Trekking is an exercise, many call it as the best relaxation activity. Exercise is an important thing to keep the body active and strong. Lots of people want to keep their body fit and strong, so they are doing several workout activities in their daily life. Workouts are different types such as simple workouts and heavy workouts. 

Most of the people like to do walking, jogging, running and swimming exercises. Playing outdoor games is also one of the workout activities. Trekking is one type of workout activity, regularly having this activity has so many health benefits to the body. In this article, I will explain in detail about the How to do trekking and its benefits to the body. 

Trekking and its benefits

What is Trekking?

Trekking is just like walking for more than a day, it is an outdoor activity. It is a specific purpose of exploring and enjoying the natural scenery. Trekking will be the motive, commitment, a goal, an objective, a mission, a party, a good social gathering with friends and family members. The activity also helps to make new friends and also learn many new things in our life. There are different types based on the time and efforts. 

Types of Trekking

There are mainly four types of trekking. They are 

Easy Trekking: This type is fully for beginners who want to do trekking for the first time, without having any knowledge or experience about it. It basically involves the view of colorful horizons or sight of beautiful nature. 

Moderate Trekking: Moderate trekking is more challenging than easy way. It is performed on medium to little higher altitudes; The individuals doing this type should be energetic and more powerful.

Strenuous Trekking: This type uses a lot of effort or energy in the physical body. It is basically done in high altitude regions, and it is only suitable for those who have some more advanced experience of trekking in the past. 

Difficult Trekking: One of the most risky and hard effort trekking, this type is done on steep slopes. Commonly, professional or well experienced trekkers only do this type . This type needs a high level of precision, patients, skill and endurance by the trekker.

Things to do follow while start trekking

  • Always start early in the day. Because It’s best to start your day’s trekking early with a fresh mindset.
  • During the trekking hours always take a 5- to 10-minute break every hour. 
  • Take long strides on flats, short steps on inclines.
  • Please wear your pack correctly.
  • Try using trekking poles. 
  • Look after your eyes and skin.
  • Bring your camera.
  • Stick to the path while performing the activity.
  • Always share your plan with your beloved one, it may be useful to find you, if you lose your path in the mountains.
  • Always keep your body hydrated.
  • Always take quality and nutrition rich food. 
  • Try to pack necessary things in your bag.
  • Don’t wear headphones while walking in the mountains area, it may affect your concentration while walking in the wild animal area.
  • Always speak in a little audible voice, better to avoid speaking in a louder voice. 
  • Always seek local people’s guides during the activity.  
  • Always wear a quality shoe while performing this activity.
  • Always perform it with a group of people.

Health benefits of trekking

Several people don’t know the health benefits. Those who are performing it regularly, they will surely grab several health benefits in their body. I will explain in detail about the health benefits. 

Stress Buster

Millions of people are suffering stress, anxiety and depression due to several reasons. Modern lifestyle will improve the stress level in the common life, so many people are seeking a remedy to deal with this issue. It is an amazing way to deal with this issue, because it will easily reduce the stress level and also refresh the mindset. It will support the mind in walking and also drag from several unwanted thoughts. Watching the trees, mountains, breathing fresh air, hearing bird sounds and enjoying the beauty of nature will give a new experience to mind; these things will surely eliminate stress from mind and make a calm mind.   

Improving Heart Health

Modern lifestyle will reduce the heart health function, especially city people who are suffering from heart related problems more due to air pollution, noise pollution and lack of workouts. Regularly doing this exercise will help to improve the heart function. Yes, doing it regularly will improve the heart function, because breathing fresh air is good for the heart function. It keeps the mind calm and reduces the high pressure. It also helps to improve blood circulation from top to the bottom and also burn unwanted cholesterol and fats present in the body. So, trekking will boost heart function very well. 

Build a social relationship

Trekking builds a strong community, yes regularly having this activity will help to make new friends and also to know more about the trekking and some other new things. It will also help to build a strong community relationship with others. Modern technology platforms help to connect people very easily to learn many new things about it and also gathering in one place to start trekking in the new place. 

Bottom Line

The activity improves our mind and body, it is also providing so many health benefits to the body. It also helps to improve soft skills and make the right plan in daily life. At the same time, those who want to do trekking should be careful to do trek in the new place, because unfamiliar areas will cause so much disturbance and trouble to the body. It may increase the chance of facing some dangerous wildlife animal. So, always trekking with experienced people.