Everyone in this world likes to live a happy and healthy life. The term health means “the state of being free from illness or injury”. Both men and women are having health issues in their daily life. Around the world most of the men are facing several health issues compared with women due to living lifestyle(following poor food diet, drinking alcohol and smoking habits), biological factors and social factors. Lack of sleep, lack of workouts, stress and low hormone levels are also reasons for health issues in the men’s life. Find the list of most common Health Issues in Men:

Most common health issues in men - Allmedscare.com
Fig.1 Most common health issues in men – Allmedscare.com

Heart Disease

Heart disease is a great silent killer disease in this world. Every year, more than 18 millions of people lose their lives due to heart disease. Most common heart conditions such as Heart attack, Heart failure, Arrhythmia (abnormal heart rhythms), Valve disease, High blood pressure, Congenital heart conditions, Inherited heart conditions and Unstable angina. Doing regular simple workouts, body check up and following a healthy food diet will keep the body the heart well and good.

Sexual health issues

Sexual health issues in men’s lives make their relationship dry and bitter. Lots of men are facing health issues such as erectile dysfunction problems and premature ejaculation problems. Naturally men are facing these health issues at the age of 40 and above due to low testosterone levels. Poor blood circulation also leads men into erectile dysfunction problems. So several men want to overcome this poor erection problem by using generic medicine tablet sildenafil citrate. This tablet improves blood circulation and increases the erection power in a man’s reproductive organ. After getting a high erection in the penile region, man can easily manage the intercourse performance without any failure. So, men do not need to worry about their sexual health issues, because there are so many positive remedies available in this world.


Diabetes problems are two types, mostly men are suffering from type II diabetes. Most of the men are facing this type of diabetes because of their belly fat and heavy body weight. So controlling blood sugar level is important. Those who are not controlling their blood sugar level, they might be facing some health organ failure or death. So men should be alert to check their blood sugar level and also follow a strict food diet. Following doctor guidelines helps to stop the effects of diabetes in the body.

Lungs disease

Lungs disease mostly affects the function of lungs in the body. Most of the men are mainly affected by lung disease such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Currently no treatment available to completely cure lung disease, at the same time following treatment regularly to reduce the risk of lung disease.

Mental health issues

Mental health issues are a main reason for some major health issues in a man’s life, according to the health report more than 77% of men are suffering from anxiety, depression and stress. Men are facing this health issue due to several reasons such as family problems, financial issues, health issues and past bad relationship experience. Sharing our feelings with our beloved person, maintaining a good communication with other people, workouts, meditation and devotion will help to overcome this problem from men’s lives.


The sexually transmitted disease is mostly affected by men compared with women. In the late 2000’s more than 3 millions of men lost their lives, but right now that count is decreased due to several awareness programs. Taking proper medicine, following safety measures before doing sexual intercourse and avoiding multiple partners helps to avoid these health issues from men’s lives.


Cancer is a second leading killer disease in this world, according to the health report one in two men are suffering from cancer. Most of the men are suffering from prostate cancer, colorectal cancer, lung and skin cancers. Cancer problems in men’s lives due to living a bad lifestyle such as drinking alcohol, smoking habits, following poor food diet and poor environment conditions. Still date, no permanent medicine to cure cancer completely, but some treatments available to reduce the high risk of cancer disease.

Liver disease

Liver is the largest internal organ performing an important function in the body, it makes proteins and hormones that other parts of the body need. Once this organ is affected, body health condition is worse and it is hard to eliminate toxic substances from the body. In the year 2020 more than 15 percent of men lost their lives in the USA. Most of the men are facing some common liver diseases including viral hepatitis, cirrhosis, bile duct cancer, alcoholic liver disease and liver cancer. Liver is a silent organ doing its function, so it is very hard to get symptoms once this organ is affected. So please do regular body check ups, it will help to keep the body well and healthy. 


The above mentioned health issues make men’s lives terrible, so men should follow some of the prevention steps to keep the body healthy.

  1. Good lifestyle – Living a good life is an important thing to keep the body healthy, because following bad habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol and eating a bad food diet will surely open a door for disease in the body. So please try to live a good lifestyle and stay away from bad habits.
  2. Exercises – Doing simple exercise in daily life will surely make life happy and healthy. Running, walking, swimming and playing outdoor games will boost stamina and body function.

Regular body check Up –  Doing regular body check up will prevent the body from various health issues.