is good and your lifestyle is excellent, yet you are facing erection problems. It is always advisable to check for heart health. In many cases, heart problems came under notice when people went for erectile dysfunction check-ups.

How can one treat erectile dysfunction caused by Heart Disease?
Well, there are various treatments available for erectile dysfunction. Medications such as Cenforce, Aurogra, Fildena are often the first choice of doctors to treat erectile dysfunction. But these may differ in every case. Some may also be advised with penis pumps or penile surgery.

But some of the common things that can help overcome erectile dysfunction are no smoking, avoiding alcohol, maintaining a healthy diet/weight and giving more effort to physical fitness.

Making a choice of erectile dysfunction medicines on your own when suffering from heart disease is not safe. Results can be more harmful than helpful. Hence it is always a better option to seek medical help from Health Expert or your family Doctor.


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