It is not an act of God, negligence is pretty sure when it comes to High Blood Pressure. For many, it may hardly be a bust of matter or concern. This is the most common reason why people from all over the world face High Blood Pressure issues?

High blood pressure or Hypertension a common word that we often use in our daily life is a condition wherein the blood is forced against the artery wall.
This creates a high force against the artery wall which is enough to take your life with a panic heart attack.

Now how to calculate High Blood Pressure?
There are automated machines to give you your exact blood pressure number what is important for you to know if the number shown on the screen is normal or not. The below-mentioned chart will help you identify if you have normal blood pressure measurements.

Blood Pressure Measurement

Blood pressure is determined by the amount of blood pumped by your heart and the volume of the blood flow in your arteries.
The more your heart pumps, the narrower the arteries become resulting in creating high blood pressure.

What causes blood pressure?
Google it and you will find Millions of results for what causes high blood pressure? Do let me know in the comment section what number did you see if Google.
Now that you know blood pressure does occur due to any one reason or activity.

Yet there are few common reasons that result in high blood pressure levels in the body.

Let’s start with Tobacco and High Blood Pressure.

Consuming tobacco or smoking is likely to increase the level of blood pressure in almost every normal living human body.

Over a year regular consumption of nicotine content from cigarettes makes your blood vessels narrow allowing your heart to pumps a lot of blood within a similar period. Hence smoking or consumption of tobacco over the years can only gift you high blood pressure and numerous other life-taking illnesses such as Cancer and Heart Attack.

Sorry, But no Alcohol.
Stop challenging your drinking stamina in the bar or party. It can only help you welcome numerous illnesses such as Liver problems and high blood pressure.

Though it has no direct connection to blood pressure for all those who gain weight from liquor you are at higher risk of high blood pressure.

Being obese or overweight
High blood pressure mostly does occur due to the blocked arteries. People who are obese or overweight are likely to have the problem of not having adequate blood flow to all parts of the body and hence, this is likely to result in blood pressure.

This is the common and utmost reason that contributes to high blood pressure. Stress is likely to affect all, but it completely depends upon how one does manage.
When a person is stressed, certain hormones surge and this temporarily causes increases in blood pressure.

Due to a constant imbalance in blood pressure, the heartbeat fluctuates and does cause the blood vessels to get narrow.

Though this can’t be categorized under causes, Your age plays an important role. As a person starts aging the vascular system also starts to change. Further, this affects your heart and blood vessels. The elastic tissues reduce in your arteries which makes them stiffer resulting in high blood pressure levels for many.

Now quickly let’s look at How do you Overcoming High Blood Pressure Problems?
Thanks for being so kind and not dropping on a single word, here is a reward for you. What are some of the common solutions that most use to deal with high blood pressure? can be categorized according to Lifestyle changes, Dietary changes and Medication.

Lifestyle changes
“The pain you feel today will benefit you tomorrow” is a perfect quote according to me given for exercise. It is something that helps enhance your personality, mind and attitude towards life.

Out of all one best thing that every exercise does in common is it helps better blood circulation in the body. Hence every person should indulge in some kind of exercise like GYM, Cycling, Jogging, Swimming or even Walking will do.

•Manage your stress
One big key to overcoming stress is to stay cool which is not possible all the time.
Stress is mentioned as a kind of slow poison that majorly contributes to life taking illness.

Blood pressure is stimulated due to stress hence managing stress is the only method that allows dealing with blood pressure.

To know a few tips and tricks that help to manage stress? I am sure you are smart enough to Google.

•Keep a check on blood pressure
It is always better to monitor blood pressure, no matter even if you always hit a normal record.

It is a kind of silent illness that can only be noticed if you are a little proactive in your life towards health. Also, you can prefer few alterations as this allows to manage hypertension.

Dietary changes
•Cutting down sodium
Sodium is something that kicks your blood pressure to rise. Hence, cutting down the consumption of sodium is a must if one does have hypertension. Do check the labels of the products and other stuff you purchase. This helps to avoid the excessive intake of sodium.

•Liquor and smoking
As mentioned above, do consider quitting or limiting the consumption of alcohol and tobacco. The reason mentioned behind this is enough to encourage one to avoid the intake of alcohol and tobacco.

•Cutting down caffeine
This sounds a bit weird, but one who doesn’t consume caffeine on a regular basis is likely to experience strong changes. The consumption of caffeine does increase blood pressure levels to 10mm. Hg in the people who don’t consume caffeine regularly.

The patient having blood pressure needs to know using the right medication every day helps to manage blood pressure. A few common ones that can be considered are mentioned below.

This is a remedy used to manage excessive sodium or salt content in your body. This remedy is not used alone, but with other prescriptions to manage blood pressure. This medicament allows managing the salt and water content and this helps you feel good.

Though there are few negative outcomes of using this remedy, this should be used under the supervision of a doctor. Beta-blockers are the one that helps to control the heart rate and your heart perform well, this leads lowers the blood pressure.

•Calcium channel blockers
It becomes necessary that one does prevent the calcium from entering the muscles of the heart and arteries. If the calcium channel blockers relax, open up blood vessels, and reduces the blood pressure accompanied by reducing heart rate.
Blood pressure remedies do contain various components and those are the one that allows you to maintain it well.

Medication is one way to overcome most of the health concerns but when dealing with High Blood Pressure some of the above-mentioned natural ways can also show great results.
Remember every health disorder treated with medication and natural remedies shows great progress.
No better than a good diet, a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise can be some great examples of natural cures to a lot of health problems.



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