Woman means having a great sense of identity, accepting your body as one that adapts and changes over time, being highly confident, and building up the people in your life. It means you have the knowledge and skills to be grateful for what you have while still being hungry enough for growth.
Modern world women are so advanced and developing in various industries from earth to space. Advanced technologies also help to provide so much useful information to women for a better and wonderful future. This is a good thing for the next generation of girl children. On the other hand, so many women are facing several health issues in their life. Lots of women are
easily losing their lives due to suffering from dangerous health issues. In this article, we will see about each and every health issue in detail.

Common health issues in women Life Allmedscare
Fig 1. Common health issues in women life – Allmedscare.com

Common health issues in women life

  • Heart attack: Heart attack is a number one in this list, most of the women have lost their life due to this health issue. This health issue is just acting like a silent killer, because many women avoid or skip the symptoms of heart attack such as body pain, shoulder pain, chest pain and feeling short of breath. Few women think menopause causes heart attack, but according to the health survey report, menopause does not cause any heart attack in women’s bodies. So, women don’t get confused about the menopause issue with heart attack.
  • Sexual Disorder: Women are also facing sexual disorders like men in their relationship life. Women are most commonly facing four sexual disorders in their life. They have Low sexual desire, Sexual arousal disorder, Orgasmic disorder and Sexual pain disorder. Few women are consuming tablets like ladygra or lovegra to boost their sexual pleasure more and more without getting any disturbance. These sexual booster pills provide good results in women’s relationship life. Following natural remedies, counseling with health care experts and mutual understanding also helps to overcome sexual disorders from women’s lives.
  • Diabetes: Diabetes health issues also smashed women’s health and sent them into graveyards. There are two familiar types of diabetes in this world. Most common diabetes is type II, this is highly attacking men’s life compared with women. At the same time, women are mostly facing Gestational diabetes in their life. This type of diabetes is commonly occurring in women’s life
    during their pregnancy time. This diabetes causes birth defects and miscarriage in women’s bodies. This type of diabetes is not making any major death effects in women’s lives, but taking proper treatment and doing regular body check ups is very important for both women and babies health.
  • Urinary tract infections: The most common health issue in women’s life is Urinary tract infections (UTI). According to the
    health care survey report, around the world more than 50 – 60 percent of women will experience Urinary tract infections in their life. The infection starts to rise in women’s urinary regions, because their urine eliminating part is very small ( urethra ) compared with men. So there are large amounts of bacteria in that region and cause infection. Later this infection travels from
    urethra to kidney and causes pelvic pain, back pain, vomiting, fever and blood in the urine. This infection does not kill women’s lives, but taking proper treatment will reduce this issue. Doing a cleaning process in the urethra area regularly, after finishing pee will reduce the risk of Urinary tract infection. With proper doctor guidance, taking antibiotics also helps to overcome this issue.
  • Stroke: Every year 55,000 more women than men suffer from strokes.There are two types of strokes: Ischemic stroke and Hemorrhagic stroke. Ischemic strokes caused by blockage of an artery and Hemorrhagic stroke caused by bleeding inside the brain. But most commonly women are suffering from Ischemic stroke. Medicinal experts say there is a link between strokes and pregnancy. Preeclampsia, a condition characterized by high blood pressure during pregnancy, can increase risk of stroke in women’s lives. Sudden trouble walking, dizziness, loss of balance, or lack of coordination, numbness or weakness in the face, arm, or leg, especially on one side of the body, sudden confusion and trouble speaking these are the symptoms of stroke.
  • Stress: Stress is clearly damaging a person’s self confidence level and causing several health issues in the body. According to the health survey, women are more affected by stress than men around the world. Most of the women are getting stressed in their workplace due to several reasons. More than 50 % of women are suffering from stress due to their job. Most of the women are
    facing work pressure( targets, finishing project on time & etc) sexual harassment in their workplace, family problem and financial problem. These are the main reasons for stress in women’s lives. Few women are getting stressed due to their body appearance like toned skin color, heavy body weight and disappointment in relationship life. The long term stress also affects the production of hormones, including testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone.

Simple tips live a healthy life

Women should follow some simple health tips to live a healthy life.

  • Good lifestyle – Today so many women are living a bad lifestyle. Lots of them are following bad habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol and following junk food diets. These will surely lead a woman into an unhealthy life. So women should stay away from these habits and follow a good lifestyle for living a long life.
  • Workouts – Doing simple workouts in daily life will provide so many health benefits to the body, but several women avoid doing simple workouts due to their busy work schedule. Doing simple exercise such as early morning walking, running and breathing exercise will provide good health benefits to the body. Meditation and practicing yoga also improve body health.