Jaundice is a health condition that occurs due to Higher levels of direct bilirubin. Human body is structurally shaped and colored, some people have white color skin, some of them have dark black color and some of them have a mixture of white and black color. This is a natural one, but human body skin, whites of the eyes and mucous membranes turn into yellow color, this condition is called as Jaundice. High levels of bilirubin makes the yellow color, this bilirubin is found in the bile pigment. 

Higher levels of direct bilirubin in a person’s blood may indicate that his/her liver is not clearing or eliminating bilirubin properly. This may indicate an unhealthy condition of liver or liver disease. Higher levels of indirect bilirubin is a main sign for jaundice, it also may be a sign for some other diseases. A healthy normal person has bilirubin levels lower than 1 milligram per deciliter (mg/dl). The same person has jaundice if these bilirubin levels reach approximately 3 mg/dl. If a person’s body has the bilirubin level around 20 is very harmful, but reaching this level is very rare. Sometimes this high bilirubin levels may affect the brain function and it also damages the brain; This is called as Kernicterus in medical terms. High bilirubin levels should be to treated with bili-lights.

Around the world, jaundice kills 0.5 percent of the total world population. Most often, jaundice is not a permanent disease and not harmful to human body health, while taking a proper treatment. Some rare cases, jaundice can be serious or even life-threatening. Fortunately, so many positive treatments can avoid or prevent most complications of jaundice in children. If a person is not properly treated, then jaundice can lead to serious health issues; sometimes it may kill lives.

Foods to avoid in jaundice-Allmedscare

Symptoms of jaundice?

Each and every disease reveals some symptoms in the body, the same way jaundice also reveals some signs and symptoms in the human body. But sometimes, the person may not have signs , and the condition may be found accidentally. The severity of symptoms depends on how quickly or slowly the disease develops in the body.

If a person have a short-term case of jaundice, he/she may have the following symptoms and signs:
  • Fever.
  • Chills.
  • Abdominal pain.
  • Flu-like symptoms.
  • Change in skin color.
  • Dark-colored urine and/or clay-colored stool.
  • Weight loss
  • Vomiting
  • Fatigue -(lack of energy and tiredness in the body)

Sometimes, people may have jaundice occurring with some of the liver disease:

  • Chronic hepatitis or inflammation of the liver.
  • Pyoderma gangrenosum (a type of skin disease).
  • Acute hepatitis A, B or C.
  • Polyarthralgias (inflammation of the joints).

Types of jaundice

The three main types, They are

  • Prehepatic Jaundice: This type of jaundice occurs before the organ liver processes the waste and results in higher unconjugated bilirubin levels.
  • Hepatic Jaundice: This type of jaundice occurs in the organ liver and results in both higher conjugated and unconjugated bilirubin levels.
  • Posthepatic Jaundice: This type of jaundice occurs after the organ liver has processed the waste and results in higher conjugated bilirubin levels.

Food diet

Natural food diet is playing an important role in human health. Lots of people are facing several health issues due to following unhealthy food diets. So people should follow a fresh and natural food diet in their daily life. 

Few people had a doubt, it is mandatory to follow a strict food diet to cure this problem, the answer is yes, because the organ liver function is affected due to jaundice. Intake of more fresh food and liquid food items surely reduces the work burden of the organ liver and protects the liver from several damages in the future. In this article I will explain what are the food items to add and avoid in daily life to overcome jaundice problems. 

Foods to avoid for jaundice


Consuming alcohol during this conditions is dangerous. Yes, consuming alcohol will give more work to the liver and damage the organ liver. So it will automatically increase the high risk chance of this disease in the body. Kindly people should stay away from alcohol until jaundice is completely cured. 

Canned Foods

Modern days people are mostly depending on canned food items due to their comfort. But these types of food items contain so many chemical compounds and salt. This will surely affect the liver function and also increase the chance of jaundice problems. People should be avoided 

  • canned vegetables
  • canned fruits
  • canned beans
  • other canned food products


During this health issue time, people should stay away from sugar rich food items that are surely good for the body’s health, because consuming sugar rich food items will give more work load pressure to the liver. This will increase the high risk chance of liver, so please stay away from sugar rich food items. 

  • Candy.
  • Cakes.
  • Cookies.
  • Pies and cobblers.
  • Sweet rolls, pastries, and doughnuts.
  • Dairy desserts, such as ice cream and yogurt.
  • Sugar sweetened drinks, such as soft drinks, sports drinks, energy drinks, and juice drinks(contains so much sugar and artificial flavor).


Consuming high fat food items will surely slow down the chance of jaundice healing in the body. Because high fat food items will not provide rest to the liver function and also causes some other health issues. So it is better to avoid fat rich food items in daily life. 

  • Avocados. 
  • Cheese. 
  • Dark chocolate.
  • Whole eggs.
  • Fatty fish.
  • Nuts.
  • Chia seeds.
  • Extra virgin olive oil.

Bottom Line

People should always take light food items and liquid food items will surely help to overcome the problem. Seeking immediate medical help from the doctor is a nice option to deal with this issue. Skipping medical treatment will surely cause some terrible effects, so don’t delay getting treatment for jaundice.