In the human body, each and every internal and external organ is doing its own function to keep the body healthy and active. Every organ health condition is very important, so people should know the importance about every organ in their body. This will help to keep their body healthy and also prevent from various diseases and health issues. In this article we will see the amazing fact about Human nose. 


Nose is an external organ and this is playing the most important role in the respiratory system. The medical term of the nose is Nasal. This nose organ is the primary open path to the respiratory tract and provides air for respiration. This organ helps to serve as the sense of smell. This is the natural air filter and cleans itself of foreign debris extracted from inhalations.

Types of Human Nose

Human beings have different types of noses. Few people do not love their nose due to its shape and size, but they can reshape or resize their nose by doing nose surgery or rhinoplasty. 

  • Fleshy Nose – This type of nose shape is common around the world. 
  • Turned-Up Nose – This type of nose is also known as the celestial nose. 
  • Hawk Nose – Curved shape and a prominent bridge in this type of nose. 
  • Greek Nose – This nose is also called Straight nose. Around the world only 3 percent of the population have this type of nose.
  • Roman Nose – This type of nose is sloping and has a prominent curve. This type of nose shape is mostly used to resemble most of the Roman empire damaged sculpture. 
  • Bumpy Nose – This bumpy nose shape is also one of the common shapes around the world. 
  • Nixon Nose – This is the rarest shape of nose and this shape of nose is named a Nixon, after the 37’th USA President Nixon. 
  • Rounded Nose – This is also the rarest shape of nose. This type of nose is creating a circular silhouette at the bottom of the nose. Some of the famous celebrities like Bill Clinton and Leo McKern had this type of nose.
  • Combo Nose – This type of nose does not have any unique shape and size, because it is the mixture of remaining types of nose shape. 
  • Snub Nose – Only 5 percent of people in this world have this type of nose. This is a softer and round-shaped nose.
  • Nubian Nose or African Nose – This type of nose is mostly having the African people. This type of nose is also called a wide nose.
  • East Asian Nose – This East Asian nose type is commonly very slim. Flat shaped and having a shorter tip. This is the most common type of nose in the East Asian region. 

Men and women have a nose, but commonly men having a nose size is 10 percent larger than women. The average size of a man’s nose is 2.2 inches and the average size of a woman’s nose is  2 inches. Commonly men’s noses are larger and wider in the middle, with greater nostrils and larger facial projection. Most of the women around the world have a type of fleshy nose.

Important function of Nose in Human Body

  • Moisture Air: Nose is doing an excellent job while breathing the environmental air. Yes, the nose is not allowing the environmental air directly into the lungs and throat. Inhaling air is moisture by nose with the help of a multiple-layer air pathway including three sets of turbinates (called upper, middle and lower conchae). If a person has a dry throat, that means inhaling air is not moisture. 
  • Cleaning the inhaling Air: Inhaling air contains all kinds of stuff such as oxygen and nitrogen to dust, pollution, allergens, smoke, bacteria, viruses, small bugs and some other things. Nose helps to clean the inhaling air with the help of tiny hairs. This tiny hair is not allowing bad debris present in the air. This action is helpful for good lung function. 
  • Smell detector: Nose helps to find out the smell with the help of large numbers of olfactory nerve cells. This nose helps to identify both bad and good smells. Both smell and taste are important to live a healthy life. Because both these things help to take the right food item in daily life. During cold or allergic conditions, people have less ability to smell because receptors are not able to receive the air. Human beings have the ability to smell more than 10,000 scents. Smell is an important thing for the human being, because it helps for identification, remembering old and new memories and combining with emotion. 
  • Sneezing: In this world, everyone has various sneezing styles that are identified genetically. So, whether a person sneezes is a single loud “aaah-choo” or an almost silent sniffle, he inherited the sneeze style from his parents.
  • When a person sneezes, the irritant, along with about 40,000 droplets of moisture, get ejaculated from the nose at a speed of 100 miles per hour. If he forgot to cover his mouth, all that stuff would land successfully at least 5 feet in front of him. So, covering the mouth during the time of sneezing is a good idea. 
  • Mucus: Mucus is playing a vital role to protect the body from various attacks of virus and bacteria. Every day more than 1 liter of mucus is produced by sinuses placed above the nose. Mucus is loaded with enough amount of white blood cells and enzymes responsible for fighting against various infections.