Masturbation is one way to attain sexual pleasure in men and women. For many who do not have a partner or are not satisfying their sexual urge masturbation is one of the safe ways to get sexual satisfaction.

In the past few years, it has become more popular amongst youngsters to satisfy and equally important to satisfy their sexual needs due to high pressure in work. If we look into the past, masturbation was never considered a neutral practice for sexual self-satisfaction and was considered one of the biggest sins.

Especially for the female category, virginity was the purest form of test. The one caring virginity before their marriage was always considered the purest soul and was believed to get a good life partner as well as respect in the society.

Hence for the female category, masturbation was like committing a crime. Where they can lose their virginity and that will make them impure as per a lot of religious belief.

But with the growing maturity and knowledge today people are well aware of masturbation as a natural way of self sexual satisfaction.

How to masturbate?
Well, it is really a complicated question to answer. As today there are several artificial toys available to men and women that can give pleasure. Another best practice is to rub your genital slowly which makes one feel calm, relaxed and helps reach the climax position of sexual satisfaction.

What are some myths associated with masturbation?
When it comes to masturbation there are several myths associated. Studies show that masturbation has no link with the following effects which are just myths

Visibility challenges
hairy palms
The major reason for impotence in coming years
Often masturbation can cause erectile dysfunction in men
It leads to penis shrinkage
It is one of the major reasons for low sperm count
It can cause infertility
In some cases, it may lead to mental illness
Your body becomes weak and you tend to lose weight.

What are some advantages of Masturbation?
It provides a lot of physical and mental health benefits. Few studies that support the advantages of masturbation are as follows:

It helps in increased blood circulation and flows in the body.
The endorphin released by masturbation increases the feeling of pleasure.
It helps you know your body better.
It is one of the best ways to reduce stress, depression and anxiety.
For people who do not have a partner, it is one of the best ways to achieve sexual satisfaction.
Helps add better sleep.
It is the safest way to get sexually active and can help you stay away from STDs.
It increases the feeling of relief in the body.
Lower the risk of erectile dysfunction in men

Masturbation is one of the best strategies to improve sexual health, explore self leisure, reduce unsafe sex and pregnancy. For people who do not have a partner, it is one of the best sources to gain sexual satisfaction.

What are some disadvantages of Masturbation?
Anything and everything was done in excess can lead to danger and cause bad effects on healthy living. Too much masturbation can be addictive and become uncontrollable in a few cases and can cause adverse effects on the body and daily living.

Let’s look down on some of the disadvantages caused by masturbation.
Regular masturbation can cause dependency and addiction. Additionally it can cause problems like erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. Although one can overcome these problems using medicines like cenforce 100mg, suhagra or a pill of apcalis however it is advised to avoid excessive masturbation.
Often masturbation can lead to a lack of concentration and poor workflow.
Vigorous genital can cause injury and a lack of sexual drive while actual intercourse.
Rough habits can spoil the relationship and reduce the want of partners for sexual activity.
It can cause a feeling of guilt.
Can disrupt your daily life
Excessive masturbation every day can cause penis swelling

Some disadvantages of masturbation in women
Unlike men, even too much masturbation for women can cause serious issues that are just limited to women. Some disadvantages of masturbation that can affect women health and life are as follow:
Too much vigorous rubbing can cause irritation to the vagina and internal injuries.
It can lead to infection inside the genitalia.
Lack of concentration and hard to achieve the routine activity.
Lack of dependency on a partner for sexual activity.
Change in behavior with a partner

How can masturbation help in relation?
Congratulations to people who are into a steady relationship and are having a great time with their sexual life together. But at some point, it is ok to take care of yourself.

Only because you are in a relationship does not mean your partner is solely responsible to overcome your sexual feeling. Each one has a different sexual desire and may not match all time. Hence moderate masturbation is completely normal. A lot of studies and health experts say that moderate masturbation can help enhance the relationship.

Advantages in relationship
Now coming back to sex not every time a couple can be on the same page with the same enthusiasm. Hence masturbation can help you overcome the sexual feeling.
Many couples who masturbate together have good quality time on the bed.
It helps each other to understand what makes them sexually stimulated?
Avoid cheating with one another as such sexual pleasure can be found alone.
It helps create mutual understanding, love, and affection.
In any case, if a person is not able to meet his sexual desire. Masturbation can be one best options to overcome.

Well, there can be some disadvantages when it comes to a relationship. Often such consequences can start feeling of being cheated by your partner. He or she may also start feeling guilt that for him/she is not possible to reach your sexual satisfaction peak.
In some cases, partners may also derive feeling and thoughts of he/she does not feel any more sexually attracted to one another.

So, it is always better to take your other half into consideration and clear if there are any unwanted thoughts in one another’s mind.

For many people around the world, masturbation might be a feeling of guilt or shame. But is a normal activity to overcome sexual pleasure and is always a healthy habit to avoid unwanted sex.

Though there are several myths about masturbation. Such as it can lead to blindness or cause physical and mental health problems. But it is one of the best ways to overcome sexual desire and also a good stress relief.
It can only be a problem if masturbation is affecting daily life. At times people may get addicted to masturbation that can affect their work performance, incapability to complete daily tasks or disturbed relationships with partner/family and friends.

If you find yourself in such a situation then it is always better to consult a health expert. Until then enjoy every moment of life.



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