In this world, all living things have sexual feelings by nature. With these feelings, Impotence problem comes into picture more often. This feeling helps to create new living things in this world. Human beings also have sexual desire or feelings to create a new generation in this world. Sexual desire not only helps to produce the new generation, but also this feeling is good for the human body’s health.

After marriage, weekly thrice or more times doing sexual intercourse will improve the body’s health condition. Both men and women have sexual feelings. Men and women are getting sexual desire after reaching their puberty age. Most of them are getting these desires in their teenage years, like 13 or 14. This sexual desire or pleasure is more high in the adult age and it will gradually decrease after reaching the age of 50 and above. 

During sexual intercourse time, both men and women’s physical and mental connection is very important. Because having a good mind and physical connection with each other will help to improve their sexual performance. According to the health survey report, around the world more than 15 percent of couples are facing sexual relationship problems. In this 15 percent couple, more than 50 percent of men are the main reason for the poor sexual performance or sexual relationship problem. More than 50 percent of men are facing impotence problem. 

Most of them don’t know how to deal with this health issue. Lots of men are not able to reveal their weakness with others. Several men are unable to bear this pain, so they are losing their sexual interest. But this impotence problem is easily overcome by following some simple methods. In this article we see in detail about the methods to overcome male impotence problem.

What is Impotence Problem?

Impotence problem is mentioned in the medical term called erectile dysfunction(ED). Erectile dysfunction means men are not able to gain or get a strong erection in their reproductive organs during intercourse time. This poor erection problem will halt the relationship performance and lose their sexual pleasure slowly. 

Man can easily identify whether he has erectile dysfunction or not by some symptoms. They are:-
  • Man cannot get an erection at any time.
  • Man can get an erection sometimes but not every time he wants to have sexual intercourse.
  • Man can get an erection, but it does not last long enough to complete intercourse performance very well. 

Reason for Impotence problem

According to the health report, in 1995 there were over 152 million men around the world who experienced Impotence problem. The projections for 2025 show a prevalence of approximately 322 million of men with Erectile DysfunctionSo men should know about the reason for the erectile dysfunction problem. Because knowing about the reason for erectile dysfunction will help to overcome this sexual issue very easily in advance. 

  • Diabetes, especially type 2 diabetes. (Know more information for diabetic impotence patients).
  • High blood pressure problem.
  • Atherosclerosis.
  • Chronic kidney disease (CKD)
  • Fatigue.
  • Using illicit Drugs.
  • Consuming Excessive alcohol. 
  • Using too much tobacco consumption.
  • Taking some medications such as antidepressants, blood pressure medications, sedatives, appetite suppressants
  • Taking medications to treat prostate cancer disease.
  • Injury to the brain or spinal cord
  • Psychological issues, such as anxiety, stress and depression.
  • Radiation therapy to the testicles or pelvic region.
  • Hypogonadism 
  • Multiple sclerosis.
  • Stroke.
  • Parkinson’s disease.
  • Obesity.
  • Surgeries on the bladder or prostate
  • Skipping the regular workouts. 

Men who are taking medicine for other health issues, please seek medical advice to take the right dosage.

Simple ways to deal impotence problem

Modern day men easily deal with erectile dysfunction problems, because there are so many positive methods available these days.

Living a good Lifestyle 

Living a good lifestyle will help to avoid Impotence problem. 

  • Maintaining a healthy weight and keeping the body fit.
  • Never forget to skip the daily physical activities. Doing simple workouts such as running, walking, stretching, swimming and playing games will kick off erectile dysfunction.
  • Quitting smoking habits, avoiding drinking alcohol and staying away from illegal drugs will help to protect the male reproductive organ from poor erection problem.
  • Reducing or managing mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and stress by doing Meditation, Yoga, playing games, and listening to music. 
  • Getting enough sleep time.

Various Popular medications for treating Impotence Problem

Medications play an important role in men’s relationship life.  Men should be careful about their body health conditions and their medication. There are so many generic medications available to deal with erectile dysfunction.

Common medications used for erectile dysfunction are:

Men should take medicine with the help of the doctor’s advice. Choosing the right dosage of medicine will improve men’s erection into strong for better relationship performance.

Treatment for erectile dysfunction without using any medicine

Men who are not interested in Anti-ED pills, they can easily choose the non-medicine treatment for impotence problem. But the cost of this treatment is less expensive compared with medicine treatment. This treatment does not cause any side effects like medicine treatment in the men’s body.

  1. Vacuum constriction devices: A vacuum constriction device (VCD) or penis pump can help to improve erection in men’s reproductive organs. Men can easily use this vacuum device to get more blood into penis. Before going to use this device, men should also know the methods to use this device, because few men are getting too much pain in their penis due to using it improperly.  
  2. Surgery: Men can also choose the surgical treatment to overcome erectile dysfunction problem. In this method men can easily do the penile implants surgery. This will give high erection and also helps men to maintain penetration process for long duration. But this treatment cost is high and men check up on his body health condition, before going to do this surgery. 

The above mentioned simple methods will surely provide good results in men’s relationship life, at the same time mutual understanding between couples is very important for a healthy sexual relationship. Couples should attend counseling with a sexual health care expert or psychiatrist for knowing about the root causes for poor relationship performance. Doing regular body check ups also helps to avoid erectile dysfunction problems from men’s relationship life.