Water is a most important source needed for all living in this world. One of the most famous poets, Thiruvalluvar, quotes “The world does not act without water.” Yes, that is 100% true, each and every living thing on this earth depends on water including human beings. Water is a combination of the chemical substance hydrogen(H) and oxygen(O). In the chemical term water is simply mentioned as H2O. Water comes under the category of Inorganic Compounds. Naturally water has no color, odour and taste. Water exists in three states like gaseous, liquid and solid.

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Health benefits of Drinking water

In the fast moving world, human beings are very busy with their work and other personal things. Most of them do not care about the importance of water in their daily life, they are not aware about the health benefits of drinking water. In this article, we will see in depth about the health benefits of drinking water in daily life.


Depression is a dangerous health issue, it switches off several people’s lives. Yes, around the world more than 5 % of adults are suffering from depression. In the U.S only 21 million of adults are suffering from major depression due to several reasons. Water is the only resource to quickly refresh the world body within two minutes. Dehydration in the body will encourage depression, because of slowdown in brain function. According to the health survey a person who drinks 5 to 6 glasses of water in daily life will help to avoid the dehydration problem and boost brain function very well. It will also help to avoid getting depression in the day today life.


Digestion process is an important function in the body to keep active and strong. Many of them are facing digestion problems due to several reasons. But drinking water will help to avoid digestion problems. Yes, drinking two or three glasses of water 30 minutes before or after taking food will help to improve the digestion process. Water will easily break down the foods
and increase the absorption of nutrients. Regularly following this habit will make the stools softer and avoid constipation problems. Please remember don’t drink more water in the night time, it will affect the sleeping hours and also affect the kidney. So please drink enough water during the day.

Mood Booster

Water is a natural resource to boost men’s mood without taking any artificial products. Water is basically improving blood circulation from top to bottom of the body. It is supported to eliminate blockage present in the arteries and makes the blood vessels very flexible. Good blood circulation makes the brain function very well and also men are getting good erection
power in their reproductive organs during intercourse hour. For those who are regularly drinking water in their daily life, there is no need to take any erection booster tablet like kamagra 100mg. Kamagra is boosting blood circulation and makes hard erection in men’s reproductive organs.

Weight Loss

Heavy body weight causes several health issues in the body such as diabetes, blood pressure, heart problems, strokes and erectile dysfunction problems. Mainly it damages self confidence in a person’s life. Lots of heavy body weight people are very shy about their body image and not able to share their opinion with others. So, they are following so many workouts and strict food
diets to reduce their body weight. Water is a main source to lose body fat, because it is capable of burning more fats and also eliminating toxic substances present in the body. Every day drinkin 3 to 4 liters of water will help to burn more fats present in the body.

Good for Kidney function

Dehydration problem causes so many health issues in the body, mainly it affects the kidney function. So regularly drinking plenty of water will help to avoid dehydration and keep the kidney functioning very well. Drinking plenty of water will also be useful to eliminate stones present in the kidney. Many people easily dissolve or eliminate stones from the kidney by drinking plenty of water. According to health research, drinking water in daily life will help to prevent the formation of kidney stones in the initial stage.

Good for joints

Joints are playing a vital role in the body, we are moving very well without any pain because of joint function. If the joints are affected, it feels very hard to walk and stand due to terrible joint pain. Healthy joints function needed good lubrication to prevent friction and pain as the body moves — cartilage, which surrounds the joints and the discs of the spine, is about 80% water. So drinking water in daily life will help to keep the joints healthy and avoid so much damage to the body.

Skin health

Water helps to improve the skin health and also protects the skin from various issues. Drinking warm water will help skin look healthy, glowing and younger. It eliminates harmful toxins and bacteria from the body and skin and makes it free from harmful radicals. From increasing skin elasticity, drinking warm water can avoid premature aging and makes the skin smoother, wrinkle-free, pimple-free, and looks skin more glamorous.

Things to follow while Drink water

Drinking water is providing so many health benefits to the body, at the same time people should follow some procedure to drink water in their daily life.

  1. Drink 2 to 4 liters of water every day.
  2. Don’t drink plenty of water at night.
  3. Please start your day with two or three glasses of water in the early morning.
  4. Drinking water on an empty stomach in the morning time will help to refresh the whole
  5. Don’t drink hot water, always drink warm water or cool water.