If you care for your bike, car, gadgets, etc more than your health. You are just another ordinary person committing the same mistake that many did with their life.

Good health is not built in a day it needs dedication, self-control and proper knowledge. So if you are close to your 30’s now is the right time to adopt a lifestyle that includes exercise, the best diet plan and a strong no to bad habits such as smoking/excessive alcohol

If not then be prepared to face some of the most common health issues with the growing age.

The top slot here is captured by Heart Disease

Millions of men from all around the world are facing some or the other kind of heart disease.  Such kind of illness needs proper attention and care at a very early stage or may cause fatal complications in your life.

Heart Stroke and High blood pressure are some of the common examples of illness with the growing age.

Just keeping your loved ones in your heart will not enhance its functioning. It is really necessary for a male adult to have routine check-ups with your doctor to test how healthy your heart is functioning.

Especially men who are under the influence of regular smoking should follow strict check-ups periodically.

Some best tips on how one can stay away from health diseases.

  • Check your blood pressure once every day before going to bed. This will automatically bring changes to your lifestyle.
  • Try to keep your cholesterol level under control by saying a big no to regular flesh and junk food
  • Maintain a healthy weight by regular exercise
  • Keep a proper plan and control over diet. Add green vegetables, fruits and fruit juices over spicy, oily and overcooked junk food.
  • Make a habit of early to bed early to rise
  • Control your stress level by meditation or a morning walk
  • Quit smoking and alcohol consumption as soon as possible.


It is the second-largest leading cause for the death of men from around the world. Do you know? Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease cause around 3million death worldwide each year. The most difficult thing about such illnesses is that they show merely very few symptoms or no systems unless the conditions become worse.

Let’s look down for some early symptoms of lung diseases

  • Difficulty in maintaining normal breathing
  • Noisy breathing
  • Cough
  • Often ill with cold, flu or other respiratory infections
  • Low energy level

Smoking is really dangerous and is one of the common reasons for lung and respiratory-related diseases. Unlike smoking, there are a few more reasons for such health illness which include.

  • Air Pollution
  • Industrial dust, chemical and harmful gasses
  • Genetic
  • Aging

What are some necessary and early actions to stay away from COPD

Say no to tobacco smoke. Even avoid places where you will find smokers such as bars, discos, clubs, etc. Passive smoking is more injurious than actual smoking.

Avoid high traffic and heavy industrial areas or wear a mask while going out of the house or even when cleaning the house to avoid dust intake

Clean your heater and air cooler dust filter at least once a week

Use an exhaust fan when cooking to remove extra smoke

Stay at home or take the necessary precautions when the outside air is more polluted


Welcome to the corporate world of heavy challenges, high targets and huge work pressure that is leading most of us towards stress and depression life.

These minor depressions over a period of time can also lead to a situation where a person reaches to point of committing suicide.

The main cause for depression is directly related to work pressure, family pressure, financial issues, hospitality or maybe relationship conflicts in many cases.

Hence the best medicine for depression is being social. If there are any major problems in your life that are making you feel stressed, nervous or lost it is always better to talk to someone about it with whom you are comfortable. “Good advice comes from nowhere” maybe they can guide or help you with your personal experience.

A few early examples of a person going in a depression state can be

Always feeling of sadness, loneliness, or feeling of being a failure

Thinks that made you happy no longer seems to work anymore

Mood swing most of the time angry, aggressive, irritated or anxious

Lack of sexual drive

Thinking only about disappointing and sad flashback topics

Lack of sleep or change in sleeping pattern

Feeling of unhealthiest

Daily conflicts between partners

Some of the best ways to get rid of hyper stress or depression

The best solution is Meditation

Moreover, try to be social. Meet friends, talk to them or your family or maybe partner about things that are making you feel stressed. I am sure they will help you.

Studies say exercise helps you reduce stress levels and enhances the feeling of happiness in your mind.

