Health can be portrayed as a state of overall physical, mental and social well-being towards society. It is not just limited to prevention or eradication of disease but there are several other factors such as adopting a healthy lifestyle, maintaining a good diet plan, regular exercises that count when it comes to good health and wellbeing.

Today if we look at the overall stats of men and women life span. It is a shock to see on average Men have a high mortality rate than women. Studies show that the life expectancy for men has come down close to 63-64 years and for women, it is 66-67 years.

Men are prone to some of the crucial health and wellbeing issues which are often influenced by several intrinsic and extrinsic factors that affect their quality of life.

No one in this world is immortal everyone is going to kick the bucket someday. But there are numerous ways that we as man can do in our day-to-day life to live a long healthy and fruitful life.

Let’s look down for some abrupt health issues that man can face at any point of age.

The soundness of the body:
A lack of awareness, frenetic work schedules, unhealthy sleep patterns, extensive traveling, unhealthy diets, and personal lifestyle have caused men more prone to health disorders.

Back and Chest Pain:
One of the most common health issues that men suffer from is a gastrointestinal condition such as acid reflux or stomach ulcer which causes severe chest pain and headaches.

Another common condition that men can suffer due to stressful lifestyles and detrimental habits is back pain. As the usual desk job requires sitting for at least 7-8 hours on a chair every day there’s a chance that sooner or later it might lead to experiencing back pain.

How can this subject be unnoticed when we are talking about some common health issues that men face in their life? Diabetes continues to be one of the most common health risks for both men and women.

According to the survey, the overall number of diabetic patients in any country is somewhere around 11.8% out of which the maximum contribution to this illness are men.

Smokes, being an obese, less physical activity, having health conditions like high blood pressure or imbalanced cholesterol levels can increase introduce you to Diabetes at a very early stage of life.

Being diabetic also raises the risk of heart diseases (cardiovascular disease) and can also lead to urological issues and erectile dysfunction (ED) amongst men.

Sudden weight loss (without diet), tingling or numbness feeling in hands or feet, unusual fatigue, frequent urination are some of the early symptoms of diabetes. As the risk of diabetes increases with age, sufficient exercise on a daily basis could prevent and lower the risks of being diabetic.

Hypertension (High blood pressure) prevalence is something that is very common nowadays in their mid 30’s, thanks to growing competition and unhealthy lifestyle.

Earlier hypertension was something that was more common with the growing age but if you look down today every ten population aged between 18-25 years has the risk of suffering from hypertension.

Dietary aspects such as consumption of too much salt, potassium deficiency, high consumption of alcohol, less physical activity, can lead to high blood pressure.

Family history with hypertension or obesity also increases the risk of developing high blood pressure. Lack of awareness increases the complexity of such risky health conditions, as many of the individuals can have it for years without even being aware of the condition.

Urinary Infections:
Although urinary tract infection (UTI) is a more common risk that usually women encounter, men also undergo genital issues. A Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) is an infection that occurs in any body part of your urinary system – bladder, ureters, kidneys, and urethra.

Painful urination, burning sensation, bloody urine, are some of the symptoms of urinary tract infections.
Blood in the urine can also be a symptom of cancer, bladder or kidney infection. If ignored, this can lead to further serious complications.

Protest Cancer:
Prostate cancer is basically a disease of elderly men above 65 years of age. However, a recent increase in cancer reports has been discovered amongst young men in the age group of 35 to 44 and 55-64 residing in urban areas.

Old age, unhealthy diets, obesity and genetic alterations (family history) can lead to the risks of prostate cancer. Increased awareness, changing lifestyles, easy access to proper medical facilities has helped in discovering cancer cases at a very early stage.

Research held by medical experts has revealed that the patients who underwent the treatment and surgery for prostate cancer had a survival rate of 91%, as Prostate cancer can be very much treatable if found early.

Menopause/Andropause/Erectile Dysfunction:
Changes in hormones are a natural part of aging. Menopause/ andropause in men can be described as hormonal changes (decrease in testosterone levels) amongst men related to aging.

Erectile dysfunction (lessen sexual desires), disturbance in sleep, insomnia or increase in sleep, growth in body fats, decreased bone density, trouble concentrating and depression are some of the signs and symptoms of menopause in males. To overcome the problem of erectile dysfunction many men buy kamagra online or purchase a pill of cenforce 100mg. This helps them to overcome the inability caused due to erectile dysfunction.

As older men have lower testosterone than younger men, a blood test is the only way to diagnose a reduced testosterone condition.

Heart Diseases:
One of the major health risks that have emerged as the leading cause of death in major parts of the country all around the world is Heart disease (CVD).

In general, men tend to engage in unhealthy activities resulting in addition to heart diseases. However, genes and hormones also play roles in men’s addition to such diseases.

Unlike women, men don’t have the protection of Estrogen (female hormone) which keeps women’s cholesterol level balanced a vital key to reducing the risks of heart disease.

As your healthy family genes no longer protect you from lifestyle diseases that are becoming epidemical, we can prevent such diseases by making simple changes in the usual unhealthy habits and daily lifestyle.

Unintentional Injuries and Addictions:
Alcohol-related injuries and deaths have been discovered more amongst men than women. High consumption of alcohol and tobacco (smoking) also increases the risks of liver, lungs, esophagus, mouth and colon cancers.

Smoking is responsible for 1 out of 5 deaths among men and where it is 1 out of 20 deaths among women. Such detrimental addictions like smoking and drinking not only affect the lifespan of a man but also causes accidents, violence, and other injuries.

According to the WHO Global Report on Road Safety 2018, over 1.5 lakhs road accidents have been claimed in the country and drunken driving accounts for 2.8% of the persons killed.

While there are many reasons behind men facing multiple health risks, most of these are self-created and can be traced back to their behavior.

Most of the men’s approach to their health is, If they can live up to their roles and expectations of society, then they are healthy enough. Compared to women, men are more likely to put their health last, have high smoking and drinking, make risky and unhealthy decisions that tend to be associated with aspects of masculinity, avoid regular check-ups and medical care.


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