Just like earning high scale and living a luxury life is a big chase in a man’s life. Maintaining a strong erection with the growing age is equally a big problem to solve. Nowadays, sexual illness such as erectile dysfunction has become one of the most common things to handle for men.

In the early days, men above the age bar of 60 used to undergo treatment for erectile dysfunction. But thanks to growing competition with the high-stress workloads, unhealthy lifestyle and common illnesses such as Diabetes/High Cholesterol/Heart Problems at an early age where men who are under the age of 40 are also suffering from impotence at some point.

But the most common reason for all those under the age of 40 suffering from erectile dysfunction is lack of awareness on such topics and negligence towards treatment.

It is understood that at that age no man would like to disclose such problems. But it is always better to seek help from your health advice because such a problem can be an early sign for some illnesses such as Diabetes, High Cholesterol, Heart Problems, etc.

Let us look down for what causes Erectile Dysfunction?
Erectile dysfunction is a complicated process and can reflect in a man’s life due to various reasons. Some common reasons for men under the age of 40 to suffer impotence is because of following unhealthy diet plans, other illnesses, medicine use, the lifestyle that follows high drinking/smoking/drug use, obesity and hyper stress.

How do all of these cause erectile dysfunction?
All of the above-mentioned examples lead to an inadequate supply of blood flow to your private parts. This results in no or no strong erection of the penis.

What does science say about penis erection? When a person is sexually aroused, your brain becomes proactive to send nerve signals to promote nitric oxide-mediated vasodilatation of the blood vessels supplying to the penis.

This engorgement of blood further promotes the extension and contraction of the erectile tissues present inside the penis resulting in muscles compressing the veins and maximizing the blood within the penis for a strong and hard erection.

For all those who could not get connected here is a simple explanation: When the blood flowing inward towards your private part increases with the minimal outflow of the blood results in a strong and hard erection of the penis.

So if you are not able to pump that extra blood here are a few tricks that can help you pump extra blood flow to the penile area that will help achieve a hard erection.

Let’s start with Lifestyle Changes that can help one get a strong and firm erection of the penis.
Most Importantly Stop Smoking

There is already a hell of a lot of reasons why an individual must not smoke. We all know smoking can help our body get filled with an intake of various harmful chemicals that can cause illness such as heart problems and can also develop cancer in various parts of the body.

What does smoking actually have to do with Erectile Dysfunction? As we all know smoking has a long history of developing clogging in your arteries with plaque. This means your arteries are not able to supply an adequate amount of blood needed to different parts of your body to function absolute normal resulting in heart attacks.

The same is the case with impotence, due to lack of blood supply to the penile area due to weak or shrink arteries it becomes difficult to maintain a strong erection of the penis. Studies show up that people who are heavy smokers with more than 10 cigarettes a day are more prone to get erectile dysfunction issues at an early age. Hence stop smoking if not seek help from your doctor.


Now comes alcohol consumption

Those who say alcohol and sex were the best experience. It is a big no as alcohol relaxes the soft muscle tissue in the penis which won’t help to stop the blood vessels from trapping the blood. Though you will be in your best mood to have sexual fun but your erection won’t support enjoying the great climax of the movie. Your penis will thank you if you are under no influence of alcohol at least while having sex.


Keep an eye on your weight

Your cardiovascular health, testosterone levels and ability to maintain an erection are at greater risk with being overweight.

Like motor vehicles run on an engine, our body runs on the heart. Our heart works 24 hours with no break pushing blood to every corner of our body. This becomes complicated with being overweight. Hence it is very important to be in your best bracket of maintaining a healthy weight.

People with obesity commonly face health issues such as hypertension, high cholesterol and diabetes. All of these lead to obstructing the functioning of the blood supply throughout the body resulting in erectile dysfunction.

Hence maintain your body weight to improve blood flow not just for a strong erection but to keep numerous illnesses away.


Regular exercise

Keeping in mind the limit of your patience to read we are not going to go into a detailed explanation of the benefits of regular exercise. Just in a single line exercise helps circulate an ample amount of blood flow throughout our body. Hence exercise can be one best option to add an ample amount of blood supply to the penile area to overcome men ED.

To understand what are some best exercises to overcome Men ED it is always best to consult a health expert or fitness professional.


Control over stress

Stress is one of the main psychological causes behind ED. Prolonging high level of stress can constrict blood vessels leaving a negative impact on blood flow within the body. Stress can also low down your ability to get sexually aroused leaving you in a situation of erectile dysfunction.

Hence it is really important for all to spare time for mindfulness exercises just like meditation that can help improve blood circulation in the body and zero down your stress level.


Now coming down to diet and food

Diet and food intake can take years to explain. Hence to be very short and sweet add daily food and diet that helps in proper circulation of the blood allowing one to maintain a healthy weight.

Some good options can be dark chocolate, citrus fruits, and onions. They contain a high amount of flavonoids which help maintain healthy blood pressure and a healthy heart.

Make sure you also add nitrate-rich food as nitrate oxide is a super important chemical when it comes to overcoming erection problems due to lack of blood supply. The best example can be vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, and beets as well as cinnamon.

Adding garlic to your daily meal is also one of the best alternatives that can help relax arteries and can improve blood flow throughout the body.

Last but not least make sure to serve yourself with a large bowl of Pomegranates and Watermelon. Both of them act as natural Viagra.


Some best medicine to increase blood supply to penile

In cases where a person has kept erectile dysfunction untreated for a longer period of time. For them, adopting the best diet plans or following a healthy lifestyle may not work at an early stage of recovery. They may need medical help to overcome impotence.

For all such, the best option available in the market is to buy Fildena or buy Cenforce online. One can buy all such Sildenafil Citrate composite medicines online with full privacy that can help get a firm erection. But before choosing it on your own better consult a health expert.










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