Erectile Dysfunction is also popularly known as (Men Impotence) is nothing but an inability to get or maintain a firm erection for sex. Facing such issues in life few times is nothing to worry about or a major concern.  But if it is something that tends to happen on a regular basis can however cause a lot of stress, in some cases it can also affect your self-confidence and can also be a major cause for relationship problems. 

One should not avoid this sexual illness if it happens frequently, as this can also be early signs of some other major illness like for example heart disease. In major cases men do not want to talk about these underlying health conditions to any of their family members or even to their family doctors. But expert advice from a doctor is always beneficial at a very early stage. Diagnosing and treating erectile dysfunction under proper supervision with helpful medication are always beneficial to avoid future destruction.  

Early Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction may include following issues such as

  • Trouble getting a firm erection
  • Trouble maintaining an erection
  • Lack of sexual desire

When should one consider a doctor?

At first, for instance consulting your family doctor is always the best advice if you tend to face any of the above symptoms. He will help you better understand whether or not you are facing erectile dysfunction problems or other sexual illnesses such as premature or delayed ejaculation or lack of sexual desire due to over stressful life. He may also suggest you with some tests in regards to diabetes, heart illness or other major illness that is directly linked to erectile dysfunction depending on your condition. Are there any other symptoms that have a direct connection to erectile dysfunction such as unhealthy lifestyle, Smoking, Drinking, etc.

Cause of Erectile Dysfunction

Sexual arousal in males is a very complex process that involves the brain, emotions, muscles and majorly depends on the blood vessels and hormones. Any underlying problem in the above can lead to erectile dysfunction.  Some other components such as stress and mental health issues can also affect or worsen erectile dysfunction. Physical and psychological issues when combined together can also show an adverse effect on erectile dysfunction in men. 

Physical cause that triggers erectile dysfunction in men.


  • Heart-related problems (Heart Disease)
  • Choked blood vessels 
  • High level of cholesterol present in the male body
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity to a major extent
  • Parkinson’s
  • Hardening of soft tissues inside the body
  • Medicines
  • Usage of Tobacco in daily life
  • Drug abuse
  • Consumption of Alcohol regularly
  • Sleeping disorder
  • Undergoing cancer treatment
  • major injuries or surgeries that affected the pelvic or spinal cord
  • Low level of testosterone present 

Psychological cause that can trigger ED in men

Right from creating sexual feelings until the final act of sexual play, our brain is something that plays a major role throughout this entire process. This process of sexual feeling can get disturbed due to various things resulting in ED. Some of the psychological cause that interrupt includes Anxiety, Depression or various other mental health conditions, High level of Stressful Life, Relationship disputes due to lack of privacy, religious belief, poor communication and stressful life.

Some of the major complications faced due to ED.

  1. Unsatisfied love and sex life.
  2. Unwanted stress and anxiety.
  3. Awkwardness while doing sex
  4. Relationship dispute.
  5. Incapability to get your partner pregnant.

Major way in which one can overcome Erectile Dysfunction

Not only ED but a lot of major illnesses and diseases can be prevented by following a healthy lifestyle. At the same time, seeking a doctor at an early stage of illness is always the best decision. Chronic health conditions and a lot of other illnesses such as diabetes/Heart illness can result in ED. Hence it is necessary to work out and have proper treatment as prescribed by your health expert.

It is always advisable to get regular check-ups and medical screening every six months. Especially people after the age of 50 should follow this strictly to avoid serious health issues in the future. Most of all it is hard for smokers, drug abuse, and alcoholics to quit their bad habits. But it is something that has to be stopped at some point in life. Make yourself a promise to quit all bad habits and if finding difficulty quitting, find a health organization or seek rehabilitation centre.

Exercise is the best natural medicine for healthy living. Hence never give up on exercise, yoga and try making some time for meditation to get relief from daily stress. Seek help for anxiety, depression or other mental illness by experts.

How can Erectile Dysfunction be Diagnosed?

To diagnose erectile dysfunction in a proper manner, one has to undergo a physical examination. It starts with some simple question rounds where your doctor examines your previous medical history to better understand the root cause of ED and may recommend treatment depending on the same. If your health expert finds the involvement of chronic health conditions reflecting erectile dysfunction then he might underline some that test that includes the following.

Physical Examination: In this process your penis and testicles are carefully and closely examined. It includes testing of your nerve sensation.

Blood Test: As erectile dysfunction in men can trigger due to various health conditions a blood test is necessary. A sample of your blood is sent to blood testing labs to check if there are any signs of diabetes, low testosterone levels, heart diseases or any other health conditions that are affecting your hard erection.

Urine Test: Unlike blood tests, a sample of your urine is collected and sent to test labs to look for any signs of diabetes or any other underlying health conditions. When the blood in your body don’t speak, the urine test makes it much easier.

Ultrasound Test: It is also popularly known as Sonography. In this test an ultrasound transducer is rubbed at your penile blood vessels. This helps create a video image of your blood vessels and helps understand if there are any clots that are resulting in an inadequate amount of blood supply to your penis through blood vessels.

This test can further be combined with a medical injection into the penis to stimulate blood flow and produce a firm erection. Psychological Examination: In this test a psychological examiner may play a certain question and answer round to know if there is any psychological reasoning or depression that is resulting in erectile dysfunction.

