Foreplay benefits a lot during a sexual act. Performing the activity after foreplay a number of benefits in terms of satisfaction and healthy life as well. Sexual performance between men and women is playing an important role to keep the relationship bond very strong and helps to make a new generation to this world. A smooth and perfect relationship performance provides so many health benefits to the body. According to the health survey report “Doing sexual performance twice or thrice in a week will provide excellent health benefits to the body”. Newly married couples are most of the time engaging with each other for long hours. This is providing pleasant feelings with each other and also creating a strong relationship bond between each other. So doing sexual intercourse regularly will make the mind very calm and cool; at the same time it will also provide good physical benefits. In this world, all people want to lead a perfect relationship performance without facing any trouble or disturbance. Most of the men and women are more sexually active in their age of 20’s than in any other decade of life. Most commonly both men’s and women’s sex drives seem to peak in their 20’s and begin to slowly decrease in their 30’s and onward.

Treating ED & PE for the better!

Most of the men who are facing sexual health issues such as premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction in their age of 40’s and older. Women are also facing trouble in their relationship life after the age of 40’s and above. Many of them do not experience the high peak during sexual intercourse performance hour. There are so many products available for men to deal with erectile dysfunction (sildenafil citrate tablets deal with ED problem) and premature ejaculation (Dapoxetine tablets deal PE problem). Usually many patients are advised to buy Super P Force tablets to treat ED & PE altogether. Women also had so many solutions to deal with their sexual issues. Most of the women encourage their partners to use Ladygra or Lovegra tablets to boost their sexual pleasure very well. There are some other methods available to deal with sexual issues. Natural remedies, non-medicine treatment also deal with sexual issues very easily. In this article things to know about foreplay and its benefits in couples life.

Foreplay Benefits during sexual act-

What is Foreplay?

Foreplay is a combination of emotional and physical intimate between men and women meant to create a sexual arousal and desire of sexual activity. This foreplay includes physical, mental, verbal acts also important to start a smooth sexual performance. This foreplay stimulates sexual feelings and also improves men’s erection power. This playful activity between men and women is very helpful before starting the sexual intercourse performance.
Both men and women are doing simple touch with each other; male doing simple or gentle touch to his partner’s body from top to bottom and continuing his gentle touch to his partner’s reproductive organ to stimulate sexual pleasure. Smooth rubbing and gentle massage to his partner’s body is also supported to boost a peak relationship performance. Same thing a female also does to her male partner for sexual erection.

Benefits of Foreplay

NOTE: Foreplay activities provide a number of health benefits to the body. Read below:

Stress buster

Modern lifestyle is a major reason for stress, depression and anxiety. So many couples lose their sexual interest. But just starting a simple foreplay will surely eliminate stress, depression and anxiety. Foreplay simply stimulates the nervous system and improves the blood circulation from top to the bottom. This will simply reduce the stress from men and women. Few minutes later, couples eagerly mingle with each other without any stress. So playing foreplay is a fabulous option to reduce stress and improve sexual performance.

Boost erection

During sexual intercourse performance men play a major role to fulfill their partner’s sexual desire and wishes. Lots of time men are doing so much hard work to fulfill their partner’s sexual pleasure. But sometimes men fail due to lack of erection or tiredness. Playing foreplay is surely boosting erection power, especially women should play with her partner’s reproductive organ(penis) for a few minutes. This will make men’s stamina power high and also provide a strong hard erection. After getting a hard erection power, men can easily start his penetration process without facing any trouble.

Increase Love

Love plays a major role in strengthening the relationship performance well, it is also strong therelationship bond between each other. But sometimes facing trouble in their relationship life due to lack of understanding or low level of love. Doing foreplay will surely decrease the gap between couples and spending several hours sharing each other’s feelings. It also heals lots of past relationship wounds present in the bottom of the heart. Mainly this foreplay will help to increase love between each other and improve sexual performance very well.

Simple Tips for playing Foreplay

Couples who want to play foreplay before going to start sexual performance should follow some simple tips.

  1. Play a simple sex game – Consider purchasing some simple sex materials or sex games that offer tips and rules on what to do to each other. This will boost up sexual performance and increase joyness between each other.
  2. Speak spicy and dirty- Before going to start your sexual performance, simply talk with hot spicy and dirty things to stimulate your partner’s sexual mood. Say what you’re feeling, what you want your partner to do, and how to do the sexual performance.
  3. Get close- Don’t follow the same ways during the foreplay hour, just try different ways to touch and hold each other, such as dancing, doing massage and showering together in the bathroom.
  4. Use oils and flavored products- Give each other back, foot, or full oil massages in the body. Pour chocolate, sweet honey, whipped cream, or other tasty delights on your partner’s skin, and take some time licking it off.
  5. Touch each other- Caress your partner, run your fingers through the hair, and gently tickle the insides of the arms, the stomach, breast, tits and viagina. Rub against each other or lightly tickle — whatever feels good during foreplay time.