Stay away from drugs, alcohol or smoking tobacco because they can make things worse.

Get medical help, concern your family doctor about the things that are killing your heart and bain from inside. I am sure they will help you with some medical treatment or may suggest a psychiatrist appointment depending on your level.

Stay away from negative people. They can only help you achieve the best downfall of your life.

Make time for your hobbies or things that you loved

A simple example is to engage yourself in some outdoor sports of your choice. Playing sports not only refreshes your mind but also helps gain self-confidence in life.

Read if not then write


How can this be unnoticed when talking about some of the most common health issues faced by men. Our pancreas generates hormones that help glucose from the food reach into your cells and be used as energy.

When this process is interrupted sugar level remains high and unused which may cause diabetes. Did you know? Over the period of time, excessive levels of sugar in your blood may cause serious health issues such as kidney failure or diabetes.

Remember most of the patients with diabetes are hereditary cases. So if you belong to a family background of diabetes it is always better to proactively take necessary precautions from a very early stage.

There are different types of diabetes. It has no cure, but necessary precautions such as a strict diet plan, regular exercise and staying away from smoking/alcohol can help to a great extend.

Erectile Dysfunction

Most men do not talk about Erectile Dysfunction which is why this topic often remains hidden and unnoticed in public.

Over the year this illness has been the major cause of relationship disputes. For men, it has been erectile dysfunction and for women, it has been a lack of sexual drive issues.

Common causes for Erectile Dysfunction are

  • Stress
  • Growing age
  • Medical history of illness related to heart or diabetes.
  • Smoking, alcohol or drug abuse
  • Medicine intake
  • Relationship dispute
  • Lack of blood supply to the penis that supports and holds the strong erection.


You are nowhere new and it is common to experience Erectile Dysfunction at some point in time. The time you face the problem of erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, you can always opt for medicine like Cenforce, Aurogra or Super P-Force. These medicines can always help you overcome your performance inability during sexual intercourse.

If these things are not frequent it is not at all a point of concern but if that is disturbing your daily life it is always better to talk to your health experts. In many cases heart, health problems have been commonly been brought to light when getting appointments for erectile dysfunction treatment.

Hence with no shame consult your family doctor they will surely suggest you best treatment considering the fact of the cause of erectile dysfunction in your life.

Talking your partner along with you while making such an appointment can be helpful to overcome such problems with ease

Liver Illness

The liver is part of the body that plays a major part in supporting many functions within the body. When the function of the liver is interrupted all other internal functioning of the body is interrupted causing liver-related illness.

Well, there are various reasons that can cause liver illness but one of the major causes of liver illness in men is consuming excessive alcohol. Excessive intake of alcohol starts damaging our liver. Though the liver is one of the strongest parts of our body that recovers faster but excess damage can also lead to no repair.

Some of the common symptoms and early signs of liver diseases include

  • Swelling or pain in the abdominal area
  • Darker urination
  • Jaundice
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Itchy and irritation in the skin
  • Change in stool color
  • Blood in stool
  • Easy bruising
  • Appetite loss
  • Swollen ankles or legs


Some of the best ways to have healthy liver are as follows

  • Maintain healthy weight
  • Eat balanced food
  • Regular exercise reduces liver fats
  • Consume alcohol responsibly. Everything in excess is dangerous
  • Stay away from drug abuse
  • Get vaccinated for hepatitis A and hepatitis B
  • Wash your hand every time before you eat


No human is immortal, but some advancement in life can lead us to better health.

The above-mentioned illnesses are really a very short list of illnesses. There are several other more health issues that men are facing all around the world.


A Male is always one of the most important members of the family that helps in terms of generating income and taking care of his family. So it is really important for you as a human to concentrate on good health.

Some simple life hacks such as regular exercise, a proper healthy diet plan, periodic body check-ups, stopping smoking tobacco, a big no to consumption of drugs and alcohol can help you achieve the best health. Now it is up to you at which side of the court you wish to stand.


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