Red chili was first cultivated in Mexico and later it was cultivated in Europe, North America and Asia. Nowadays red chili is produced around the world. In the year 2020, more than 36 million tonnes of chili produced around the world. The top five chili producing countries are Mexico, Indonesia, China, Turkey and Spain. It is used chili as a spice in curries and other dishes.

Human beings are intaking food to keep their body active and healthy. Foods provide so many vitamins, minerals, nutrition and energy to the body. There are different types of food dishes and recipes to fulfil our tongue’s taste. Human tongue has different tastes such as sweet, salty, bitter, sour, spicy and umami.

Health benefits of Red chili

Several people want to taste spicy foods, so they like to use spicy vegetable items such as garlic, ginger, green and red chili. These spicy vegetables are providing so many health benefits to the body. In this article, I will explain in detail about the health benefits of red chili. 

The hot-tasting red chili belongs to the Solanaceae family; The scientific name for red chili is Capsicum annum. Red hot chili peppers contain 88% water, 9% carbohydrates, 2% protein, and 0.4% fat (table). In a 100 gram supplies 40 calories, and is a rich amount of vitamin C and vitamin B6.

The Long green and red chilies are making so much heat in the tongue. Modern days people calculate the heat units of chili. Some red chile has a mild amount of heat, and some red chili produces a huge amount of heat. The spice levels of red chili can fluctuate greatly, anywhere from 5,000 – 30,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU).

Health Benefits of Red chili

Red chili Helps in proper digestion 

Red chili has the capability to improve the digestive process; It helps to relieve constipation by supplementing the process of secretion of gastric juices in their adequate amount. It also supports intestine health by decreasing harmful gut bacteria. Regularly consuming it will help to avoid the formation of gas or experiencing acidity.

Maintains blood pressure 

Balanced blood circulation is supported to keep the body healthy. Naturally red chilies have a high amount of vitamins A and C, and bioflavinoids which helps to keep the blood vessels relaxed, once the blood vessels are relaxed, automatically blood circulation will be flowing smoothly from top to bottom of the body. Good blood circulation helps to keep the body active and strong. Blood vessel relaxation will help to improve the heart function(24 hours heart pumping blood in and out).

Weight Loss

Several people are facing heavy body weight problem because of following modern food diets, many of them are following several weight loss tips. Red chili is supported to achieve weight goals in people life; because it will improve the metabolism activity in the body. Boosting metabolism activity is supported to improve the ability of the body to convert food and beverages into energy. Once the metabolism is faster, automatically the body is more likely to convert essential nutrients into energy and burning fat. So, people don’t forget to add it in their daily food diet for achieving weight loss goals.


Lots of people are seeking a proper way to reduce diabetes, so they are using several medicines to control their blood sugar level. The active ingredient is capsaicin, which is supported to balance the blood sugar level and stimulate the secretion of insulin in the body. 

Anti-Inflammatory effect

The active ingredient of red chili is capsaicin which has a rich amount of an anti-inflammatory property. If a person has muscle or joint soreness, then taking red chili will reduce pain as well as inflammation. 

Immunity building

Vitamin C is an important one to build a strong immunity system in the body, red chili is loaded with a rich amount of vitamin C. This will strengthen the body’s immunity system and help to fight against infection and reduce free radicals that can lead to the development of cancer.

Skin Care

Lots of people want to keep their skin healthy, especially women who always want to keep their body skin healthy and glamorous. Good healthy skin needs vitamin C for collagen production, which is an essential protein for skin. Vitamin A and Vitamin E are also improving skin health. Regularly consuming it will improve skin care, because it contains vitamin C, A and vitamin E. Applying the powder as a mask in the face will help reduce/prevent wrinkles, acne scars and pigmentation.

Healthy hair 

People always want to keep their hair healthy and shine. To keep the hair healthy, vitamin C is playing a vital role, because it will encourage the formation of collagen. It helps to keep hair in good condition. Along with that, vitamin A is needed to hold the moisture content of the hair. Red chilies are packed with nutrients and include Vitamin C and Vitamin A. So, adding red chili in the daily food diet will help to keep the hair healthy and shine. 

Bottom Line w.r.t Red chili

The red chili powder or sauce may cause skin irritation, requiring hand washing and care when touching the eyes or any sensitive body parts. Consuming it may cause stomach pain, hyperventilation, sweating, vomiting, and symptoms possibly requiring hospitalization.

Those who have stomach related issues, especially ulcer problems; they should avoid to intaking hot spicy red chili with their daily food diet. It may help to avoid the increased chance of wounds in the stomach.