Why do people SMOKE? Why do people find smoking cool? 

Most of the people  start to smoke because they feel smoking can help them relieve stress, prevents them from getting anxious. Many people these days suffer from anxiety issues, because of which they feel stressed, disconsolate and depressed which is why they start smoking. Smoking is an addiction that is not good for your health. Smoking is a psychological addiction which makes it even more difficult to give up on smoking. 

If a person gets into the habit of smoking, the first day he will smoke 2 cigarettes, on the second day the number of cigarettes he is smoking will increase and slowly it will become an addiction. After that even if the person has overcome his stress, anxiety and depression, he will crave for cigarettes as that has now become a part of his daily routine. This addiction is strenuous to get rid of, however it is not impossible but can be back-breaking. 

What are the effects of smoking?

The nicotine content in cigarettes gives the brain a “feel good” effect, which turns on the brain.smoking has no safe level, whether a person smokes a cigarette or two a day, or a whole packet of cigarettes the damage caused to the body is the same, it will affect the whole body. Some other reasons due to which people smoke are falling asleep again and again, not being able to think, feeling more hungry due to which you put on weight. Youngsters or teens are seen smoking on streets. One major reason for teens smoking is peer-pressure. Problems like yellowing of teeth, loss of teeth are faced by teens. Cigarettes contain around 600 harmful ingredients and release around 7000 chemicals through the smoke. Nicotine extracted from the tobacco plant is really baleful. A new concept of vapes has started amongst teenagers. Vapes also known as e-cigarettes, are no less detrimental than usual cigarettes or any substance used for smoking. 

What are the side effects when people try to quit smoking?

To quit smoking is a huge milestone, one may face various side-effects like restlessness, nausea, craving, increase in appetite, anxiety, trouble sleeping and much more. Counselling and medication can go hand-in-hand and that is till date the most successful way to give up on smoking. Smokers when they quit smoking go through many effects on their body. They feel like they have the flu, as the entire system of the body is affected by making smoking their daily routine. Smoking also results in decreased blood flow. When they try quitting, the blood circulation slowly comes back to normal so they have the tingling sensation in their hands and feet. Smoking also causes diseases like lung cancer, increased rate of cardiac arrest, as cigarettes increase your blood pressure and heart rate. It also increases the chances of diabetes, respiratory issues, dental problems, loss of vision and hearing problems.-

Harmful contents in cigarettes that cause life threatening diseases

Nicotine being a very addictive drug substance, it is less harmful than the other chemical contents in cigarettes. Carbon monoxide, tar, aromatic amines, and aldehydes when they are smoked cause huge damage to the health of the smoker.  The carbon monoxide in cigarettes is almost the same as the fumes exhausted from a motor vehicle. It is patently harming the smoker but the people around the person are also getting adversely affected as the smoke they release contains all the dangerous chemicals. Smoking is one of the most common causes of preventable death, encouraging smoking cessation and living in a smoke free environment has become exceptionally important. 

How can smokers quit smoking?

Counselling and medication can go hand-in-hand and that is till date the most successful way to give up on smoking. To quit smoking the first most important thing is to address the addiction and daily routine that an individual has made about smoking, the individual makes it a daily habit to smoke with their morning tea or coffee, or even after having their meals. Staying calm, being patient with yourself and asking for support or help from your close ones can be a quite effective way to lay down your addiction. There are a few natural or home remedies as well to quit smoking, trying acupuncture, yoga, herbal remedies and changing your lifestyle. Throw away all the cigarettes you have, try staying away from them for as long as possible. Once an individual is addicted it is quite treacherous to quit smoking. Wash all your clothes well and try to toss out the smell of smoke. 

One such jewel in the crown is the GENERIC CHANTIX tablet, which has minimal side effects like nausea, trouble sleeping and increase in appetite helps any individual quit smoking within 20-24 weeks depending on the effect of treatment on the individual. This medicine can be directly consumed without consulting a doctor, as it has minimal side effects. These generic chantix anti-smoking tablets contain a group of drugs called partial nicotinic receptor agonists. This medication reduces the urge to smoke in due course of time and at the same time helps diminish withdrawal symptoms. This medicine is sold at a modest cost and is certainly implicit. This tablet can be taken with a specific flow of doses as in the first week it is prescribed to take only one tablet daily, in the second week one can take two tablets a day and eventually increase the dosage with due course of time.                                                                              

In the end what we learn out of this blog is “Smokers who are dedicated to quitting smoking are encouraged to get more involved in physical activities. Spending more time with yourself, doing what you like the most, staying around people who keep positive energies present around you can be extensively beneficial for an individual to quit smoking.