Various treatments for erectile dysfunction

At first your doctor will make sure that you get appropriate treatment for any underlying health condition that is causing you to suffer erectile dysfunction. Further depending on your case and severity of your ED and other health conditions he may explain to you the best possible treatment.

It is always a good choice to take your other half with you while choosing a treatment. As there are various risks and benefits of every treatment. So, is that important for your partner also to know in detail in case you come across any health emergency? Some of the most popular treatments for erectile dysfunction in men include Oral Medication, Penis Pumps/Surgery, Formal Exercise, Counselling, Generic Medication and Change in Lifestyle with Home Remedies.

So, is that important for your partner also to know in detail in case you come across any health emergency? Some of the most popular treatments for erectile dysfunction in men include Oral Medication, Penis Pumps/Surgery, Formal Exercise, Counselling, Change in Lifestyle with Home Remedies.

Oral Medication for erectile dysfunction in men has proved to be the best and most successful treatment of all time. Some of the top medicines for the ED in men includes

  1. Sildenafil Citrate
  2. Tadalis
  3. Vardenafil or Snovitra

All the above medicines are one of the top recommended medicines to overcome sexual problems in men such as Erectile Dysfunction. All these medicines enhance the effect of nitric oxide- resulting in relaxation of the muscles in the penis. It also helps increase the blood flow to the penile vessels that helps in maintaining a hard erection during sexual activity.

Just having a tablet will not cause erection automatically. Sexual stimulation is a must to release nitric oxide from your penile nerves. Many have the misunderstanding that this medication helps in triggering excitement levels which is completely wrong. They are just for people who cannot hold strong erection during intercourse. So for one who can hold strong erection at the time of sexual activity they are not meant for you. Though all the above medications have the same work to do but they vary in the dosage, duration and side effects. 

Some of the common side effects of erectile dysfunction pills are headache, visual changes, backache, stomach upset, nose congestion. Not every human body is the same hence the side effect may vary depending on person to person. As mentioned above every human body is different. Hence it is always recommended to consult a doctor than making a choice of your own. They are the ones who will explain to you in more detail which medicine might work for you the best. After a lot of trial and error with your doctor regarding the medicines, I am sure you will be able to find out the best medication for your erectile dysfunction.

If you are undergoing any other health issues and are following daily medication then it is always recommended to talk to your doctor before taking erectile dysfunction medication. In many cases ED pills have failed to give the best results because of being consumed with other medicines. At times taking ED pills with other medications can be dangerous and cause serious damage to your health. 

Penis pump/Implant

By any chance, if medication fails in giving best results or cannot be recommended due to unhealthy conditions, your doctor might recommend other treatment that includes 

Penis pumps: This device is a hollow tube that is either hand-powered or battery-powered. The penis pump is placed covering your penis and then the pump is used to remove out the air inside the tube. Due to this vacuum is created and it helps pull blood into your penis.

Once the blood is supplied to the penis and erection is firm all you need to do is slip a tension ring around the base of your penis. This allows your penis to hold in the blood and helps maintain a firm erection. Once this procedure is done you can remove the vacuum device. The erection created by the penis pump is good enough to last a couple have enjoyable sex. Once you intercourse the tension ring is ready to be removed. 

Some common side effects of the penis pump are that it may restrict ejaculation, in some cases bruising of the penis may occur. But it is nothing to worry about as the mark gets off in a few hours. Though these pumps are manufactured by reputed companies it is always better to consult a doctor for the best recommendation of the pump that may fulfil your desire of firm erection.

Penile Implant: This therapy is surgical where bendable rods are placed inside your penis at both sides. These rods inside your penis help maintain erection during intercourse. This type of treatment is given to patients who generally are not able to maintain a strong erection with other options. 

Side Effects of Penile implant

Although such kind of surgery provides the best and a higher level of satisfaction it may cause infection in some cases and irritation for some during their starting days of the implant.

Exercise best for Erectile Dysfunction

Daily exercise is one of the most important things to do for every human in this world. It not only helps you remain fit and healthy but at the same time increases your immunity to fit against a lot of health issues. Studies have shown that some specific Pelvic floor exercises along with aerobics have helped a lot of people overcome sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction. For more appropriate and quick results it is more advisable to consult an expert.


Many among us face erectile dysfunction due to high stressful life, depression, and anxiety. Some other reasons such as relationship conflicts and disputes can also lead to ED. In such cases it is best to first meet a psychologist or counsellor who can help you get out of such situations.

Lifestyle Changes and Home Remedies

For many of us an unhealthy lifestyle is a major cause for ED in men. Here are a few necessary changes that when brought in your lifestyle can show significant results.

Quit Smoking: This is what has to be done at the first step when you start noticing ED. Smoking worsen erectile dysfunction and also leads to many more life-threatening diseases like lung cancer. So quit smoking

Lose Weight if you are holding those extra pounds. Overweight can also be one of the reasons for ED in men.

Quit Alcohol: If you are under the influence of drug or alcohol consumption then it is the right time to stop these bad habits. They will not only affect your sexual life but can also lead to various life-threatening illnesses.

Apart from this, If there are any relationship disputes and fights. Stop arguing and try to manage them peacefully. If needed, seek the help of a psychiatrist.

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