Pregnant women and their partners often wonder if it’s safe to have sex during pregnancy? Will it result in miscarriage? Will it harm the unborn baby? Are there sex positions to avoid? Here’s the information you’ve been looking for.

Sex is perfectly fine in pregnancy until you have a medical treatment going or your partner is unwilling to have sex. It is obvious to see different behavior in women when coming to pregnancy and sex.

Due to hormonal changes in the body, it is perfectly fine that in some cases women find themselves more sexually active than before, while in some cases they may not feel sexually active. It completely depends on how the body adapts to the ongoing hormonal changes.

Is making sex in pregnancy safe?
Let us all remind one thing, that sex is normal in pregnancy. Intercourse and penetration are in no way going to harm the unborn baby in the stomach. Your baby is under the protection of a woman’s abdomen and the uterus muscular walls. The baby is surrounded by the cushion of the amniotic sac’s fluid.

Hence it is perfectly fine and safe to have sex while being pregnant unless your doctor or other half has strict rules to avoid. A lot of studies reveal that in fact, sex during pregnancy is really good for both.

It helps women to calm their hormones and organisms during pregnancy also has shown great results in increasing cardiovascular blood flow in women. It is really helpful while its benefits are passed on to the unborn baby.

I hope by now it is clear for all that sex during the pregnancy period is really safe and not to worry about issues. Let’s now look at how does it feel to have sex during pregnancy.

As a result of hormonal changes in the body, each one may experience different when it comes to sex. Some may feel the tightness of the vagina has decreased. Which is caused by increased lubrication and hormonal shift in the body.

While some may experience completely different as if their pelvic floor muscles have become tighter making it uncomfortable for penetrative sex. In any such case, one of the best ways to enjoy sex is devoting more time to foreplay, hugs and kissing. If possible, avoid penetration and intercourse until it makes your partner comfortable.

Genital sensation
Medical studies report during pregnancy there is an increase in the blood flow by 50 percent which impacts a lot more on the sexual behavior of a woman. Hence the changes in the hormones and extra blood supply to the vulva, vagina, clitoris, and pelvis may increase the sexual feeling in women or for some may be irritating or some may be in the middle of both.

Body shape and size
As a woman is going through the different levels of the trimester. There are a lot of changes that are happening in her body and size. This may result in developing extra sensations than ever before for a woman.

Now coming down to some more questions and answers related to sex and pregnancy. Below you can find some clarification for your questions that can trigger couples’ minds when it comes to sex during the pregnancy period.

Will penetration hurt the baby?
No, is the answer. Your baby is well protected with the layers of filter systems. They are really precaution-driven about what is coming and going out. So, it is not going to harm your unborn baby in any terms.

One can have a problem with the sex if the mother that is going to give birth to the child is said to have pelvic rest to avoid a pregnancy risk.

Will sex during pregnancy cause miscarriage?
A lot of people have this as the second most common question in their mind after the baby’s safety. Will sex during pregnancy going to cause miscarriage? But again, sex is not going to result in miscarriage. Well for your understanding miscarriage happen due to an underdeveloped fetus.

In Fact, studies show that couples having healthy sex during pregnancy can help a woman get normal labor. The only thing to keep in mind is to stick to only one person, if you are having multiple sex with a different person then it may lead to serious problems if precautions are not considered while making sex.

Unsafe sex with multiple can higher the risk of sexually transmitted diseases which may further result in early labor and miscarriage.

What if one finds bleeding after having sex?
In many cases, it is normal in pregnancy. During pregnancy, a woman’s cervix becomes more sensitive and can easily result in bleeding. But if one notices often bleeding it is always best that you consult your health expert for clarification.

Why do many women feel hurt while having sex during pregnancy period?
When a woman is pregnant, she undergoes a different level of the trimester. Which brings a lot of changes in the body and its sensation. For men, changes in the level of sensation and body structure of their partner may create a lot of sexual arousals.

But for women, it may be different. A lot of women may experience pain due to sensitive clitoris and hormonal changes in the body. Hence it is always advisable to talk to your partner open-mindedly about what they want. What makes her feel pleased and enjoyable in sex.

Remember sex is never to hurt one another, in fact, it should give pleasure and create strong bonding between the two. If your partner is not ready for vaginal intercourse then it is better not to force hence it may give rise to an unpleasant atmosphere. Sex can be enjoyed even without intercourse.

What are some certain recommended positions during the period of pregnancy?
Well in the starting trimester of pregnancy every position might feel better. But with the growing tummy of a woman, this can get a little complicated. Hence it is always advisable for one to have a normal sex position that won’t apply a lot of pressure on the women’s body and especially on her growing tummy.

When is it fine to have sex after pregnancy?
Especially for women, sexual arousal may decrease due to various factors. One special reason for this can be the responsibility of the newborn child. In this situation, even the male should focus on gift given by god.

There are many more reasons why a mother won’t have the desire for sex. Some of the common reasons why women won’t have sex after pregnancy are as follows. For every woman giving birth to a child is like her own rebirth. It is really painful and can take some time for the women to heal from that trauma of actual pain.

If it is a cesarean birth, a woman may undergo a little more time to heal. For her now the priority is to take care of her and her child than thinking about sex. As for a new mother, her first priority is her newborn baby. This can create distance between the two couples for a short period of time.

After birth, a woman again undergoes several hormonal changes that can also become a reason for a lack of sexual desire. Hence studies show that it is always best to wait at least six months after the pregnancy to have sex, especially intercourse.

Now as a man your priority is to spend time with your child and partner. This will not only help in gaining recovery faster but will also increase the bonding between the family.


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