Food intake is an important thing to live a healthy life for all living things in this world. Human beings also consume several types of foods to keep their body healthy. Digestion process is an important thing for providing energy, vitamins and minerals to the body. If the digestion process is affected, then it will affect the functions of other organs in the body. Mainly people are facing ulcer problems due to several reasons. Ulcers formed in the stomach, small intestines, and throat.

The ulcers are mainly three types one is Peptic Ulcer. This peptic ulcer forms mainly in the stomach lining or small intestine. Second one is Duodenal Ulcer. This Duodenal type of ulcer mainly develops in the upper small intestine. The third one is Esophageal Ulcer. This type of ulcers form inside of the esophagus.

Ulcer is not a dangerous disease and this will not cause a huge death rate compared with other diseases. Around the world Only 5-10% of the patients with bleeding peptic ulcers require surgery. The overall mortality percentage for ulcers is 6-30%. This mortality rate has not changed during the last ten years. 

Warning Signs of Ulcer

Ulcer disease is revealing some warning signs in the early stages. They are:

  • Pain Or Discomfort In The Upper Part Of Your Abdomen and Anywhere Between Belly Button And Breastbone.
  • While Eating A Meal, Getting a Feeling Full Too Soon.
  • After finishing the Meal, people get Uncomfortable Feelings.
  • Nausea And Vomiting.
  • Bloating.
  • Belching.
  • People also get sores inside their lips or under their tongue.

What are the reasons for an Ulcer?

There are several reasons or causes for the ulcer health issues, but the primary reason is a bacterium known as Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori). This bacteria enters into the body through contaminated food. Some foods can also contain huge amounts of acids that may cause severe pain in the stomach and discomfort for ulcer patients.

Some other reasons for the ulcer problem such as using some medicines for long-term such as aspirin and ibuprofen. Depression, stress and anxiety also encourage the chance of ulcer health issues. 

Following a food diet in daily life is generally considered the main contributing factor. People should be careful about the food items that can encourage the chance of ulcer in the stomach.  In this article, we will see in depth about some of the food items that will cause ulcer problems.


Most of the people nowadays are drinking alcohol. Most of them know the effects of drinking alcohol habits, but they are continuing this habit, because they are addicted to this habit. Consuming excessive alcohol affects sexual health and it also irritates the stomach lining and increases the stomach acid production, which can improve the ulcer symptoms. So, those who want to reduce this discomfort in their stomach, better to avoid alcohol consumption totally. This will improve the stomach function and reduce the risk of ulcer disease. 

Coffee and Tea

People from all over the world start their day with drinking Coffee and tea. Regularly consuming these two things will stimulate acid production and increase the ulcer symptoms more and more. So, people should avoid drinking coffee and tea in their daily life. Drinking these two things with an empty stomach makes the ulcer condition worse. So better avoid fully or consume these beverages in moderation level, especially if a person has a sensitive stomach.

Fatty Food items

Regularly consuming high-fat food items, such as fast food items and oily dishes, can slow down stomach digestion process emptying and improve the risk of acid reflux, which can irritate ulcers. So, better to avoid fast food items from the daily food diet or consuming these food items in a smaller amount. People should avoid or intake less fatty food items such as frying fish, chicken and other red meats. 

Spicy Rich Foods

There is no good bond between spicy rich food items and ulcer problems. Yes, spicy rich food items will make the ulcer condition worse. Consuming black pepper, garlic, ginger, red chilly and green chilly having more spicy. So people should avoid taking these food items. Adding red chilly powder also increases the ulcer symptoms more and more, so it is better to take a very less amount of spicy food in regular life. 

Citrus Fruits

People like to eat fruits in their daily life, this is not a bad habit, but many of them don’t know about the effects of citrus fruits on the ulcer patients. Many of them think consuming raw orange and limes fruit is good for the body’s health. But these fruits are not good for the ulcer patients stomach, because these fruit items have so much acid. These acids will make the stomach irritate and also increase the chance of ulcer symptoms. So better to avoid eating raw orange and lime fruits. Avoiding drinking fresh orange juice and lime juice is also good for stomach health. 


No one hesitates or hates to eat chocolates, because of its sweet taste. But many of the ulcer patients don’t know about the effects of consuming chocolates on their stomach health. Regularly consuming chocolates will increase the ulcer symptoms because it contains dairy items. So people should avoid eating chocolates in their daily life. 

Carbonated Beverages

Carbonated drinking items such as soda and sparkling water, can encourage the production of stomach acid and potentially aggravate ulcers. People should avoid or take less amount of carbonated beverages if they have mild ulcer symptoms. 

People can easily overcome the risk of ulcer by consuming curd and fiber rich food items in their daily life. This will help to heal the wounds present in the stomach and also improve the digestion process.