Or you may also say, Why am I not getting a Morning Wood?

At times morning wood (nocturnal penile tumescence) puts most of the lads in a clumsy position. It becomes a challenge to face an enormous audience as soon you awaken from your bed only wearing boxers.

But what when it all of a sudden starts disappearing. For many men, it can cause many unwanted thoughts like male erectile dysfunction also referred to as Impotence.

Let make one thing needless to say that not Morning Wood doesn’t only mean ED it also can relate to another aspect like aging.

Have you ever wondered why does penis is erect in the morning while waking up?
Where most men believe erection may be a sign of sexual stimulation, however, this isn’t always specially when morning wood. It’s more likely to experience by most men because your body is under one or more natural occurrences.

So let’s search for what causes morning wood?
A lot of various stories back to the basis explanation for penis erection in the morning. But yet this secret is unclear. Most health experts express their research to be linked with factors like Physical stimulation, Hormone Change and Mental Stimulation.

Physical Stimulation
Well, this subject doesn’t need more explanation if you’ve got a gorgeous partner by your side every morning you awaken. During sleep, if you get in physical contact with your partner or a touch pressure on your genital with a pillow or maybe sheet is enough to stimulate your penis leading to penis erection while getting up in the morning.

Hormone Changes
When men sleep the testosterone level increasing which may end in a robust erection of the penis during or soon after awakening from asleep. Hence it’s often common to note morning wood declining with the growing age between 40’s-50’s as testosterone level starts falling with the growing age.

Mental Stimulation
Did you recognize while you’re asleep your body produces higher amounts of glucocorticoid hormone (cortisol) that have negatively affect everything including the system to men erection?

Despite higher amounts of glucocorticoid hormone your body also reaches the very best level of testosterone as you sleep, which ends up during a strong erection in the morning.

Yet it’s not specifically clear what causes a morning wood. Except for now, the matter is to seek out reasons that cause no morning wood.

Quickly allow us to look down for a few reasons on an equivalent.
A strong penis erection may be a good sign of overall general health. This suggests your body is physically and physiologically within the best shape.

But however, if you experience no penis erection within the morning especially at a young age it’s going to cause various serious health problems including male erectile dysfunction.

Some studies suggest that folks who regularly drink heavy alcohol, cigarettes and consume drugs are more likely to wrap under the hoods of male erectile dysfunction at an early stage of life.

Some other reasons for fewer or no penis erections could also be thanks to high blood pressure, anxiety, mental stress, certain medicine intake, heart problems, overweight, relationship problems, penis injury and diabetes.

Any illness that results in shrinking blood vessels, collection of plague in blood vessels, or injury to the penile area can disturb the blood supply to the penal area leading to penis erection dysfunction.

It is more common to experience frequent erection problems with the growing age. As you grow the testosterone level starts decreasing hence when in your mid 50’s and 60’s you’re more likely to experience your first face of erection problems.

What are some ways to urge back strong regular morning wood?

Before we start with What are some ways to urge back strong regular morning wood? let me tell you all my male friends.

If your car jerks on day to day then my dear friend you’re more likely to possess fewer morning erections. By not doing so and letting your car parked within the garage for few days will boost its initial pickup. Confirm you do not overdrive after a rest. Also, just to notice, that may not be the sole cause, having a full bladder also will help with getting morning wood back.

Whipping it as if it is your last time is usually a nasty habit because of the web and mobile phones where getting access to porn hubs has become very easy. But do you know frequent masturbation especially watching porn can end up your natural desire and feel for sex in only a couple of weeks?

So don’t panic if this is often the primary thing you’re doing you need a little break.

Lifestyle Changes
Some Life Style Changes won’t only assist you to revisit what you would like but also will help better your daily health. Say no to drugs and smoking cigarettes. Drink alcohol carefully. most significantly eat your meal and obtain better sleep on time.

Even ice bear some up from rest to hunt their own meal. So if you’re resting in shelters it is time you begin and obtain yourself a daily exercise. Jog, Dance, Swim, Walk, Cycle, etc.

But get your entire body parts a little quick movements for a minimum of half-hour each day. don’t forget to feature pelvic exercise on your daily list for best results.

To affect mental and relationship stress, workload pressure and anxiety it’s always better to meditate.

Diet plays a really important role in your life. the alternatives you create within the diet is choice you’re making for your health. Your health depends on what you eat so add a daily green diet, add more fruit intake, eat less fat and nonveg diet, say no to junk and deep oil fry food, eat omega 3 rich food, add green vegetables.

other than this it’s complicated to elucidate why you’re unable to urge morning wood as there are numerous many factors that will create complications. So even after such an attempt, you’re facing equivalent issues it’s time to consult the doctor.

If you ever notice the below mention changes then no reconsideration and consult your doctor immediately.

When to consult a doctor
In any illness it’s obvious and a best practice to think about a doctor as your first point of contact. But when experiencing ED for the primary time that’s not required. There are several normal and daily reasons which will affect your morning wood. But if you’re young and if the matter is noticeable frequently it’s always best to consult a doctor.

If morning erection is causing discomfort or internal pain or maybe in rare cases you discover morning erection for quite half-hour of interval it’s always the simplest advice to consult a doctor and obtain yourself checked.

End Result

Morning wood is extremely common and a natural indication of normal blood supply and healthy blood vessels. it’s obvious to experience it on regular basis in your early young days. But however things change with the growing age and decreasing testosterone level, certain medicine use, overweight and health conditions can stop or disturb the regular morning cycle of NPT.


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