Our eyes are one of the five main sensory organs. Through our eyes we are able to see, feel the world as it is. There are many eye conditions that can have a negative effect on our eyesight. Eye infections such as conjunctivitis and styes are very common and can cause inflammation in the eye. This leads to temporary vision impairment or even permanent damage if left untreated.

The thyroid can also result in dry eye syndrome. It occurs when the tear glands are not able to produce enough tears for proper lubrication of the cornea. Inadequate sleep and fatigue also cause blurred vision or difficulty focusing. Lack of restorative energy directed toward maintaining visual acuity is prime reason.

Eye conditions and related treatments
Fig 1. Eye Conditions & Treatments

Not just health conditions but certain medications may also affect vision. Especially medicine used for a longer period of time for chronic illnesses like hypertension or arthritis can damage vision. These drugs may interfere with normal blood flow within the eye resulting in abnormal changes in pressure or retinal structure. This can create further complications down the line if not monitored closely by an optometrist during regular check-ups.

One best tip to maintain healthy eye vision is to get regular check-ups. Especially for patients using regular medications to treat chronic illness. A few modern lifestyles such as smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol excessively have both been linked with higher risks of developing visibility challenges. Not getting enough sleep and stress can also increase eye pressure.

These are a few of the listed items that can cause minor to major eye problems. To overcome eye problems healthcare sector has come out with numerous eye care products, medicines and eye drops that can easily help fight against the odds.

Let’s look down for some of the eye care products and treatments

Apart from glasses and contact lenses, there are a variety of eye care products available to help maintain healthy vision. People suffering from dry eyes or irritation in the eyes caused by wind or air pollution can use lubricating drops. These come in both single-use containers and bottles that can last up to two months depending on how often they’re used.

Most brands also contain ingredients like hyaluronic acid which helps keep tear films stable for longer periods of time providing better comfort throughout the day. Few eyes treatment needs corrective surgery in order to improve their vision. Lasik is one example of this type of procedure. In this eye surgery, doctors use lasers to reshape the cornea so light entering the eye is focused correctly onto the retina resulting in improved sight without needing any additional eyewear (glasses/contacts).

Cataract surgery is another common operation performed when clouding has occurred over the lens due to aging. Clouding over the eye lens prevents light from reaching our retinas causing blurry vision or diminished color perception. During this procedure, surgeons remove the damaged lens and replace it with an artificial intraocular implant that functions just like a natural one. Make sure to consult a doctor and get it treated before deterioration began to take place.

For patients suffering from Glaucoma an eye condition where pressure within the eyes gradually builds up due to lack of oxygen supply. This leads to blindness if not treated early enough through medications or laser therapy sessions. Few medicines such as

Alphagan P and Bimatoprost are often prescribed to maintain eye pressure.

What is the conclusion then?

Taking care of your eyesight should be a priority in order to protect your vision into the future. Regular visits to an optometrist or ophthalmologist for comprehensive eye exams will help detect and treat eye conditions early before they cause serious damage.

Wearing proper eyewear such as sunglasses and safety glasses, when necessary, can also help reduce the risk of developing conditions like cataracts over time. Additionally, lifestyle changes such as getting adequate rest and reducing stress levels can help keep our vision sharp even with age-related changes. For people who smoke and drink alcohol, it is better to quit on time.

Finally, for serious eye complications, medical professionals may suggest undergoing eye surgery for the betterment and prevention of visibility challenges.