Sperm Health is important part of life on this planet. Semen is an important thing to increase the chance of fertility in a couples life. Yes, after marriage couples mingle with each other and share their feelings. During sexual intercourse hour man supplying semen from his reproductive organ to his partner’s reproductive organ. Semen successfully landed on eggs on the woman’s uterus.

Afterwards women will get pregnant within a few months. In this process semen plays a vital role, because it contains millions of sperms. These sperm will swim several distances and only one sperm will successfully be injected into the egg in the woman’s uterus. Lots of men are today not aware about the semen and sperm health. In this article we will see about sperm health and simple methods to improve sperm health.

Sperm Health

Lots of men are not having good knowledge about their sperm health. Most of them think a high quantity of semen is good for sperm health. But this does not only decide the sperm’s health. A good sperm health is based on three things, They are…

  1. Quantity
  2. Motility
  3. Morphology


Good sperm health always shows a sign in quantity or volume. Yes, healthy sperm count is about 15 million plus for every millilitre (mL) of semen. Good quantity of sperm count will help to reach through the female reproductive system to an egg. Low level of sperm count will indicate the weakness of sperm health.


Quantity of sperm count is an important one, at the same time motility or movement is also important for the sperm health. Generally, not every sperm will be moved effectively, but 40 percent of sperm should be moved normally for the chance of fertility. 


One of the main signs for healthy sperm is shape or morphology. Good healthy sperm having good rounded heads and long, strong tails shape. A good shapely sperm is more likely to make it to an egg.

Men can easily analyze their sperm health with semen analysis test. This test will provide the quantity of sperm, movement of sperm and the shape of sperm. Men can also easily understand their sperm health very well. After knowing about the sperm health condition, if a man having low sperm count or poor sperm health, men should be following some natural methods. This will help them to improve their sperm health. 

Natural methods to improving the sperm health

In the year 2017, analysis of nearly 43 thousands men found that sperm counts declined significantly from 1973 to 2011. Sex, fertility, and pregnancy is not an easy process, because it depends on several factors. So, following some positive steps will improve the healthy sperm, these little steps will be reducing the poor fertility and also increasing the number of families in the future. 

Healthy food diet

Food diet plays a major role in the healthy life, consuming a healthy food diet will provide so many health benefits to the body, including encouraging sperm health. Following junk food items and processed food items will surely reduce sperm health. So, better to take more natural food items is good for sperm health. 

Vitamin B-12 

This vitamin is found in fresh meat, fish, and dairy. Vitamin B-12 increases the sperm strength and also avoids inflammation and oxidative stress caused by harmful free radicals in a man’s body.

Vitamin C 

Consuming fruits like oranges, berries and vegetables like potatoes, tomatoes, and green spinach can stimulate the production of high sperm count. Regularly adding these food items in the food diet will double the sperm count production within a few months.


Nuts have a strong connection with sexual relationship performance and sexual health. Men who are adding peanuts, almonds, walnuts, and hazelnuts in their food diet for more than 3 months will help to increase sperm count by up to 20 percent.


Food items like tomatoes and watermelons are rich in red color due to the presence of Lycopene. This Lycopene helps to improve the sperm count and motility by reducing reactive oxygen species (ROS) in a man’s body. The high level of ROS will surely damage DNA and reduce the sperm’s health. So, men should be adding 4 to 8 milligrams (mg) of lycopene in their daily food diet.

Men should avoid processed meats, dairy, sweets, oil rich snacks, and pizza, because it will be affected when it comes to sperm motility. 


Doing a simple workout can improve sperm quantity, movement, and shape. According to the health study, high body mass index (BMI) affected the semen quality. Heavy body weight affects testosterone levels, this will also lead to poor sex drive. Doing simple workouts and weight loss can improve sperm count within a few weeks. So, men should try some simple workouts such as jumping jack, 20-minute walk, running, swimming and push ups. Doing some physical activity such as cycling, jogging, and mountain climbing decreases semen quality. Doing bicycle riding for long distances will affect the scrotum movement or hormone changes from depression.

 Living a good lifestyle

Good lifestyle is also important, because today people are living a bad lifestyle such as following smoking habits and drinking alcohol. Consuming alcohol and smoking cigarettes will reduce the blood circulation and also affect the sperm products. Poor blood circulation will also affect sexual performance. So, better to quit these habits is good for the sperm health and also to the whole body. 

Men should always take care of their sperm health. Doing body check up also helps to prevent poor sperm count. Living a good lifestyle also encourages sperm count. So men should always live a good lifestyle for better fertility chances in the future.