Belly is the center of the human body, men and women always want to keep the belly flat, especially women who always want to take care of their belly. This belly fat is also called Visceral fat. Excess amount of fats deposited around the center of the body is called belly fat. The fat present in the belly is mentioned as Subcutaneous fat. 

Human body has different external organs and several internal organs, Each and every organ playing a role to keep the body active and healthy. In the human body from top to bottom so many organs function very well. But living a bad lifestyle will cause several health issues in the body. Lots of people are facing several health issues and sometimes people will lose their life. In this article, we will see in depth about the effects of belly fat in men’s lives. 

Normal Belly Size

A normal man having a waist under the size of 40 inches (102 centimetres) is not bad for his body health, at the same time the waist measurement of more than 40 inches signals an unhealthy amount of belly fat and a higher risk of health problems. Commonly the waist size is increasing more and more and will automatically encourage several health risks in the body. 

Reason for Belly fat

Fast food diet

This belly fat is increasing more and more because of following fast food diets and oil rich food items. These food diets have more calories and this will easily settle as fat in the belly. Men also not burning their calories in their day today will increase the growth of fat very fast. Consuming more foods in daily life also increases fat. 


Drinking too much alcohol causes several health effects on the body, leading to weight gain. For example, consuming alcohol affects the hormone production that controls appetite, hunger, and stress. Alcohol contains a rich amount of calories and is likely to increase the chance of belly fat.


Age is also increasing the belly fat, because getting older also makes a difference in the body. Men lose muscle as they age and this will halt the physical activities. Lack of calories burn is increasing the depositing of fats in the belly. 


Genes also play a major role in belly fat. Some men are facing fat or obesity because of their family history. This issue is transferred from one generation to another generation. So, men who are facing belly fat for a long time, should recheck about their family history. 

Effects of Belly fat

Belly fat will cause several health issues in the man’s life. They are:

  • Heart issue – Men are facing heart related problems because of belly fat. Too much fat in the belly will affect the heart function. The blood vessels are not circulating the blood very well due to fat deposit in the arteries. 
  • Affects sexual performance – Millions of men are suffering from relationship health issues. Most of the men are facing erectile dysfunction problems because of several reasons including one main reason is fat. This belly fat will provide poor blood supply to the male reproductive organ. This will halt the erection during intercourse performance. So, several men are buying sildenafil citrate tablets to boost their erection power. 
  • Affects the self Confidence: The size of the belly is much bigger than normal belly size and it makes the body shape big. This will affect the body shape and also affects the self confidence. Many people are kidding or bullying the big belly fat person. This will automatically affect that person’s self confidence. 
  • Diabetes: Many men are not getting serious about belly fat, because the large amount of fat deposited around the waist will reduce or slow down the insulin production. Poor insulin production will directly encourage the diabetes problem. 

How to reduce belly fat?

Belly fat can be reduced by following some simple things. But men should follow those things in their daily life very strictly, otherwise they won’t reduce belly fat. 


Workouts play an excellent role in daily healthy life. Modern generation people are busy with their daily work. Lots of them are spending more time with smartphones. This will make them more lazy and reduce the workout interest. Lack of workouts will encourage the growth of fat present in the belly. So, men who are facing belly fat issues should do 30 minute workouts in the early morning. Early morning walking exercise for more than 5 kilometres will help to burn fats present in the belly. Doing swimming exercises for 45 minutes three times in a week will also help to burn more fats. Playing outdoor games also helps to reduce belly fat. 

Simple workout at home for reducing fat

  1. Jumping Jack
  2. Plank
  3. Push up
  4. Sit up
  5. Air cycling
  6. Mountain crawling

Doing these simple workouts at home also helps to reduce belly.

Food Diet

Food diet plays a vital role in a healthy life. Men should strictly stay away from fast food items and oil rich food items. Following a natural food diet will boost body health and also decrease fat.

  • Water rich food items will reduce belly fat. Watermelon, cucumber, grapes, orange, apple, guava and pineapple will help to burn belly fat.
  • Fiber rich food items also encourage the digestion process and reduce the fat deposit in the belly. 
  • Reducing to eating high fat meat.
  • Avoid eating processed meat.
  • Drinking plenty of water in a day. Three litres of water should be drunk every day.
  • Better to eat less food at night time. 

Good lifestyle

Men should be living a good lifestyle, because many of them are following bad lifestyles. Men are consuming too much alcohol when they are in a happy mood and sad mood. Some of them are drinking alcohol regularly, this will surely boost the formation of fat in the belly. So, men should stay away from consuming alcohol.