Human beings always want some entertainment for physical and mental relaxation. So they like to play outdoor games, watch dramas and movies in the theatre and visit new places. This is a common thing before the arrival of video games. The arrival of these games in the market around 1970’s. During that time it is a very rare thing for many people including children. But right now these games occupy several people’s lives including children, youths and old age people. Ok, before going to see about the pros and cons about playing video games, we should see what is video games?

Pros Cons of Video Gaming

What is a video Game?

A video game is an electronic game that can be interacted with using an input device, such as a controller, keyboard, joystick and mouse. This video game is also called a computer game, the main motto for developing video games to be entertainment and relaxation for the human being. Later onwards it can also be used for conducting competitions and for computer learning. In the starting stage, the games are played through a computer, later onwards people played on the T.V with the help of some input devices like keyboard, joystick and some other controllers. Right now modern people are playing games on their smartphones. Right now users are expecting so much advanced technology in the these games, so video game developing companies are also adding several options in the video games with several interesting levels. So video game industries are now booming to earn several billions of money. 

Lets see about the pros and cons about playing video games in daily life. Whether it is good for human physical and mental health or not?. 

Positive sides of playing Video games

The coin has two faces, the same way playing video game has two sides, one is positive and another one is negative. Now we see the positive side of playing these games:

Improving Mood

Playing Video games stimulates brain function and improves mood. Few men are not able to play their romantic game with his partner due to lack of mood and stamina. So, they are using generic medicine sildenafil citrate to boost stamina power. But playing some games like  Euro Truck Simulator, Fortnite, Going Under, Kind Words and Angry birds. These games stimulate brain function and boost mood, because these games improve joy and give tasks to the brain to find puzzles. 

Resource management and planning 

Resource management and planning is an important thing to live a balanced and healthy life, playing video game helps to improve resource management and planning. The most important seven things needed for resource management are services, labor, equipment, materials, money, time, and space. These seven things help to achieve the goal and build a project in a better way. Here I want to mention some good resource management and planning games. 

  1. Prison Architect
  2. Surviving Mars
  3. Megapolis
  4. Jurassic World Evolution
  5. Two Point Hospital
  6. Stardew Valley
  7. Train Valley
  8. Foundation

Problem Solving

New science report reveals playing video game can help young people with problem-solving. According to the American Psychological Association, people who play games like Call of Duty increase their capacity to think about objects in three dimensions (3D). Few health experts suggested, just as well as school classes that are designed to enhance the problem solving skill.

Hand-Eye Coordination, Fine Motor, and Abstraction Skills

Hand-Eye Coordination, Fine Motor, and Abstraction Skills Analysis has shown that youths can learn abstraction, visual, and eye-hand coordination skills while playing video games, mainly from shooter video games. Some games need these excellent skills to achieve success.

For example, players ought to keep track of positions, speed, goal, directions, etc. In doing all these things, the brain acknowledges each and every situation and acts while coordinating with the hands using a keyboard, mouse, joystick or game controller.

Create Job Skills

  • Playing video games improves problem solving skills. No matter the industry, every job need’s critical thinking skills.
  • Playing Video games helps build cooperation and social skills.
  • Video game helps people to learn new advanced technology.
  • Video games are a great way to develop resilience and determination.

Negative Sides of Playing video Games

Playing video game will also have some negative sides. People should know about the negative sides.

Game Addiction 

Playing video game is not a bad habit, but playing it for a long duration will cause several side effects in the body both physical and mental. According to The World Health Organization report the addiction to playing a video game is a gaming disorder. A study by the National Institute on Media and the Family suggests that playing video games are addictive for teens and adults, and this addiction will increase their stress, depression and anxiety levels. Some of the warning signs for video game addiction include:

  • Playing video games for a long duration of time without consuming food and not taking rest.
  • Thinking about video games while doing some other activities.
  • Telling lies to friends or family members for playing video games secretly.
  • Feeling irritable or angry if someone asked to stop playing a video game.

Other Side effects

People are facing some other bad effects in their life while playing video games for a long time.

  • Encourage Violence and Becoming Aggressive
  • Confuse Reality from Fantasy
  • Poor Time Managing Skills
  • Becomes a Spendthrift
  • Health Problems
  • Vision Issues
  • Loss in Long Run Concentration
  • Performance in Academics

Bottom Line

Playing video game has pros and cons, so people should be aware about video games. Most of the time, children and youths are trapped into bad games. It will change their future life. So better to choose the right game to play in a proper interval of time. Parents also check their children’s smart devices and also watch them playing video game. It will help to protect their children from several bad effects.