Smartphones are nowadays dominating in the technology world, people are spending most of
the time with this device. Most of the people are spending so many hours on their phones,
especially at night time. They are not aware about the effects of using smartphones in the night
time. One or two years later they are getting side effects in their body.
Lack of awareness and fictional world fantasy are making people stick(addicted) with their
smartphones. In this article , we are going to see in depth what are the side effects of using
smartphones in the night time?

Smart Phone
Fig 1. Side effects of using smartphones in the night time-

Side effects of smartphones in the night time


People are easily suffering from anxiety, depression or stress issues due to using smartphones.
Using smartphones in the night time will affect the healthy sleeping hours. It also affects
physical and mental health issues. People are getting stressed or depressed when they are
using the internet and social media. Playing games also encourages these issues in people’s
lives. Few of them are mostly thinking about their game’s level and rewards. So it automatically
separates a person from normal day today activities.

Poor sexual experience

Sexual relationship performance is an awesome thing to make a great relationship bond
between a man and women. But several couples stay away from real sexual intercourse
Commonly the main reason for poor sexual performance is erectile dysfunction and premature
ejaculation problems in a man’s body. Both these health issues are easily dealt with by using
generic medicine super p force 160 mg tablet. This tablet gives excellent results in men’s sexual
relationships. These two issues are easily dealt with by medicine treatment.
The new sexual health issue is, people are addicted to artificial sexual relationship fantasy
world. Unfortunately this issue is very hard to deal with in people’s lives, because they are
depending on their smartphones for sex. Many of them are addicted to sex voice and video
calls. Watching porn films also affected their natural and healthy relationship performance.
Using smartphones in the night time will make a gap between couples. Doubtness and
misunderstanding will increase a gap between each other and may be relationship broken will
happen in one stage.

Eyes Vision loss

Eyes are an important organ, because they are the light of the whole body. People are using
their smartphone at night time; Dark room space and blue light emitting from the smartphone

will directly affect the eyes vision. Because high blue light emitting increases the eyes pressure
and affects the retina function. Once the retina is affected, it will automatically hard to
communicate with the brain cells through nervous, so it will cause blurry vision or it will totally
affect the eyes vision power. Dry eyes, heavy pain through the eyes region and irritation on
eyes will happen, while continuing using smartphones for long hours in the night time.

Affects Sleeping hour

Our body functions like a machine, so this machine also needs some rest. Every night 7 – 8
hours of sleeping duration will refresh our whole body and help to keep active in the day time.
Most of the people sacrifice their sleeping time due to smartphones. Lots of people are watching
movies, web series, fun videos and chatting with their friends. Following this habit regularly will
affect the production of melatonin hormone in the body. Once the melatonin hormone deficiency
occurs in a person’s body, automatically it will open doors to several health issues such as
types of dementia, some mood disorders, severe pain, cancer, and diabetes type 2.

Brain Cancer

Those who are using phones in the night time and placed near their head will cause brain
cancer, because ionizing radiation—a higher energy form of radiation than what smartphones
emit—has been found to cause some brain cancers. Several different kinds of studies have
been carried out to try to investigate whether smartphone use is dangerous to human body
How to avoid using smartphones in the Night Time
I hope people should know about the effects of using smartphones in the night time. People
should be aware about smartphones and steps to avoid using smartphones in the night time.

Think about body health

Those who want to use smartphones in the night time, they should think twice or thrice about
their body health. If they are taking so much care about their body health, surely avoid using
phones in the night time. It will also help to improve body health in the coming days.


Many of them are using phones in the night time due to stress and some other mental problem.
Few people are listening to songs due to their bad situation like love failure etc. So every day
morning or evening doing some simple exercise such as running, swimming, playing outdoor
games, cycling, walking etc will surely give a sleeping mindset in the body at night time.

Regularly doing meditation in the morning surely gives good results and helps to avoid using
phones in the night time. Doing simple devotion and practicing yoga poses will help to sleep at
the right time in the night.

Healthy food diet

Consuming a healthy food diet also helps to avoid using smartphones in the night time, because
many of them are using junk food items and processed food items in the night time. It will take
more time to digest and give some problems to the body. Few of them are facing gas trouble
problems, etc. So better to avoid intaking these food items and take lite food at night time. This
will help to improve the digestion process and keep the body healthy.