One of the biggest gifts of nature to women is giving birth to a child. She is the first person to love her child even before his birth. Hence no words can express her pain, care and feelings towards her unborn baby

It is a real magical journey that turns a woman into a mother. In this entire journey of nine months, all she needs is proper care, love and affection. Pregnancy might look easier but may complicated if necessary, precautions are not taken on time.

Each family member is equally responsible to take care of pregnant women. But there are few things that only a mother can do to protect her pregnancy and the unborn child inside her.

So, it is really important for a pregnant woman to follow a strict healthy lifestyle to avoid any complications. Your little ignorance may cause a lot of damage. Especially for women who smoke or drink alcohol, now is the time to say goodbye to those bad habits. Do not even think that once a blue moon would be fine and won’t harm your pregnancy.

In a cycle of pregnancy, a woman undergoes three trimesters. Each of them is equally important and needs absolute precaution and care. Let’s look down on some of the most important things that each woman should avoid during her pregnancy period.

Necessary precautions to be taken during the first trimester of pregnancy.
The first trimester needs real proper care as it is the most crucial and sensitive period of pregnancy. Unhealthy habits and negligence are some of the common reasons why most miscarriages tend to happen during the first trimester.

This is the period when the foetal is developing. It is the time when the first heartbeat of the child can be heard. During the 12th week the muscles, organs and bones start forming.

As the tiny baby starts to shape his body it is really necessary for the mother of the child to maintain a healthy living pattern. This will benefit both the mother and the unborn child’s health.

Here are some things that should be avoided during the first trimester of pregnancy

Say no to alcohol
If you are planning for a child the first thing a mother needs to stop is drinking alcohol. If you are under the influence of drinking alcohol better quit before you plan for a baby. Alcohol and pregnancy can create a lot of problems.

Alcohol can harm the developing foetus. Hence to quit drinking alcohol is the only option available for a woman. This resolution is just not for the first trimester but should be followed until the baby is born.

Babies exposed to alcohol in the womb can are more likely to suffer physical and mental challenges.

Some common side effects on the newborn baby can be
Abnormalities in facial features.
It increases the risk of developing a baby with small head size.
They may be underweighted during birth.
With growing age, babies exposed to alcohol during pregnancy may develop poor memory and concentration issues.

In many cases, consumption of alcohol may not be direct and remain unnoticed by pregnant women. Hence it is really important to follow these rules strictly to avoid unnoticed alcohol consumption.

Be careful with the beverages you have. Make sure there is no alcohol in it. Some medications may have alcohol contains. Hence be careful and take advice from your health expert before consuming any OTC.

Chocolates are tempting during pregnancy. But be careful some might contain alcohol. So, read the ingredients carefully before eating.

Say no to seafood.
Seafood is high in protein and provides a lot of nutrition to the body. But at the same time, it can be dangerous for pregnant women. Along with high proteins and nutrition they also carry high amounts of mercury which may damage the foetus. This may also bring complications to the health of the baby.

Say goodbye to smoking tobacco
Smoking kills, but who the hell cares. It is just good for phrase formation. In the real-world smoking is one of the most dangerous things to do for both men and women. Every time you inhale the smoke of tobacco you are more likely to expose to more than 3000 chemicals out of which more than 300 are really dangerous and may cause cancer in the body.

For women, those who smoke during their pregnancy are not only damaging their own health but are also putting their unborn baby at greater risk.

Some side effects of smoking on a child can be as follows:
The babies born to smoking women carry the same amount of high nicotine levels when compared to the smoking mother.

They develop a high risk of giving birth to a child who is below average weight. Children born from a smoking mother, always have low levels of immunity. Which may affect the baby by being frequently ill.

Such babies are often prone to flu, viral illness, cough, cold and allergies. Hence if you are under the influence of smoking tobacco better get treated one hand before you think of pregnancy. If you do not smoke then make sure you are way away from passive smoking as well. Anti-Smoking is the key. Passive smokers can always encourage active smokers to quit smoking. This can be done through little discipline or using anti-smoking pills such as Generic Chantix or Zyban Generic.

Avoid bath during pregnancy
It is just an old wives’ tale. A pregnant woman can enjoy a bath if necessary, precautions are taken. The hot water should not exceed more than 100 degrees f. Too much hot water may increase the body temperature of the women.

Which may further result in a lack of blood supply to the baby causing stress. Hence every time you take a bath make sure to maintain boiling water level at body temperature.

Do not add self-medication
Do not add medicines on your own. It is always advisable to take suggestions from health experts especially when it comes to health. During pregnancy, a woman should not include self-medication. Including some of the common medicines on your own may cause serious damage during pregnancy.

It’s hard but avoid caffeine
Caffeine is more prone to avoid sleep. Hence avoiding sleep during pregnancy can lead to over anxiety, nervousness and irritation. It is hard to quit caffeine, but it is just a matter of time

Keep track of what you eat
Healthy pregnancy needs healthy food choices right from the first trimester. Hence it is very important during the pregnancy period to monitor you’re eating habits.

Few food items that you need to avoid during the pregnancy period for healthy living are as follows:
Processed food items that contain high levels of sodium.
Avoid food cooked adding synthetic colours.
Do not eat fruits and vegetables without washing properly
Avoid raw fish, raw meat and raw eggs.

Routine check-up
It is important to follow regular check-ups with your Gynaecologist on time without any skips. Especially during the first trimester. Regular check-ups help doctors identify the progress of women’s health. At the same time monitoring the baby during pregnancy helps avoid any unnecessary health issues.

Necessary precautions to be taken during the second trimester.
Congratulations on successfully passing your first trimester of pregnancy. However, this does not mean that you can be negligent during the other trimester of pregnancy.

The following are some of the tips on things to avoid during the second trimester of pregnancy.
Do not take unnecessary medical supplements without consulting your doctor. Do not sleep on your tummy. This applies serious pressure on the baby inside the stomach and also may also suffocate the baby.

As your body weight is growing with the growing tummy. It is important to take caution while walking, especially when the floor is wet, like in the bathroom. Also, avoid wearing high heels, this can create imbalance and increase the chances of falling.

During your second trimester, your baby is growing. So, he needs space to breathe. With the growing tummy, a woman should avoid tight dresses as it can put a lot of pressure and discomfort on the tummy.

It is time to quit lifting heavyweight. Do not sit for a long time in one place. Sitting in one place for long hours can apply a lot of pressure on your tummy which is not a good sign during pregnancy. So, better have a walk after a few intervals of sitting.

Precautions to be taken during the third trimester.
Well, all your sacrifices and care are going to give you the best results. You are in the last phase of pregnancy and just a few steps away from becoming a mother to a child. Unlike other trimesters, even during these days, a woman needs to take special precautions.

Some special tips to be followed by a pregnant woman during the third trimester of pregnancy are as follows.
Although you have been visiting doctors for a long while especially during the third trimester it is important not to skip doctor appointments.

Now the baby is almost in the full-grown stage. They tend to make a lot of moments in the body. Hence it is important to monitor all the movements of the baby.

If a woman is experiencing high blood pressure, severe headache, nausea, vomiting, has swollen hands and feet. It is time to immediately contact your doctor and schedule an appointment.

Pregnancy and giving birth to a child is not at all easy. There are various precautions and necessary measures to consider as each day is crucial. Your little negligence can create a lot of major issues during pregnancy.

So, make sure that you, your partner and your family are completely ready for a new child. Only then think of pregnancy and a child. Remember taking care of what we can see is easy but taking care of something that we cannot see but just feel is really difficult.


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