Before we come upon simple ways to protect your erection with growing age let us first know the difference between a strong erection and erectile dysfunction?

Let’s start with what does strong erection means?
A one-line explanation of what is strong erection can be a hardening of the penis. This occurs when the sponge-like tissues inside the penis fill up with ample amounts of blood. Which helps in enlarging the penis in men.

Why do men experience erection of penis?
Many times erection may happen for no particular reason such as every time you get up in the morning you may experience an erection which is also called Morning Wood. It is natural to happen among all male categories.

But one of the main reasons for a strong erection is sexual arousal. It can be caused due to watching a sex scene on television, fantasizing about someone so sexy or even dreaming of sexual thoughts in sleep.

How one I overcome erection?
Controlling erection is a little tough job as it is a natural process no certain ways in which one can control erection. But to a certain extent ejaculation of sperms through sex or masturbation can be one better way to come over.

Erection is natural and may vary in every individual. So it may not be a point of concern unless someone is experiencing a prolonged erection or pain when erection or even when no strong erection.

Now, what is Erectile Dysfunction?
An inability to maintain a strong erection of the penis in men is called erectile dysfunction. This can be caused due to various reasons such as health issues, medicine use, bad habits such as smoking/drinking, drug abuse, stress, aging, etc.

As we all know by now, the erection of the penis is caused when an ample amount of blood supply reaches the penile area. But when blood supply to the penile area is inadequate it becomes difficult to maintain a strong erection resulting in erectile dysfunction. This can be caused because of blood vessel damage or blockage.

High stress can also result in ion issues but are general and pass s stress level comes to normal. Erection problems can happen a few times but if that is an ongoing problem it is always good to consult a doctor. It can also be early signs of some major health issues such as Heart problems, Diabetes and a lot more.

What are some best possible ways to overcome Erectile Dysfunction in men?
It is not easy on your own to know what is causing you erectile dysfunction. Many factors of life are listed to cause erectile dysfunction. So unless you make up with a health expert it is really difficult to say which path is best to adopt.

Some of the best ways to which erectile dysfunction can be prevented are as follows:

  1. By making use of Oral medicines like Kamagra Oral Jelly, Kamagra, Apaclis and Aurogra
  2. Penis pumps and surgery
  3. Exercise
  4. A healthy diet and lifestyle change

Erectile dysfunction is one of the common issues with the growing age. However, some necessary precautions on time can avoid the risk of erectile dysfunction.

Let’s look down for some simple ways that can help protect your erection last forever without relying on medical help.

Take your diet seriously
When you are young eating any junk food is fine to a certain extent. But with growing age, one should really take their diet seriously not only to prevent ED but also to stay away from numerous other illnesses.

Healthy eating habits can help you prevent illnesses related to the heart. A diet that includes a fewer amount of vegetables and fruits along with lots of fatty, processed and fried food can increase the risk of low blood circulation in the body and can also cause a blockage. They can also cause severe damage to heart health.

Hence food that is not good for the heart should be avoided so as to get rid of ED. Food that lowers the functioning of blood supply affects erection.

As you know by now erection in men is caused by blood supply reaching the penile. When this process is damaged due to lack of blood supply or blockage it may result in erection issues.

Adding fruits, vegetables, heart-healthy fats and other items that are good for the heart is always the first step towards prevention from health issues and ED.

Maintaining a healthy weight is always the best choice for healthy living. One can find lots of articles on the bad effect of being overweight on google with ease. In many type 2 diabetes cases, being overweight has always been a major reason.

Over the years diabetes causes a lot of damage to our body nerves. In any such case if your penile nerves are damaged. The supply of blood to the penile area will reduce increasing the risk of maintaining a hard erection.

Say no to alcohol
It is hard to take that decision in life. But at the same time, it is really necessary with the growing age. Regular heavy drinking can cause several issues such as Liver damage, nerve damage and can also lead to death. Other than this alcohol also an imbalance of sex hormone levels in men resulting in ED.

Exercise daily
We all know exercise has a really good impact on health. Numerous studies reflect that regular exercise can decrease the chances of various illnesses such as heart problems, strokes, cancer, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Hence it is really perfect to say that it can also help you stay away from ED. Many of the above illnesses have a direct relation to ED and when these can be avoided simply with exercise so does can ED.

People already suffering from ED can consider jogging, walking, swimming, some patterns of pelvic exercise and aerobics as the best natural medicine to overcome such challenges.

Studies show that many people have found really drastic good effects after following the above exercises.

Bodybuilding and erection
ED can emerge out of numerous factors and one can be bodybuilding. Now you may wonder how exercise triggers erectile dysfunction? Exercise is really good for healthy living and at the same time helps improve your erection/sexual life.

But men sometimes go beyond their limits to have muscular bodies by adding androgenic drugs. These drugs are well known to increase your body muscles and help bulk your body faster.

But some common side effects of using them improperly can result in hormonal imbalance. This reflection of hormonal imbalance can lead to an inability to maintain a strong erection.

Tobacco smoking
Another thing that men do commonly is smoke tobacco. Smoking tobacco in any case cigarettes, smoking paper or cigars is really harmful to the body. While smoking tobacco you inhale a lot of harmful chemicals that can cause heart issues, cancer, diabetes and many more health issues.

Tobacco smoking and especially the nicotine presence contract your blood vessels and can damage them to a great extent. This results in poor blood to the penile area which may cause erection issues in the coming years.

We understand that smoking tobacco is really addictive and hard to quit. But there are numerous ways that can help you quit, consulting a doctor for help is one of the best ways.

Penile injuries
Erection issues can also cause due to penile injury that causes damage to penile veins resulting in disturbance in blood supply to the penis. It may cause if you don’t take necessary precautions when and where required.

So even while performing sex be proactive and not try for positions that may cause penile injuries. Hence better not to try certain porn stars moves than to regret it for the rest of your life.

Stress control
Stress and erection are always connected to each other. Continuous high amounts of stress can welcome numerous illnesses in your life such as heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol level, etc.

It may, in many cases, increase the consumption of alcohol. Hence it is really important for one to manage their stress level before it starts affecting your life and health.

Erection issues are generally experienced because of physical health issues and psychological problems. Any of it which affects your body to function normally can cause ED. Better deal with stress management at a very early stage. Meditation in daily life can be a real hack to reduce stress in your life.

Well, these are some of the key elements and precautions one should take seriously to maintain a healthy sexual life. While to add on some points to this if you have a medical history of high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, or heart issues it is always better to get a periodic checkup.

Last but not least avoid long bike rides as you start getting aged. Studies show that uncomfortable bike seats are one of the other major reasons for short-term erection issues which may cause serious problems in the long run.




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