Sex is not limited to bedroom fun any more studies show having sex has numerous advantages over your health and relationship.

Along with creating strong bonding between the couples it has proved great advantage over your personal health such as helping lower your stress level, lowering the risk of heart attack/cancer and many more.

In fact, sex is said to be one of the major causes to reduce anxiety and helps boost your overall health. Men who are not able to perform better during sex use medicines like Caverta or Penegra to increase their ability during the sexual intercourse.

So let’s take a tour of some of the most interesting benefits of making sex.

Boosts up your immune system

Couples who interlock in sexual activity more than twice or thrice a week are less likely to develop chances of getting infected with common illnesses such as cold and viral illnesses.

A(IgA) is an antibody that is present in your sweat, tears and saliva which plays a vital role in maintaining your immune system. Having sex twice or thrice a week tends to create more amount of A(IgA) in their saliva.

This helps them in maintaining a healthy amount A(IgA) level in their immune system keeping them drive a healthy life and staying away from regular infection, viral sickness and bacteria. But with regular sex things can go another way round as well.

I want that good sleep

A hormone called prolactin present in our body is a natural sleep aid. Every time when you have sex these hormones are released making you feel more relaxed and sleepy.

Few benefits out of better sleep can be

Help achieve a strong Immune System

Increases your Life Span

More Energetic Throughout the Day

Decreases Stress

Helps boost libido

A low libido issue in women with growing age is a certain characteristic. For women suffering from libido issues, sex can turn out to be the best natural antidote.

For women suffering from vaginal dryness having sex with your partner can help you increase vaginal lubrication and boost blood flow to the vagina.

Maintain blood pleasure

Today millions of adulterated males and women are facing high blood pressure issues. A lot of research and documents support having sex can help you maintain your blood pressure.

A good reason for high blood pressure is stress and sex helps you get relief from high stress. For people taking medicines to control blood pressure having sex can be an add-on natural way to overcome high blood pressure.

It is one of the best natural exercises

Sex is often counted as an extra physical activity than your regular routine. Every time when you have sex, your heart rate increases along with a group of muscles being contrasted and stretched

Studies prove that every time you have the sex you lose about 5 calories per minute. Although it is not a good decision to choose sex as your physical activity it can prove to be an add-on to your daily physical activity.

Other than sex you can always add running, gym, cycling, walking, swimming, outdoor sports, etc in your daily physical activity to help maintain your body shape, flexibility and weight.

Lower the risk of heart problems such as heart attack

With several other benefits, sexual activity helps in maintaining hormones levels of estrogen and testosterone. The imbalance of such hormones can develop the risk of a heart attack.

Studies prove that people who have active sex are less likely to develop health problems such as heart attacks than those nonactive.

Pain relief

It helps you reduce pain sensation by increasing your pain threshold. Orgasms, as well as masturbation both, release hormones in the body that can block the effect of pain to a certain extend.

A good example of this is head pain. People have found relief from head pain after having sex. At the same time self-stimulation for women has helped them overcome menstrual cramps.

Reduces risk of prostate cancer

Including several other benefits one best benefit of sex for men is that it reduces the risk of prostate cancer.

People who ejaculate more than 20 times a month are less likely to develop that prostate cancer than for who had had few ejaculations. However, this does not mean you keep on disturbing your partner masturbation also can at times.

Relives stress

One of the best ways to get relief from a busy stressful day is by having the best time with your partner in bed. Sex arousal stimulates the feeling of pleasure in your brain which helps you feel calm relaxed and stress-free.

Improves relationships and creates a strong bonding

Oxytocin acts as a chemical messenger to your brain that results in better behavior and helps develop bonding. Every time when you have sex it helps release such hormone which develops strong bonding between the partners.

A healthy sexual life with a partner also increases the trust factor, feeling of love, affection towards each other.

Helps look younger

Estrogen hormones are something that helps your body’s skin texture look younger and bold. Each time you undergo sexual activity it helps the body release estrogen hormones. This helps you look younger than you are to a certain extend.

Studies show that people who have sex more frequently have helped them look 7 to 8 years younger than their actual age.

Long life

A simple calculation to add good healthy numbers to your life span is living a stress-free life, regular exercise and a good diet plan.

However, sex cannot help you select a good healthy diet but can always help you get relief from stress and to a certain extend help your body move and stretch in different directions.

Though there are several other ways to follow a healthy long life in which sex is one of the most pleasurable means.

Brain booster

Your brain needs creative thinking, brain development exercises such as puzzle play along with less stress while your brain is generating good thoughts.

When it comes to sex, it is one of the most powerful weapons and natural medicines to overcome high stress. Hence it is also said that sex can help boost your brain along with several other ways of developing brainpower.

Some benefits of masturbation

For all those who are happily married and are in a relation, you always have a chance to make love and have sex. What about those who are single and ready to mingle. Intercourse is one part of making sex whereas there is another way that can help you enjoy the feeling of having sex and that is masturbation.

So quickly let’s look down for some advantages masturbation can provide you.

Best way to get relief from stress

Help get a better sleep

When sexual junks do not interrupt your mind you can always concentrate and think better

Swings your mood from unhappy to happy to a certain extend

Decrease body pain

Improves sex performance

Helps against penis shrink

Often Ejaculation helps maintain the healthy sperm counts

Lowers the risk of prostate cancer

Lower the chances of Erectile Dysfunction

Masturbation can help you keep away from HIV

A set of restriction and boundaries always help you live a better life. Hence there are several bad factors that are associated with people who often masturbate. So enjoy everything but with certain limitations.

Give Away

Sex is one of the most beautiful moments of life which helps in well-being along with several health benefits. In a relationship, physical intercourse and sexual activity play a major role to create feelings of love, bonding, and trust.

It is one of the natural ways to avoid the risk of heart diseases like heart attack along with proving some more benefits to your body parts. It also aids to improve your self-esteem and good behaviour towards society.

For all those who do not have a partner and cannot have sex, Masturbation is one best way to fulfil the desire of sexual feelings than visiting a brothel.

Though it cannot give you the full satisfaction of intercourse but can still help rest your sexual desire by the time you find your right life partner to share your body and soul.

But remember anything and everything in excess is dangerous. Remember just having sex as a regular routine will turn you down with the moving time.

So each time you and your partner are sexually active does not be too quick to climax. In fact add some hugs, kisses and foreplay that make both of you comfortable to buy extra time for enjoyment.

This will not only make you both satisfied but will help your sex life last happier for your entire life.



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