There are various things in this world that we wish to last for a long time. Just like the fragrance of perfume, happiness in life, sweet taste on the tongue, etc. So, this is the case with sex. It is obvious though to have that feeling when having sex.

Well, there are certain occasions, when one needs to be a little quick. But in most cases performing sex for a long time makes both the couple happy, pleased and a feeling of satisfaction.

In most of the studies conducted by a sex therapist, results were found that sex that lasts long for seven to thirteen minutes is considered pleasant. But when compared to reality in most cases couples find it difficult to maintain sexual activity, especially intercourse lasting not more than three to seven minutes. This makes either of the ones unsatisfied.

But before we start, with some of the best techniques that can help you last longer in bed. It is equally important for one to know some of the major reasons that stop one from lasting longer in bed.

Some of the major causes can be performance anxiety, stress, relationship conflicts, premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. For which there are several behavioral and medical treatments available.

Performance anxiety: In most cases, performance anxiety is a major reason why men do not last long while doing sex. If you tend to worry more about how long can I fight a battle. You won’t last long.

So first stop counting on time, rather devote the same time in enjoying the battle and try your efforts on giving your best performance. Especially for men who easily get over-excited, calm down yourself and try driving long distances than a short city trip.

If performance anxiety is killing your major fun, try avoiding it or else it may even lead to premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction.

Stress: Another hurdle for long bed stories. Each one of us undergoes some kind of stress in this world. Hence make sex one of the best medicines to overcome stress rather than creating problems due to stress. Prolonged stress can lead to a lack of sexual feelings which may lag interest in sex. If one is under the influence of stress for a longer time, then it is better to consult a health expert.

Relationship conflicts: Every relationship gets stronger with small fights. This does not mean one should always fight in a relationship. Regular conflicts and fights between the partners can mess up everything.

It may also lead to a decrease the sexual feeling and emptiness once sex life. So, it is always better for both of the partners to sit and try finding solutions for problems. This will not only increase your trust factor but will also create true bonding between the two.

Premature ejaculation: It is one of the most common reasons why a lot of men can’t last long in sex? Premature ejaculation is medically when men are not able to last for more than two minutes while performing sex and ejaculates.

However, if your other half is ok and happy then bingo! cheers. You do not need to worry much. But if that is making her unsatisfied it is better you talk to your partner and consult a health expert.

There are several reasons behind premature ejaculation, a lot of sexual thirst and over-excitement can also lead to premature ejaculation. But some other reasons for premature ejaculation can be psychological and physical factors. A lot of stress, anxiety and depression can also result in premature ejaculation.

There are several ways to treat premature ejaculation. Counselling is one of the best methods for most men those who are experiencing premature ejaculation due to psychological factors.

Other than this some best treatment for premature ejaculation is as below:

Oral medicines: There are various oral medicines available that can help one overcome premature ejaculation such as Super P Force.

Cream: Various penile creams are available in the online market that helps overcome PE by desensitizing your penis. It is always recommended to be a safe wash after having sex.

Behavior changes: If too much excitement is causing PE. Then it is time to calm down your sexual feeling and enjoy every part of the sports.

Erectile Dysfunction: Most men from all around the world are suffering from erectile dysfunction. It is one of the common illnesses that tend to rise with the growing age in a lot of men. It is a type of illness in which a man cannot hold a strong erection for sexual activity.

ED in men is generally caused due to inadequate blood supply to the penile area that makes it difficult for the penis to hold a strong erection. Other than this there are several other reasons for erectile dysfunction such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases, unhealthy lifestyle and overweight.

It is tough to recognize what leads to erectile dysfunction. Hence it is always better to consult a health expert if one finds numerous episodes of erection issues.

There are several ways in which a man can overcome Erectile Dysfunction. If stress and an unhealthy lifestyle are causing storms of erectile dysfunction. Then it is normal, will go with time and may not require treatment.

But if things are serious and need medical assistance then oral medicines such as Viagra or Generic forms of Viagra may be the best solution to treat erectile dysfunction in men.

Other than this if things are beyond control with oral medicines then a person may need to undergo surgery or may even use penis pumps. But before all, it is always good to consult a health expert before making a choice of your own.

Now coming back to the topic of what you were waiting for a very long time. What are some various ways for a man to last longer in bed?

Foreplay: Sex is just not about penetration. For example, what will you call a perfect dinner, a bowl of soup, starter than shifting to the main meal or direct ordering a main meal? The same is the case with sex. To last long, it is really important to spend a great time with your partner having some best foreplay before switching to intercourse. This will not only make both partners satisfied but will also help to expand the sexual duration and help delay the end climax.

Control your arousal level: In most cases, men get quickly aroused resulting in penetration. Hence it is important to control your sexual feeling. This can be done by diverting your mind from sex such as simple number count inside a mind while playing the main game.

Slow down: Often men tend to be in a great hurry. But it should not be the same when having sex. Sometimes a quick climax is good but good results can be found when spending a great time in foreplay, kissing, massaging and or touching each other romantically. The entire meal is yours, so don’t be in a rush to finish it quickly enjoy every bite.

Experiments are always better: There are various positions that can help you enjoy the game of sex. Repetitive common positions can make a lot of men ejaculate faster than usual. Trying out new positions with your partner can help distract your mind and sensation level. Try positions that make both of you comfortable in the bed.

Try start-stop: This is one of the best ways in which a man can last for a longer duration while having sex. While having intercourse try giving it a pause and reverse back to foreplay and again back to intercourse after an interval of a few minutes. Studies show that this technique has worked great for a lot of couples who complain regarding sex duration.

Squeeze technique: Try to squeeze your end tip of the penis just before you feel like the climax is near. This will help prevent ejaculation and buy a few more extra time.

Masturbate: This is one of the best ways to build stamina and is a healthy habit in spite of a lot of sin and myths. In a few cases, masturbation just an hour before having sex with a partner has shown greater results in enjoying sex for a longer time than usual.

Condom: In a lot of men high sensation causes ejaculation quickly. Try using a thick condom, this will help decrease your penis sensation. Adding a condom can also further help you from unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

Dirty talk: Sometimes dirt talks are good and can also help your mind get a little diversion from sex. But especially for men do not try to spoil the game by being too vulgar.

Medication: If you still are not able to control your premature ejaculation. Then it is best to consider your other half into confidence and fix an appointment with your health expert. They can surely guide you with some better techniques or medicines to achieve your goal.

To last longer in bed for men is not rocket science. A little patience and great control over your sexual arousal level can help you achieve some of the best results.



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