In the eyes, infection will arise in the outer membrane and the inner eyelid. Pink eyes are easily found by the people, because it will change the white eyes into pink or red color. People are getting pink eyes due to viral infection and the attack of bacteria. Few people are facing pink eyes due to an allergic condition. In medical terms pink eyes are also called conjunctivitis. This pink eye is not affecting the vision, because it will easily be treated in the early stage.  

Eyes are the light of the whole body. All living things have eyes in their body to see the objects and things in this world. Eyes are doing its vital role in the human body. Human beings are nowadays giving more work to their eyes because of modern technologies. Due to overwork pressure, eyes are facing several troubles. In this article we will see in depth about one of the eyes health issues. 

Symptoms of pink eyes

Pink eyes can be easily identified by the people because it will reveal some symptoms. They are 

  • Eyes change from normal into the color of Redness. Sometimes this color change will happen in one eye. 
  • Itchiness in both eyes, sometimes itchiness happens in one eye.
  • A gritty feeling in the eyes.
  • Crust discharge during the night that may prevent your eyes from opening in the morning. Sometimes crust discharge happens in only one eye. 
  • Continues Tearing for a short interval of time.
  • Eyes cannot see the light directly because of photophobia. Photophobia means eyes having more sensitivity to see the light.

The above mentioned things are the most common pink eye symptoms. People should be alert about their eyes health. 

Reason for Pink eyes

Pink eyes arise in a person’s healthy life due to a few reasons. They are

  • Viruses.
  • Bacteria.
  • Allergies.
  • A chemical component in the form of powder or liquid splash in the eyes.
  • A foreign object hitting the eyes or present inside the eyes.
  • In a newborn baby, a blocked tear duct.

Pink eyes due to viruses and bacteria

In the pink eyes issue, mostly adenovirus causes this condition, but some other viruses also cause this issue. Herpes simplex virus and varicella-zoster virus also encourage the form of the pink eyes issue.

This virus and bacterial pink eyes can occur along with colds or symptoms of a respiratory issue, such as a sore throat. People who are using contact lenses have a higher chance of getting pink eye issues, while they are not cleaning their contact lenses regularly. 

This virus and bacterial pink eyes are very transmissible, so they are easily spread through direct or indirect contact with the liquid that drains from the eye of someone who’s infected. So, people who are facing pink eyes, should be wearing cooling glasses to help others. 

Pink eyes due to allergic Condition

Pink eyes due to an allergic condition because of an allergic causing substance called pollen. Sometimes the human body will produce so many allergic symptoms including pink eyes. During allergic pink eyes condition, people are facing intense itching, tearing and inflammation of the eyes; people also sneeze and fluid nasal discharge. This allergic pink eye is easily controlled by the eye drops and this type of pink eye is not transmissible. 

Pink eyes due to chemical component

Pink eyes due to chemical components, this type of condition will happen during the working environment in the chemical industries. Some people might lose their vision due to the splash of chemical components into the eyes. Chemical components may be in the form of liquid or powder type. Few people are getting pink eyes due to foreign objects present in their eyes. This type of pink eye will cause more irritation in the eyes. 

Preventing steps for spread of pink eye

Pink eye infection is easily spread to other people while it is caused by viruses and bacteria. So people should follow some good hygienic habits to control the spread of pink eye. 

  • People should not touch the eyes with their hands, because this may increase the chance of spreading pink eyes to the other people while doing hand shake.
  • Regularly Washing hands.
  • Always use a washed and soft cloth to clean the eyes.
  • Don’t share the towels or washcloths with others.
  • Better to avoid using the old eye cosmetics, such as mascara.
  • People don’t share the eye cosmetics or personal eye care items with others.
  • People should keep in their mind that pink eye is no more transmissible than the common cold. So, people should follow good hygiene and avoid close contact. Avoiding close contact with others it may be best to stay home until symptoms clear up.

Preventing pink eye in new-borns

Newborn baby eyes are easily affected by bacteria present in the mother’s birth canal. So, the nurse will apply antibiotic ointment on new born baby eyes within a short period of time after birth. This ointment helps to protect the baby from eye infection.

Prevention is better than cure, so people should take the proper treatment at an early stage. 

In the early stage eyes color will change into pink or red, during this condition people should seek doctor advice. Some people get some pain in their eyes, blurred vision and light sensitivity. 

People who are using contact lenses need to stop using the contacts lens as soon as pink eye symptoms begin. If people are getting symptoms that don’t change their eye’s health condition into normal, making an appointment with an eye doctor is a wise decision.