One can only know the life of a man when someone tries to get into his shoes. A man is responsible for a lot of things in this world. Like he is the one who needs to maintain a proper balance between professional and personal life. Making money for the family is good but at the same time ignoring your own health can be really dangerous for you as a man as well as for all of your family members.

Studies prove that a lot of men skip moving to a doctor at an early stage of any illness. Which later turns out to be a major concern. By doing this, they are not only putting their own life at risk but their entire family in a painful situation.

Today in this post we are going to talk about some basic tips on how a man can get a strong grip on a healthy life.

Periodic health checkup
When compared to women men are more prone to health illness due to their negligence towards health. Hence it is really necessary for men to get their regular health checkups at time intervals.

A periodic health checkup such as screening or maybe a visit to dental health examination is always the best option. You are healthy and fit is a different ball game altogether but things can really change quickly and become nasty when it comes to illness.

Hence a regular health checkup can help you keep up to date about what’s going on inside your body. If there are any changes in your body and health a doctor may suggest you with necessary precaution at a very early stage.

For all those who have a certain family medical history, it is always better to undergo body screening at least twice a year. This will help you keep a check and record on your blood sugar level, cholesterol level, heart health, and especially dental health.

Keep a strict diet plan
Men are especially out of their house most of their time for various reasons such as a meeting or long working hours. This leads to adding more junk food in their daily meal.

Regular outside food can cause a lot of problems to your health. So always make a wise decision when it comes to eating. Cheating on a diet plan is sometimes ok but making it a habit will cause you to face a lot of health issues. A good diet plan can include a meal that is low in fats and cholesterol.

Avoid eating oil fry food as you start getting older. This will help decrease the risk of various heart issues. If you have long working hours then try adding fruits to your daily meal. Fruits carry a rich amount of vitamins, proteins and nutrients that are necessary for your body.

Make a habit of eating more vegetables in your meal, which help keep your day more energetic. Remember a healthy diet is the key to a healthy long life.

Physical activity
We all work, so don’t make excuses when it comes to removing some time out of your daily schedule for physical activity. Studies show that physical activity has a lot more to do than just giving a healthy life.

Adding exercise, jogging, walking or swimming to your daily life helps you keep good health, improves your concentration level, helps release stress, boosts your memory, helps a better immune system and keeps you energetic throughout the day.

Studies prove that people who remove at least 20 minutes of their busy time for physical activity daily live a healthy and stress-free life. So try hard and get up half an hour early and choose the best physical activity that makes you comfortable and start doing. Remember it is never too late to start doing good things in your life.

Maintain healthy weight
Tuning and maintaining your body weight is one of the best things you can do for better health. Maintaining a healthy body weight can help you keep away from numerous illnesses such as heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer.

Maintaining a healthy body weight helps prevent joint pains. At the same time, it also makes your body look more attractive. So make sure to do some kind of physical exercise regularly and eat healthy food

Rather than calling it alcohol, it is better we call it a kind of slow poison for your body and brain. Studies show that excessive alcohol consumption has long and short-term bad effects on the body and brain.

Excessive consumption of Alcohol stands out to be one of the common reasons for liver damage in men. At the same time, alcohol is more addictive and can cause several other issues such as financial problems, poor concentration, family disputes, anger and in some cases can ruin your career.

Although there are several case studies that prove the benefits of alcohol consumption on your body. But that has limitations of drinking such as not more than one regular glass.

So better make a choice between healthy living and alcohol. If you are a party bird then you better have a limit on your mouth while drinking. At the same time do not drive under the influence of alcohol. Drinking and drive are some of the major causes of death of men all around the world.

Tobacco smoking
Smoking causes cancer and you can find one also written on the packets of cigarettes. The most common cause of cancer in men is smoking. Smoking tobacco consists of 4000 different types of chemicals that are harmful and can cause cancer.

You are just a few steps away from numerous serious illnesses like lung cancer, heart stroke, high blood pressure, erectile dysfunction and the list goes on as you keep smoking.

That doesn’t mean you can chew tobacco. Even chewing tobacco can cause mouth cancer, gum diseases or tooth loss.

Addiction to tobacco is really really hard to quit. In any of such cases, you can always consult your doctors.

Drive safe
Drifting, racing and rash driving should be limited only while playing video games such as the Need for speed. But be sensible while you are on the street. Rash driving can not only take your own life but can also stand harmful for people out there on the street.

Not driving a rash does not mean you are safe. It is also equally important to follow traffic rules and wear seat belts while driving. Make a habit of not using cell phones and driving at the same time.

Studies show that common cases of road accidents are because of driving under the influence of alcohol, not obeying traffic rules and using cell phones while driving.

Every time when you feel like having a street race remember there is someone desperately waiting for you at home.

Avoid injuries
Men take a lot of unnecessary risks in their life that can cause minor or major injuries. Safety is key to healthy living, so do not risk your life in unnecessary activities. That makes you look more foolish than cool. While driving a car wear a seat belt, while driving a motorcycle or bike use a helmet and proper gears.

Every time when you are lifting heavy objects try asking for help than showing yourself macho. While at the gym avoid unnecessary heavy weight lifts just to show you are way stronger or make sure you optimize safety.

Anger management
Decisions taken in anger make you regret later. So better have control over your anger. Anger will lead you nowhere. If you feel you get angry more often talk to your friends and family regarding this.

Join an anger management course. There might be several health factors that may trigger more anger in your brain, so better consult your doctor.

Control your stress
It is controversial to say men have more stress-oriented work than women. But yet their standards are defined by their career and achievement in life. This overwhelming need for being in the top slot at work and in personal life can create a lot of stress in a man’s life. Maybe even the work pressure can higher the level of stress.

So it is better you start controlling your stress level. Excessive stress can cause a lot of issues to your health and brain. Stress limits your ability to think creatively. So try to relax every time when you feel overs stressed.

Exercise regularly, give some space to yourself and walk with nature. Talk to your friends and family about the things that are killing you from inside. It will help you gain mental stability. Try making it to bed early at night, there is a better saying for this “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise”.

Have safe sex
Last but not least in the list comes have safe sex. Avoid making sex with someone whom you do not know completely or are less aware of.

Remember to take necessary precautions while having unsafe sex. Always remember it is better to take precautions than regret later.


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