Insomnia is a sleeping disorder where people find difficulty going to sleep at night or in many cases wake up too often at night from sleep. Hence for all those who wonder why they do not get a healthy night sleep, it is because of Insomnia. Not getting a good sleep at night can deprive your body of the rest that it needs. Which in a later stage may cause serious ill effects on your overall health and quality of life.

Common side effects of not getting a peaceful sleep are lack of concentration, mood swings and short temper.

Let’s look down at some of the more serious issues that people suffering from Insomnia can face.

Can lead to death
Not getting proper sleep can cause death. A lot of healthcare research says people with irregular sleep patterns or those who do not take adequate rest on a regular basis have a higher mortality rate than those who get the right amount of rest through sleep. They are also at a high risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

Cause accidents
Lack of sleep leads to slowing down your reaction time which may cause accidents. Studies show that a person suffering from poor sleep and a drunk person is somewhat similar when put being the steering wheel. Both of them are challenged by a lack of reaction time. The slow reaction time may also cause accidents when trying to a crossroad and other injuries when working in the office or at home.

Health issues
Not just restricted to cardiovascular disease but improper sleep can also cause serious health issues such as Diabetes, Stroke, Heart failure, Irregular heartbeat, High blood pressure, Improper functioning of the kidney, etc.

The most common reason for experiencing depression is lack of quality sleep. People who sleep less than 6 hours can find themself often in a state of depression.

Lack of learning ability
A good listener is always a good learner. Hence people with a lack of sleep often face challenges when learning. Due to inadequate sleep, it becomes difficult to concentrate, be alert and attentive. This results in poor learning and limits a person’s ability to solve problems effectively.

Sexual disorder
Lower libidos and less of an interest in having sex can be commonly noticed due to lack of sleep. A lack of sleep causes less energy and more tension in the body which inhibits sexual life. Men who suffer from sleep apnea can also experience penis erection issues which may lead them to depend on medicines such as Kamagra, Cenforce and Fildena to achieve a stronger erection.

Some more disorders that can happen due to sleep apnea are Skin damage, Impaired judgment, Weight gain and Forgetfulness.

So that by now you know how bad sleep can affect your overall health it’s time to improve your sleep. Here is what people suffering from Insomnia can prefer to overcome.

Let’s start with diet
Do you know eating a heavy dinner can deprive you of sleep? This is because heavy meal takes more time to digest. However, that does not mean you for better sleep you stay hungry. Even an empty stomach won’t allow you to get a deep sleep. Eat a light dinner that contains low calories, carbohydrates and sugar. Also, make sure to eat dinner two to three hours before going to bed as that will allow your body to digest the food properly.

Say no to caffeine
Avoid intake of caffeine products such as Tea and Coffee in the late evening. If you are a smoker or drink alcohol make sure you do not do that in the late evening as they all will not allow you to get better sleep. Sometimes medicines also consist of caffeine, hence look for the label of the medicine and if it contains caffeine avoid having it in the evening.

This does not mean stop exercising. It is just that do not exercise before going to bed. Exercise stimulates high energy and activeness. Sometimes rigorous exercise makes you feel tired however it won’t allow you to sleep instantly. Avoid sleeping in day time even if you wish to rest for some time make sure your nap does not exceed more than thirty minutes.

Sleep environment
Especially for people suffering from Insomnia, it is very important to maintain a comfortable sleep environment. Quick tips on how to achieve a comfortable sleep environment? is by making sure the room is dark, quiet, peaceful, and having proper ventilation. Maintain a room temperature that is neither too cold nor too hot as both can disturb your sleep. Also, make sure your bed and head support are not too soft or hard for better sleep.

Stress management
Stress can also reflect Insomnia. Hence if under too much stress try various relaxation techniques such as yoga, meditation, muscle relaxing techniques breathing exercises, and mental visualization therapies that will help calm down your daily stress and get better sleep.

Sleep time
Last but not least sleep time is very important. Getting 8 hours of sleep is just not enough it has to be at right time. Schedule your plan in such a way that you go early to bed to rise up early. Keep a fixed time of going to bed this will help your body get into a routine.


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